German politicians mull Russia World Cup boycott

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Germany could boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This comes as a response to a Russian police crackdown on mass protests that spread across the host country on Sunday.

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The events led German politicians to explore skipping the world’s biggest football tournament. The Deputy Chairperson of the Union faction — the country’s biggest political alliance — called Russia’s actions, “absolutely unacceptable.”

The Russian government’s mass detentions at the weekend’s anti-corruption protests have outraged the international community.

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    The rest of the world should boycott the World Cup until it is relocated. What else does this criminal regime have to do to convince everyone this would be a mistake? MH17, invasion of Ukraine, state-sponsored doping, their actions during EuroCup, suppression of their people, useage of North Korean slaves to build their corrupt stadium projects, cyberwarfare against the West, etc……..

  2. Avatar Greg says:

    attending the World Cup in Russia means nations agree and accept Russia as an invader of nations. It means accepting Russian sponsored terrorism. It means that Russia’s effort to destroy Western values is okay,. Russia is a criminal state with its leaders stealing billions for their own citizens.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      Well said.

      Great to see some German politicians with spine too. This is all helping to grow a groundswell of public opinion opposed to the World Cup in Russia.

    2. Avatar Mick Servian says:

      No it doesn’t. And stop dragging politics into sports. You don’t care about ruining a good thing for kids as long as you get your revenge eh?

      1. Avatar Greg says:

        Listen, Russia has invaded and is murdering Ukrainian citizens every day. Russia is bombing Ukrainian cities and is a state sponsor of Terrorism. In no way shape or form can Russia be viewed as a normal country. It works to destroy all Western institutions and democracy. Stop standing up for a murderous regime who cares not about kids or anything else as long as Russia can subjugate another nation! Russia should be kicked out of the UN and all International organizations until they decide to accept and follow International law. You sir will not care at all when Russia invades another nation and causes more death and pain! we are living at a point in time no different than when Hitler started his invasions prior to WW2.

        1. Avatar Mick Servian says:

          They are doing no different to what other great powers former and current, like the US are doing. Its called realpolitik. We saw how the US reacted to the Soviets courting Cuba on their borders. They invaded them. You don’t cry about that. Biggest nations have been subjugating smaller nations since the beginning of time. Russia is no different. Maybe Ukraines leaders should have thought of that before the coup. And its a civil war. Everyone in the world knows that. Its not the 90’s with no internet. Maybe the Ukrainian separatists are receiving help. I don’t know. But denying your own peoples status is pretty bad. The UN is there for cooperation not isolation. The US and it’s vassals aren’t the whole world. China doesn’t have an issue with them.
          And like i said the only institutions i see being destroyed are by you. Trying to justify and shift the goalposts because of revenge. So all of football and sport has to become a farce and suffer because you need to stick it to the Russians so bad, you’re willing to use sport and any other tool to accomplish that?
          What? Really?

          1. Avatar Greg says:

            Sports have always been political on the world stage!

          2. Avatar Mick Servian says:

            Have they?
            Is that why the sports governing bodies mission statements expressly forbid them in their respective fields?
            Like no political banners on the stands etc.
            Explain to me what was political about the last world cup final? Or thr the cup as a whole?

          3. Avatar Mick Servian says:

            Really? That’s why they ban political slogans at fifa etc?

          4. Avatar Greg says:

            there is no civil war in Ukraine, Russia has invaded and has thousands of troops stationed within Ukrainian territory as well as Russia fires rockets and large cannons from within Russian territory to Ukraine. it was Russian troops who shot down MH17 killing all on board. It is Russia who is a state sponsor of terrorism in Ukraine . I guess people can be blind like you, I wonder how you will wake up to find Russia invading more of Europe pushing to redraw borders back to the 1700’s. Putin has mentioned this as a goal before.

  3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    I don’t think that the German politicians can forbid the Mannschaft to go to the 2018 Championship if they qualify; that decision would be up to the German Football Association. The politicians can of course decide not to attend themselves, but that would not have the same impact as the Mannschaft not taking part. Losing one of the top teams would be a serious blow to the organisers and devalue the Championship. It would be even worse if more top teams would decide not to participate e.g. Spain, Brazil.

    1. Avatar Calibra says:

      No, if a team decides to boycott then they will be punished by the FIFA, if Germany politically intervenes then the entire German Football Association will be punished by the FIFA, the FIFA is allergic to any politcal interference and/or boycotts their rules are very strict and leave no room for discussion, it’s an automatic ban without any appeal possibility.

      One of the latest cases is Mali which is facing a blanket ban due to political interference.

      An example of how the FIFA thinks :