Two more Siemens turbines delivered to occupied Crimea by same company

A photograph of the turbines in Feodosiya taken on 8 July 2017, published by the Informnapalm investigative community 


Article by: Alya Shandra

Following the appearance on 29 June of photographs and videos of two gas turbines, apparently produced by Siemens, being delivered to Sevastopol in occupied Crimea, the German technology giant has first refuted media allegations that its turbines entered Crimea, breaching EU sanctions, then acknowledged it, then sued its partners in Russia for moving the turbines to Crimea “against its will” and said it will be investigating the location of two other turbines it sold to its Russian partners. The German government has demanded Siemens clarify how its four turbines ended up in Crimea, a territory to which EU sanctions prohibit shipping energy technology. The incident has been said to be a test of the limit of EU sanctions.

Photo:, 29 June 2017

The objects unloaded at Kamyshov Bay in Sevastopol which appear to be Siemens generators. Photo:, 29 June 2017

Evidence from open sources indicates that the two remaining turbines were also delivered to Crimea, but through another city, Feodosiya. The carrier for delivering both of the shipments of turbines appears to be the same, according to Kateryna Yaresko, an analyst at the monitoring group for, writing for the Ukrainian investigative outlet Reuters, citing its own sources, has also published an article on 13 July implying that the two turbines entered Feodosiya. However, our evidence suggests that the turbines appeared there 5 days earlier.

Photos from Feodosiya made on 8 July 2017, published by the Informnapalm investigative community, show what appears to a shipment identical to the one in Sevastopol: four cylindrical objects, several meters long, and covered with blue and gray tarpaulins.

A photograph of the turbines in Crimea, published by the Informnapalm investigative community

A photograph of the turbines in Feodosiya, published by the Informnapalm investigative community on 8 July 2017

This information is corroborated by a post of Scyscraper city forum user abko who posted the following photos on 8 July 2017, saying they are snapshots from a Feodosiya webcam:

The ship “Squall” was the only one leaving the Feodosiya port on that day. The past route of this tugboat can be tracked on the website


  • 25 June – “Squall” leaves Kavkaz Port (Russia) at 03:55 and makes a 9 km detour to the north-east
  • 27 June – “Squall” docks at Kamyshov Bay in Sevastopol (occupied Crimea) at 18:55 (presumably, the first delivery of Siemens turbines for the Sevastopol power plant)
  • 30 June – “Squall” leaves Sevastopol at 13:28
  • 3 July – “Squall” returns to Kavkaz Port at 9:54
  • 6 July – “Squall” leaves Kavkaz Port at 3:52 and makes a 12 km detour to the north-east
  • 8 July – “Squall” enters port of Feodosiya at 5:31 (presumably, the second delivery of Siemens turbines for the Simferopol power plant)

When making the detour to the north-east of Kavkaz Port on 6 July, “Squall” picked up a cargo pontoon which, apparently, was carrying the second shipment of Siemens turbines. Yaresko identifies the cargo pontoon as “Damen Riverstar 3,” built in 2013, owned by the Sovfracht company, attributed to St.Petersburg. The company’s site indicates that “Damen Riverstar 3 carries” oversized cargo on the Black Sea.

Photos of Damen Riverstar 3. Credit:

Photos of Damen Riverstar 3. Credit:

One of the photographs on the site contains a fragment of the dock allowing to geolocate the pontoon juxtaposing it over the photo of the turbines in Feodosiya:



The tandem “Squall+Damen Riverstar 3” had been noticed in Crimean ports before. On 28 May, it entered Feodosiya, and on 29 May – it delivered 5 transformers to the Kamyshov Bay in Sevastopol, the very one where the tandem delivered the Siemens turbines on 27 June.

Supposedly Squall and Damen Riverside 3 arrive in Sevastopol on 30 May 2017. Photo:

Supposedly Squall and Damen Riverside 3 arrive in Sevastopol on 29 May 2017. Photo:

“Damen Riverstar” was also mentioned by Skyscrapercity forum user Mefodus on June 30 when commenting the arrival of the turbines to Sevastopol.


The company Sovfracht is under US OFAC sanctions. On 30 September 2016, Sovfracht‘s executive director Nadezhda Reshetneva told about the effect of these sanctions at the Investment Forum in Sochi. According to her, Russian subsidiaries of international companies, as well as some Russian companies, the contracts of which Western partners stipulate that they can’t cooperate with companies under sanctions, are refusing to collaborate with Sovfracht. Some of Sovfracht‘s clients run into problems as well, as international traders warn they will not buy goods that are transported by the sanctioned company. Reshetneva also said that the company will have to quickly reorient its business to the domestic market and to Asian markets.

However, Yaresko writes, the company reoriented itself to smuggling supplies to occupied Ukrainian territory in violation of Ukrainian and international law.

If Sovfracht faces such problems with business abroad, it is a wonder that Siemens has chosen to so openly cooperate with Technopromexport, the company which it is now suing for transporting Siemens turbines to occupied Crimea. Technopromexport is under US sanctions, and the director of its mother company Rostec is under EU and US sanctions. It is hard to believe that Siemens didn’t know of the risks it is facing when choosing to cooperate with a sanctioned company.


The website reported on 14 July that one of the turbines has been transported from Feodosiya in the direction of Simferopol under the cover of the deep night. It was guarded along the way, with bystanders reporting the road being guarded by special forces servicemen.

The local media outlet of Feodosiya reported that the turbine was transported on the night of 12-13 July, citing the VKontakte page  Avtopartner Krym. “All the way along the road from Simf [eropol] armed special service guys are standing,” the page reported.  The same website reported that on 29 June the gas service closed down half of the Vitya Korobkov Boulevard and was lifting the gas pipe higher above the boulevard. The company “Krymgazset” informed the outlet that the height of the “gas arch” will be raised because of technical necessity, as the route of the transportation of “oversized equipment” for the Simferopol power station.

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    Who does SIEMENS think they are fooling? It was known when this contract was signed the turbines were only needed on Crimea!!!

    1. Avatar Scradje says:

      It’s a natural progression for Siemens. They collaborated with the Third Reich and now collaborate with its equally evil successor, the Fourth Reich of pootlerstan.

    2. Avatar Steve says:

      Siemens cannot claim it did not know. They at the very least should have been suspicious that the turbines would end up in Crimea. That alone should have been enough NOT to sell turbines to Russia. Siemens let the almighty euro override ethics.

      1. Avatar Tony says:

        Ukraine has been telling Siemens this for almost 2 years now but Siemens is a company with a track record for corruption (fines 1.6 billion in US after pleading guilty).

        1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

          Imposing heavy fines on a wealthy multi-national corporation could become a major inconvenience but that alone will not necessarily change their ways of doing business. Those individuals (including senior executives) must also be held accountable for their corruption and should be given stiff jail sentences. That might not end all of the insidious workings at the top end of the pyramid but it would certainly change significant management practices.

      2. Avatar Turtler says:

        “Siemens cannot claim it did not know. ”

        Sure they can.

        It’ll be an obvious lie, but since when has THAT ever stopped them?

  2. Avatar Screwdriver says:

    Business and money will prevail. Good news for Crimeans!

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      If the real-world was only about money then tobaco, CC’s, drugs, etc would all be deregulated and socitey would be poorer for it.
      So no, money will not prevail, common sense and the interests of socitey will. Flirting with militant fascist regimes is not in the interests of democratic sociteys and Crimeans have nothing to look forward to under russian military occupation.

    2. Avatar veth says:

      Ukrainian Crimeans

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        You can call the anyway you like 🙂 They will not mind, as long as they not under the Kiev regime no more.

        1. Avatar veth says:

          Under temporal fascist nazzi regime from Russia……

    3. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      Do you have any idea of how much the Krim fiasco is costing the RF?
      For what, a military platform which has become obsolete before it’s started?
      Putin will turn Krim into a wasteland at a very steep price!

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        Yes, it its very costly. But Crimeans are very happy, and patriotic Russians are happy for them.

        1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

          Spoken like a true Bolshevik!

        2. Avatar veth says:

          Not happy at all, under occupation, no freedom, and sky-high prices.
          And tourism completely gone.

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            “Nearly three years after Russia reclaimed Crimea from Ukraine, many in this rugged Black Sea peninsula seem pleased to be back in Russian arms.

            The airport in the capital of Simferopol, about 60 miles north of here, was given a face lift, and a passenger terminal will be added by the end of 2018.

            Roads have been improved. Western goods are available in the shops despite sanctions imposed by the West to protest Crimea’s annexation by Moscow. There is popular support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait to integrate Crimea with mainland Russia.

            “People feel at home in Russia. That is the main point. It doesn’t matter what government was here,” said Dariya Nemenko, 23. “If you know your history you know Crimea is Russian and always has been.”
            USA Today

          2. Avatar veth says:

            Reclaimed? Invaded. Crimea is Ukraine under international law. Stealing does not make you the new legal owner.

          3. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            This is not my article, – all questions to “USA Today”. Looks like even Americans know the truth 🙂

          4. Avatar veth says:

            THEY KNOW THAT Crimea is part of Ukraine.

          5. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Well ….USA today journalist wrote “reclaimed:. 🙂

          6. Avatar veth says:

            Stupid folks, Crimea is part of Ukraine by any law.

          7. Avatar Brent says:

            so now “it’s not my article”….when the truth is revealed…..

            What a sad sack of lying Russo Nazz shiite you are!!!

          8. Avatar Brent says:

            SAME ARTICLE “Screwball”….

            “The European Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank, noted that accounts of the economic situation in Crimea since the sanctions “vary wildly.” Unofficial accounts record huge drops in imports, trade and investment, while official Russian statistics paint an optimistic picture of double-digit growth and an improving tourism sector.

            Voices of dissent are hard to find, partly because Moscow made it a crime in 2015 to question Russia’s claim on Crimea. In December, a Crimean journalist was charged with “sabotage and extremism” and faces up to five years in prison for allegedly breaking the law.”

            It’s hilarious how gullible you are when Putin blows sunshine up your a$$…..Is that why you now live in Philly, and clean toilets for a living?

        3. Avatar veth says:

          Who cares, Crimea is Ukraine, for ever.

        4. Avatar Brent says:

          Crimeans are only happy that stupid Russians keep subsidizing them!!!

  3. Avatar Tony says:

    Siemens is an unethical company engaging in shady business. Let it be known that they flirt with and encourage dictators, something that’s against the best interests of socitey.

    “The chairman of the engineering giant Siemens was forced to resign in 2007 following the exposure of bribery on an epic scale, though the company has since sought to clean out the Augean Stables.

    A Siemens official revealed that he had run a bribery budget of €40m a year through a network of secret accounts from Venezuela, to Israel, Italy and Vietnam. He described overseas pay-offs as the company’s “business model”.

    Siemens was later fined $1.6bn in the US after pleading guilty to running slush funds. It then had to settle with the Greek authorities for bribing officials on a raft on contracts for the Athens Olympics in 2004.”

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      Let’s put this another way: Russia tries to destroy EU and hacks elections. Meanwhile Siemens funds them. Still worth it?

  4. Avatar veth says:

    Sanctions against Siemens.

    1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

      No more salo shipments to Siemens!

      1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

        There is a few million Russians that would love some salo to go with their fake bread!

          1. Avatar Victor Victory says:

            Neither is bath lotion and rat burgers

          2. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

            Like you know what’s good for everyone other then yourself?
            A fake russian yevrey in Philly!

          3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Quite a reputable source for health-related information, indeed, isn’t it? If I wanted to find out what is good to eat and what not, I’d surely go to first! Salo (and lard obtained from it), just like beef fat (and tallow obtained from it) is better or worse depending on the ration of the animal it’s derived from and on how it’s been raised. Besides, lard in general is actually healthier than many other types fat, anyway:


          4. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            I was just teasing 🙂

          5. Avatar Brent says:

            Neither is ratburger or palm oil cheese but you Russo Nazzis sure seem to like them….

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        Or to “Bandera!!! Bandera!!! Bandera!!!”….

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            I do not see Kalashnikov and official Russian Army regiment name.
            Upps.. 🙂

  5. Avatar veth says:

    EU acknowledges Ukraine’s European aspirations, recognizes its European choice – Tusk President of the EU Council notes that the European Union acknowledges Ukraine’s European aspirations and welcomes its pro-European choice, an UNIAN correspondent reported from a joint press conference of EU leaders with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv following a plenary session of the XIX Ukraine-EU Summit.

    Read more on UNIAN:

    1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

      Polish minister of foreign affairs Waszczykowski:
      “Nasz przekaz jest bardzo jasny: z Banderą do Europy nie wejdziecie”

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        Waszczykowski is free to say whatever he wants. Ukraine is in Europe, with Bandera or not. Thus far, with Bandera still considered a national hero in Ukraine and never denounced as Waszczykowski would want it, Ukraine has both gotten visa-free travel to the EU countries and signed the Association Agreement with the EU. And Poland has voted for both, as without such consent (which must be unanimous) neither would’ve happened. So much for wishful thinking on part of some Poles (and Dutchmen, I should say).

        1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

          Moldova was already there

          1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Yes, and it belongs there. What’s your point?

          2. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            The point is that same thing can happen to Ukraine. Ukraine may get they own Dodon,… traveling to Moscow and standing right next to Putin on May 9th parade, with koloradska strychka on his jacket.

          3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Under the circumstances and in the foreseeable future I find it extremely unlikely, all the more that in Ukraine, wearing or displaying a kolorado rag otherwise is a misdemeanor by law.

          4. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            It happened with Moldova, and it very well can happen in Ukraine. Many people already had enough under current regime, …and If Ukraine gains control of “occupied” territories, there will be few million voters who can change political climate along with those who giving up on “Euro-maidan” movement.

          5. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Not a chance. Just wishful thinking on your part.

          6. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            We all know who was ELECTED after Yuscvhenko. So it is not my part.
            Watch Vadim Rabinovich , channel 112, on Sundays. ( “Hto komu Rabinovich”)

          7. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            After Yushch and before Yanyk the country wasn’t under occupation and/or aggression, and it wasn’t united as it is now, save for the 5% of its territory called ORDLO. The bridges formerly connecting Ukraine with Russia are now all burned forever, and Ukraine is drifting westward farther away with every passing day. in this sense, whether that 5% is eventually incorporated back within the mainland will make no difference.

          8. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Ukraine is not drifting nowhere, people learn they need to sacrifice medical benefits, and pensions, higher prices for gas..etc..etc..etc.. this Euro ship is sail to sink. Even Nazis are confused, they do not like European “diversity” . Вадим Рабинович: «Европа — это прежде всего обеспечение пенсионеров, а не легализация проституции»

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        Still losing sleep over nightmares of Bandera???

        You forgot your usual mindless chant of “Bandera!!! Bandera!!! Bandera!!!” you miserable little sheeple!!!

  6. Avatar Turtler says:

    They should be sued for every last red cent of the blood money they earned, PLUS punitive. Looks like the apple doesn’t far from the tree; Siemens is still a company that laughs in the face of the innocent suffering.

  7. Avatar American Angel says:

    You are a joke Ukrainians, you are weak, and the only interest of US democrats is to make you a puppet with military bases to fight Russia (which could make you the new scenario of a new cold war, and an easy target), nothing more. In the other hand no one will do more for you against Russia, even if they retake more Ukrainian territory. In my country Ukrainians even talk more of Russia because Ukraine has a bad image. Russia at least have a strong leader, Ukraine just a puppet trying to recover his lost chocolate fortune.

    1. Avatar Scradje says:

      Take your worm tongue out of your fuehrer pootler’s a$$, naцi scum.