Founder of Russian-backed “republic” dies in Donetsk at 54

Vladimir Makovich, so-called "speaker of people's council of DNR" in 2014.

Vladimir Makovich, so-called "speaker of people's council of DNR" in 2014. 

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On March 12, Vladimir Makovich, one of the “founders” of the “DNR” terrorist organization (“Donetsk People’s Republic”), died in occupied Donetsk at 54.

Makovych was “the person who read out the ‘declaration of state independence of the DNR’ on April 7, 2014,” UNIAN reports.

In April 2014 Vladimir Makovich became a “speaker of people’s council of DNR.” Later in May, as Donetsk representative of a recent successor of the 1990s Russian Ponzi scheme company MMM Denis Pushilin became a “speaker of the supreme council of DNR,” Makovich was appointed a “vice-speaker” in this fake “parliament.”

Everything from city cleaning to the sewage system, the airport, railway stations, military … should all be under your control,” Vladimir Makovich claimed in April 2014 in Donetsk.

His successful career in the creating of the illusion of Donetsk “statesmanship” finished a month later, as he was arrested by a DNR’s “investigative body” in early July 2014 on suspicion of “involvement in the death of Anatoly Klyan,” a cameraman of the Russia’s First Channel, later Makovich was released from the arrest, but his position was abolished by the end of July 2014. There were no mentions in the press of his activities since then until his death on the 12th of March, 2017.

The cause of Makovich’s death was a brain tumor, according to RIA Novosti.

It is worth noting that two warlords were assassinated earlier in the occupied city of Donetsk. Head of the “Sparta battallion” gang Arsen Pavlov nom du guerre ‘Motorola’, a Russian citizen, was killed in a blast in the elevator of his apartment building in October 2016. So-called commander of the “Somali battalion” gang Mikhail ‘Givi’ Tolstykh had been eliminated by a shell of the RPO-A Shmel rocket launcher in early February 2017.

The DNR and LNR remain legally classified as terrorist organizations in Ukraine.


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