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A new website has been launched highlighting the availability of the English, Ukrainian, French versions of the multi-award winning feature documentary film “Genocide Revealed.”

The first historical drama “Bitter Harvest,” written by Richard Bachynsky-Hoover and George Mendeluk, has brought international awareness to the little known 1932-33 famine-genocide in Soviet Ukraine. With this movie’s release, many people are asking where they can find more detailed information about this genocide.

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The documentary (75mins) “Genocide Revealed” by Canadian filmmaker Yurij Luhovy, exposes Moscow’s policy of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. The film focuses on the man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine engineered by Stalin’s regime and the accompanied decimation of the national elite and destruction of Ukraine’s historical past. It reveals one of the greatest human tragedies of the 20th century. Millions perished. “Genocide Revealed” is based on testimonies of survivors, commentaries by historians, declassifies Soviet archival documents and rare historical footage.

The film crew traveled over 3500 km to reach survivors in remote areas of the original famine-struck areas of eastern Ukraine. Today most of those areas are reduced to rubble with the ongoing war.


“Genocide Revealed” won 12 international awards, including “Best Historical Film” and “Best documentary.” The documentary received many comments from historians and specialists in Holodomor studies referring to the film as “the best documentary made on the Famine-genocide (Holodomor)” (Prof. Roman Serbyn), “excellent documentary” (Prof. Taras Hunczak).

The feature documentary is available in the original Ukrainian language version titled “Okradena Zemlya,” narrated by Bohdan Beniuk, in the French language version titled “Génocide d’une Nation,” narrated by internationally renowned Quebec actress Geneviève Bujold, and the English language version narrated by Canadian Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene.

An educational English-language version (26mn and 52mins on one DVD is available. The U.S. Holodomor Educational Committee called it “an excellent educational resource film” and the UCC National Holodomor Awareness Committee describes it as “highly recommended as a teaching resource”.

A Ukrainian-language Educational version for teachers will be soon released. The feature length film “Okradena Zemlya”, which is endorsed by the Ukrainian World Congress, was recently premiered in Kyiv to a standing ovation at “Ukrajins’kyj Dim”. Speaking at the Kyiv premiere on November 2016, Kyiv historian Prof. Volodymyr Serhijchuk emphasized the need to make the Ukrainian Educational version for schools.

To access the new website and more information about the documentaries:

Please share the link, thereby furthering awareness about the genocide.

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  1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    “The film crew traveled over 3500 km to reach survivors in remote areas
    of the original famine-struck areas of eastern Ukraine. Today most of
    those areas are reduced to rubble with the ongoing war.”

    How history turns in circles – the remote areas of survivors of the Holodomor that were not destroyed by the genocide in 1932 were reduced to rubble by the current genocidal psychopath. I am glad this film is being made; it should be mandatory viewing in all schools. Broadcast it on TV; allow free movie screenings. Send DVDs covertly to Russians who aren’t Putinoids. Above all, revoke the Pulitzer prize from Walter Duranty and the New York Times. If the Times won’t give it up, levy fines against them and give them to the survivors.

    Ніколи не забувай. Ніколи не пробачить.
    Never forget. Never forgive.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Stalin had a PhD in genocide.