‘The Samantha syndrome’ – a new name for an old threat Putin is exploiting

Samantha Power and Vitaly Churkin (Image: patriotikus.ru)

Samantha Power and Vitaly Churkin (Image: patriotikus.ru) 

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The Stockholm syndrome, the situation in which a captive begins to identify with his or her captors, is widely recognized as a danger. But there is another related phenomenon, Moscow commentator Igor Yakovenko argues, which he calls “the Samantha syndrome,” that may be even more insidious and dangerous.

It occurs, he says, when Western diplomats make such an effort to understand representatives of dictatorial and especially totalitarian regimes that they forget the nature of those regimes and thus give away the game before it is even half-played, just as the representatives of those regimes intend.

Such a pattern has a long and infamous history extending back to the time of Stalin and Hitler, but it hasn’t been given a name. Now, Yakovenko says, there is good reason to label it “the Samantha syndrome,” given the article Samantha Power wrote in the New York Times on the occasion of the passing of Vitaly Churkin.

That article, he points out, “immediately made [her] a star of the Russian media and above all of the Kremlin media because of the positive things Ambassador Power, the former US permanent representative to the United Nations, made about her Russian counterpart and his supposed commitment to finding points of agreement between Moscow and Washington.

Samantha Power's tweet about Vitaly Churkin's passing

Power certainly knows perhaps better than anyone else that Churkin was “not a subject of foreign policy” but simply the representative of his government. And the actions of his that matter – vetoing resolutions on Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Syria and so on. Indeed, Power herself pointedly asked him shortly before his death: “Have you no conscience?”

Now, Churkin is dead and Power doesn’t represent the US at the UN any more. But her essay on Churkin is informed by an attitude that makes Power’s words far more instructive than simply “the private reminiscences of one diplomat about another,” Yakovenko continues.

And that problem is this: “the consequences of interaction of people of the civilizations of the West with representatives of dictatorships. Especially dangerous are representatives of Putin’s Russia because they are not only externally indistinguishable but have many apparent internal similarities with Western intellectuals.”

To put it bluntly, “Putin’s representatives in the West talk like people, laugh like people, drink and eat like people and therefore they are taken for people” just like everyone else. But that is not only untrue but a tactic that dictators like Putin routinely use to get their way with Western leaders.

Nietzsche warned that “if you look too long into the abyss, the abyss will begin to look back at you.” Yakovenko adds: “the striving to understand representatives of totalitarian regimes which seems so justified and necessary for Western diplomats and intellectuals – we must agree and not allow a nuclear war to break out! – has led and leads now to something like the Stockholm syndrome.”

Yakovenko says he proposes to call this phenomenon “the Samantha syndrome” because Samantha Power’s essay about Churkin is a clear example of the nature of the problem and also why so many in the West are taken in.

Of course, as Power writes, Churkin – like every individual – had a rich internal life. But as a representative of the Putin regime, that is irrelevant. Instead, it is a trap that Western leaders routinely fall for: George W. Bush in 2001 looked into Vladimir Putin’s soul, Lion Feuchtwanger was struck by Stalin’s simplicity and modesty, and Bernard Shaw by the Soviet dictator’s sense of humor.

“The problem of ‘the Samantha syndrome’ isn’t that one should not understand one’s opponent at the negotiating table. It isn’t that one shouldn’t develop relations with him, smile and visit. Instead, the problem is that it is necessary to always understand that before you is a cannibal because from a cannibal regime cannot be a normal representative at the UN.”

Such people must be judged on their actions: everything else is irrelevant. And the failure to understand that distinction and to maintain it gives rise to monsters.

“‘The deep understanding’ of Stalin by the intellectual elite of the West played no small role that namely the West permitted to grow and strengthen a first monster [Stalin] and then a second one [Hitler] after which these two twin brothers almost destroyed the planet,” Yakovenko says.

And “efforts of the contemporary West to discover a soul where it by nature has never been, namely in the body of a KGB lieutenant colonel, led the lieutenant colonel to be ever bolder” and behave ever worse to his own people and to his country’s neighbors.

“Without dialogue and contacts, the world today is impossible. But when you are dealing with someone ill with AIDS, it is necessary to avoid certain forms of relations. When you go into a plague barracks, there is good reason to observe minimal hygiene and keep one’s distance.”

And “when one is dealing with a terrorist, of course, it is necessary to know” what he is about and “not feed oneself with illusions that you and he have common goals.”


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  1. Avatar MichaelA says:

    Why is anyone still talking about churkin?
    He was a hired mouth for fascists

    1. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

      churkin is dead, good riddance

    2. Avatar Njordheim says:

      Here is the typical, retarded Ukrainian Baboon “MichaelA”… what a “schmuck”!

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    Russians are do desperate for ANY form of affirmation that they turn a farewell message into some form of acceptance.
    Powers may have liked the guy. It she stood up numerous times and denounced Russia actions.
    In the US It is considered “good form” to speak well of your fallen opponent.
    That’s just the way we roll.

    1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

      You’re right Murph. When it’s all said and done we are all brothers and sisters in this world . It is not up to me to judge someone else I will leave that to the man upstairs

    2. Avatar Njordheim says:

      The way you roll is call “murdering opponents”. Fore Russian Ambassadors were murdered in 3 months. Do you think Russians think this is a coincidence?

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        These things happen when you have a male life expectancy of only 64 years.
        And who cares what Russian’s find coincidental.
        They will find a conspiracy where ever it’s convenient.
        And nobody bother with kill ambassadors. They are just the mouth pieces of their governments and are a dime a dozen.
        You need to look at the deaths of the embassy’s “Legal and Cultural Attaches.”

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        4 Russian ambassadors versus 10,000 innocent Ukrainians who died due to Putin’s “protection” of them that lying bags of sh*t like you support.

        Wait until they come for you “NO BRAINS”…..

        1. Avatar Njordheim says:

          STUPID – thank for the misery and death of 10,000 to NEOCON’s, Khazarain Scum Poroshenko and “Pravy Sector” who jointly created the chaos in Ukraine.

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            How many of you Mongol Buryats in your beloved Rossiya will die at the hands of Putin?

            Volunteer to be on the front lines and end your miserable lying existence NO BRAINS…..

          2. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

            SEND THE ***SERBIANS*** IN !!! :))

          3. Avatar Njordheim says:

            Over the past week, 24 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed in the Donbass, while 79 others were wounded, Deputy Commander of the Operational Command of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin, said. According to Basurin, these losses became the results both of non-battle circumstances and attacks on DPR positions.

        2. Avatar Njordheim says:

          THE KIEV SCUM – Poroshenko, Parubiy and others – have built such a reputations for themselves on the war against their own people that they will certainly come to a sticky end.

          The best option – to flee abroad, otherwise they will pay dearly.

          I believe the Kremlin understands perfectly that the Kiev authorities are not partners but criminals that usurped power, and no negotiations with them are possible.

          I want to emphasize: the Kiev regime is doomed, and no provocations, no amount of artillery fire at Donetsk and other cities, no attempts at offensives will accomplish anything for Poroshenko and Co, except yet another brand mark on the foreheads of these scoundrels. Get this already – Old Disgruntled No BRAIn!

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            The scum of Kyiv, Yanukovych and his family of snakes, have already fled to Muscovy…..the funny thing is they are now living off of your Russian tax dollars while you get to munch on ratburgers!!!

          2. Avatar Njordheim says:

            Since the past evening, detachments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have fired more than 300 mines and shells on the DPR territories. As a result, distribution pipelines near Yasinovataya and in Kiev district of Donetsk were damaged. Kiev SCUM and your fellow UkrNaZZi will live to pay a heavy price for murdering Ukrainian people!

          3. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

            “Kiev SCUM and your fellow UkrNaZZi will live to pay a heavy price for murdering Ukrainian people!”

            You ***SERBIAN*** SCUM have made many, many remarks against Ukrainians & CONSTANTLY LIE & KISS RUSKI @SS!
            Now you PRETEND to worry about their lives?
            When heretofore you CELEBRATED THEIR MURDERS?!?!

            When the Russo-mongolian Putin god of ***SERBS*** spoke of using human shields!
            Also look at how SERBS HELP MURDER & RAPE UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS IN UKRAINE FOR RUSSIA … like they brutally murdered in Yugoslavia, as per their Serb culture & Serbian Orthodox religion.

            Everyone hates you, you have no friends, not even the PAID AT LEAST Ruski trolls. You love to PRETEND to be Russian, but are only a scumbag, EVIL, lying, COWARDLY ***SERBIAN*** MENTAL CASE ON PSYCH DRUGS & NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT TO BE A PAIN IN THE @SS, DISRUPTIVE & TO IMAGINE YOU ARE A “FIGHTER FOR RUSSIA!!” — You are a COWARD & MORAL IMBECILE! — THRASH! — Take your MEDICATION! 😉

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            SERBIAN SUB-HUMAN!

            …memeory problems & you have NOTHING TO SAY!!

            “Stop using us as shields!” Donetsk protests against Kremlin-backed militants

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Churkin will no longer be jerkin the gherkin.

  4. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Now comes another monster, the Putinzilla.

  5. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

    Praise God!
    Good that he is dead and in Hell for all ETERNITY!!!

    ” P’tfu !!!” — I spit on his grave!

  6. Avatar Robert says:

    Excellent, outstanding and highly informative piece! Bravo!!

    “The problem of ‘the Samantha syndrome’ … is that it is necessary to always understand that before you is a cannibal because from a cannibal regime cannot be a normal representative at the UN.”

    Amen! How many CRITICAL UN vetoes does Russia have of highly CRITICAL issues?!?

    “Such people must be judged on their actions: everything else is irrelevant. And the failure to understand that distinction and to maintain it gives rise to monsters.”

    Amen again! How many CRITICAL UN vetoes does Russia have of highly CRITICAL issues?!?

    “when one is dealing with a Terrorist, of course, it is necessary to know” what he is about and “not feed oneself with illusions that you and he have common goals.”

    Amen yet again! How many CRITICAL UN vetoes does Russia have of highly CRITICAL international issues?!?

    How will Samantha J. Power feel as she goes down in history as the Clear, Succinct, Premier and Paramount example of yet another ‘Western’ Suckered Stooge being Sucked into the pervasive propaganda tactics of vlady and his predatory predecessors?

    Devastated, I hope. Even more “devastated by the passing of this ‘diplomatic maestro’ and ‘deeply caring man’ who did more to ‘bridge’ US/Rus differences”. ??? WHAT?!?? …

    Come on, Samantha. Get a Life. He allegedly did this with HOW MANY UN vetoes on critical issues?!? Are you trying to become popular with the Russian Sheeple?? Get with the Program, Sam: churkin was a Tool, a Toy, an Apparatus and a Convenient Mouthpiece for vlady and prior Russian Terrorist regimes. Obviously, he was well-trained and indoctrinated as, clearly, he suckered you completely! Admit the Truth, Sam: you were merely an Amateur all along and your undeserved ‘praise’, ‘admiration’ and ‘devastation’ for this Cannibalistic Terrorist is either evidence of your soft easily-duped amateur nature or a ploy to gain popularity with Russian after the fact…

    Excellent article… Can you tell us the Truth, Sam? … or will you forever be remembered as the Premier Example/Case Study of this recurring Syndrome? …

  7. Avatar Njordheim says:

    U.S. is losing on all fronts and as far as new U.S. under Trump is concerned, Europe’s leaders have voiced resistance to US President Donald Trump’s insistence that each NATO member commit at least 2% of GDP to defense. In recent months, rumors about the creation of a European defense union have grown louder and louder. Murdering Russian Ambassadors(4 in 3 mo) would not make this situation improve!