What happened in Avdiivka

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Article by: Yuriy Butusov

The word Avdiivka has entered the lexicon of the world’s mainstream media and global diplomacy over the past several days. The reason has been the unexpected intensification of military combat in Donetsk Oblast, including the bombardment of residential areas in several city districts and the deaths of both Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

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It is precisely one year ago, February 4, 2016, when units of the 58th motorized infantry brigade, formations of Right Sector and the Ukrainian Volunteer Army began operations to gain control of the eastern areas of Avdiivka. The meaning of the term “Avdiivka promzona” is now becoming increasingly clear: it is an embodiment of intense military combat.

Avdiivka is part of the Donetsk-Horlivka complex. Donetsk, Yasynuvata, and Horlivka are all within a radius of a few kilometers. Battles are fought here for every strategic high ground, every meter of ground held, and for every building. Every 500 meters here comes at a great cost. There is nowhere to turn in retreat.

If the Minsk accord from September 2014 and February 2015 were to be followed, Avdiivka belongs under the control of Ukraine. However, the Russian command has been viciously violating the terms of the treaty both here in this raion and across the front lines. Capitalizing on the disorganization of the Ukrainian army and its weak complement of troop levels, the enemy infantry was able to consolidate itself in the eastern parts of the city, in the suburbs and among the cooperative stores, private homes, and retail stores such as the Angar chain of home renovation outlets. The enemy committed to battle their best units in order to maintain control over this raion, namely the 100 Brigade od the so-called Republican Guard, the 11th motorcycle regiment, and the independent assault battalion Somali. The violations of the Minsk accord were well known to all, but until now the Ukrainian army could not find a way to liberate the suburbs of Avdiivka

Avdiyivka Avdiivka Avdeevka

What, then is the tactical value of this promzona?

To our enemy, Avdiivka represents their forward line of advance. With it they have control over all the roads into the northern parts of Donetsk and Yasynuvata, as well as the northern outskirts of Horlivka.

If they lost the promzona, it would mean that the war has come that much closer, by several kilometers, to cities that are key to the enemy’s plans, and would complicate their defensive abilities.

Simultaneously, the enemy has fortified its control over the Donetsk-Horlivka highway, enabling freedom of movement on it as a supply route for the Russian collaborators. They have especially be successful in the transport of reinforcements. As long as they control the promzona, the Russian generals control the no man’s land between forces, making any surprise attack against them nearly impossible. The enemy is constantly disrupting the movement of the Ukrainian army in Avdiivka, creating problems for our defences, suppressing any initiatives we undertake. Our combat units were immobilized by the actions of the Russian occupation army.


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The liberation of the promzona at Avdiivka, therefore became a political problem as well as one that tested the battle readiness of the Ukrainian army in this army. However, because of the violations against the stated line of demarcation in the Minsk accord and the obvious failure to settle the matter diplomatically, the only possible solution could be found through military strength.

The Ukrainian military units began a concerted and methodical effort over the next year to regain territory. They fought one building at a time, one street at a time, and there were battles for every hundred meters. The tempo of this engagement was very slow, and sometimes not at all where the enemy was especially dug in. In this present was there are no large-scale attacks or epic maneuvers. The army’s battle plan is based on the safety of the soldiers’ lives. And the Ukrainian soldiers have experienced definite combat success: our troops successfully secured positions near the Donetsk-Horlivka highway, and consequently brought the area under the control of their fire. Further, the enemy no longer had complete freedom of motion and found it necessary to spend more time defending itself and reinforcing defensive positions. In short, the promzona became more and more manpower and resource intensive.


The First Battalion, 72nd Mechanized Brigade was chosen for a pilot project in military reform. It was brought up to strength with individuals from throughout the brigade, highly motivated volunteer soldiers who were then sent to upgrade their skills on a training period that lasted several months. During that time the battalion was rebuilt at the Yavoriv Training Compound. They were trained by American instructors and participated in the international training exercises known as Rapid Trident. Upon completion of this course, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that this battalion now met the standards of NATO troops. Then the 72nd Brigade was given orders to leave for the Avdiivka region. The 1st Battalion was given responsibility for the most dangerous assignment, in the promzona itself. The brigade already had a reputation for having very good artillery support, employing methods developed by volunteers for the correction and control of fire.

They made good use of these newly trained reinforcements to continue with combat operations to dislodge the enemy from around Avdiivka. However, the Russians had also brought in reinforcements.

Along the Horlivka-Donetsk highway can be found a section of the front that has recently gained a high profile, namely Yasynuvata. It is the site of an enemy depot of military equipment. The epicenter of the current fighting is located slightly lower, to the south. The enemy also established two observation posts there, which have been a source of serious problems for the Ukrainian defenses. If the Minsk accord had been honored, those forward enemy posts would not be there at all. Now, that which could not be settled through diplomatic channels has been settled by the soldiers.

Beginning on January 29, after one of their regular artillery bombardments followed by clashes between enemy and Ukrainian patrols, our soldiers initiated a counter-attack. Among the assault group was the deputy commander of the battalion, 23-year-old Captain Andrii Kyzylo. They attacked units of the 3rd battalion, 11th “DNR” (“Donetsk People’s Republic”) motorized regiment.

What they accomplished was completely unexpected. The enemy abandoned two defensive positions. Our soldiers killed two terrorists and one was taken into captivity.

Actions at the front lines follow their own logic.

The focus of the battle was a small forest with a total area of about two square kilometers. That is the common pattern of this war: it is fought within a small area with the goal of strengthening the position of a particular fighting unit in a particular location. The result of our ability to reinforce our positions in this forest meant that the enemy was forced to retreat back across the highway.

Why are these details important? These details are important because war follows its own logic, and that logic is not always connected with politics. This battle was not the result of some political interests, nor was it concocted by some oligarch as part of a great public relations scenario for the purpose of drawing world attention or distracting it.

Actions at the front lines follow their own logic. The build up to the actual battle at Avdiivka was a long time in coming. The spark that brought all the attention was the unprecedented intensity of the Russian artillery bombardment.

By comparison, during the fighting last December in Svitlodarsk, heavy bombardments were also similarly employed by the enemy, except there were fewer troops and artillery pieces. The peak of the bombardments subsided within three days. At Avdiivka, however, there has been no restraint placed on the volume of shelling, and the sheer numbers of soldiers and hardware are greater. Mission accomplished. And that was just the beginning of the battle.

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The enemy artillery hit us very accurately, especially the positions of the 1st battalion and the 12th motorized battalion of the 72nd brigade. Objectives were also hit in Avdiivka itself. To be sure, our artillery also opened up in reply.

And so it happened that here on this small section of Ukrainian land is where a limited battle transformed from a tactical battle into an episode of macro political games. Our army pressed forward several times, provoking gun battles, except when the international observers of the OSCE were present. What the observers saw was that this land was identified under the Minsk accord to be controlled by Ukraine, and the gunfire was a response to Russian provocation.

Successive firefights and volleys of shells continued. It’s just that there was not sustained, intensive fighting. Until now. This time events unfolded according to a different plan. The Russian commanders made the decision to initiate a complete and open war. Imagine the sheer numbers of artillery that were brought in and set up in position, and this is within Donetsk city itself. When they opened fire it was as if they had an endless supply of missiles and shells. Modern weapons systems opened fire, weaponry that had no been employed throughout the entire year of 2016 in this raion. Throughout the raion under their target area, literally thousands of shells and mortars were fired. With such a high volume in a confined area, casualties were inevitable; direct hits could not be avoided.

The 1st Battalion began to suffer one loss after another, dead and wounded, and mortal wounds were suffered in the very city from where the weapons were launched. Our artillery did its best to provide cover for our soldiers.

Brave men like Captain Kyzylo died after advancing to newly controlled territory. In the course of forcing back what remained of the forward operating units of the terrorists, our artillery struck the commander of the 3rd battalion, 11th motorized infantry regiment, a well known terrorist, Ivan Balakai. Subsequent waves of Russian army infantry corps were all forced back, assisted by tanks and artillery.

In the Avdiivka raion a full scale war erupted.

The anonymous presence of the Russian army in such great numbers had not been seen in Donbas since 2015. The enemy based firing decision not only on the needs of the positions, but also for political considerations. Such is the reason that targets were selected within the city itself and they were intensively bombarded. Interestingly, the enemy was unable to mount any counter offensives to regain forward positions that they had lost. The focus was on the artillery, which fired relentlessly.

In fact, the Kremlin, through the press secretary of president Putin, expressed their version of the escalation: “Regarding today’s escalation of violence along the line of demarcation, it proves why it is all the more urgent for dialogue and cooperation to be renewed between Russia and America, through which the Ukrainian crisis can be resolved.”

Such a statement is a clear admission by Moscow that the battle for Avdiivka is a signal from Putin to Trump. It is an unequivocal demonstration that the Russian Federation is in control of the war in Donbas. At any moment they decide when to fan the flames of war and set the city on fire. The attack on Avdiivka is an invitation to Trump by the Russian government to hold talks regarding Ukraine. The siege of Aleppo and the escalation of hostilities in Avdiivka both demonstrate that Putin controls the military personnel and resources necessary for an incursion into any conflict. The message is that there is no way the United States of America can stop such an escalation unless they become partners with him.

This strategy is the foundation of the information campaign waged in western and Ukrainian mainstream media, where pro-Russian commentators call for peace at any cost and for the establishment of bi-lateral relations with Moscow even if it means having lost Crimea and Donbas.

The Avdiivka crisis has now become the first test for Trump. What political course will he embrace regarding the war in Ukraine? The American administration, within which remain bureaucrats from the former government, was slow to respond to the war in Avdiivka. Russia used the main stream media to express its views on the necessity of a peaceful resolution. They are gambling on reaching an agreement with Trump, on making a serious impression on him.

The USA responded on February 2.

During an extraordinary session of the United Nations, the new US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced that the policy of the USA with regard to Ukraine and the Russian Federation remains unchanged. “Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine. The United States is committed to this course of action.”

However, the strong language from the USA has not influenced the ferocity of the fighting. Russian artillery continues to bombard the raion of Avdiivka. It is obvious that Putin is preparing the way for the next round of talks concerning the situation in Ukraine. Having won the chess game that was Syria, the Kremlin is looking to play the same fame in Ukraine, and is constantly assessing for weaknesses that would result in the lifting of sanctions, and an admission from Ukraine that they have lost the occupied lands.

The practical result is that the war will continue. Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine is based on a limited supply of soldiers. For all its show of militarism, Putin has a severe shortage of human resources, and within the Russian Federation morale is low among the military who face a prospect of dying anonymously for the empire somewhere beyond its borders. Hence the heavy reliance on artillery.

Infantry weaponry is mainly surplus arms, for soldiers who aren’t well trained to mount counter-attacks or to hold securely key positions of defence. The Russian command relies on the overwhelming use of artillery. They are engaging in artillery style terrorism similar to wars in Syria and Egypt during the epic battles of attrition in attempts to weaken Israel throughout the decades of the 1940s-1980s.

They have made a tactical decision in this regard in Avdiivka. In response, the city and the entire front line of defence has been reliably maintained by the Ukrainian army. Strategic high ground secured by the 72nd remains in our hands with no intentions of giving it up. Reinforcements from the Armed Forced of Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Guard have arrived in the city proper. There is no basis to reports that we have been surrounded or that there have been breaks in our defences. The enemy does not have the strength to launch an offensive that would push our army out of this raion.

Realistically, however, neither do we have the resources to silence completely the guns of the Russian artillery or their missile systems in Donetsk. The enemy is opening fire from positions established among the civilian population. We do not currently have the equipment or ability to fire back at them with such pinpoint accuracy that is required to hit the military targets but to avoid civilian casualties or the destruction of city infrastructure.

Consequently, a war fought under these conditions can last for a long time yet. In addition, there are other points along the front that will increase in hostility. As for the Minsk accord, it is like what Daytona agreement was for Croatia, which didn’t conclude in any meaningful results either. One of the sides must lose, either Ukraine or the Russian Federation. Someone must take upon themselves the responsibility for making serious decisions, either through diplomatic or military means.

Putin is prodding the West to accept terms of peace at the expense of Ukraine. He has no intention of backing down. He will not return Crimea after the enormous amount of resources he has invested in it, treating it like the crown jewel of a Russian imperialist political project. What the crisis in Avdiivka shows is that decisive military actions are essential, as are proven instruments of military power. Even though a diplomatic solution in Donbas would be welcomed by Ukraine, without a continual wearing down of the Russian military through casualties at the front lines, any diplomatic prescription will not succeed on its own.

The future of the country’s independence depends on an intense and concentrated defence.

The fighting over this small area of Ukrainian soil known as Avdiivka has resulted in the deaths of 11 brave Ukrainian soldiers between January 29 and February 2nd [the number has since risen to at least 18 – Ed]. May their memory be eternal…

Yuriy Butusov is a Ukrainian journalist and editor-in-chief of censor.net.ua

Translated by: Jeffrey D. Stephaniuk

Source: gazeta.dt.ua

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  1. Avatar Tony says:

    Important article showing shell holes on the east wall of a Donetsk apartment. To the east of Donetsk is militant territory of course, so it’s obvious the Russians/militants did it but no doubt they will blame Ukrainian ‘boomerang’ shells.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      Yes, that was an excellent article. It should be publicised – many in the West do not believe that the Kremlin will indulge in such lying tactics. They need to be educated.

      1. Avatar Tony says:

        Oh they need hard education because Kremlin lies a lot and there is plenty of evidence of it now:
        1. BBC gets Russian journalists to admit to fabricating a story about shelling killing a child
        2. French journalists record DNR journalists talking about dressing up as Ukrainian army and acting out a provocation.
        3. Trajectory analysis, tracer burn time, velocity and range considerations show that militants shelled their own territory in July 2016
        4. The car that was allegedly hit with by a Ukrainian missile despite the fact that the body shows no mangling of steel as one would expect from an explosive missile. Plus the site throws in a pic of a different burned car for some reason ( one vehicle has 2 doors other has 4)

  2. Avatar IdeaMaidan says:

    “However, the strong language from the USA has not influenced the ferocity of the fighting…”

    The question, though, is whether or not there is really any teeth behind the “strong language” put forth by Ms. Haley at the UN, or if it is rather mere pro forma verbiage.

    It’s worth noting that the statement put out by the U.S. State Dept.
    (https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2017/01/267379.htm) not only does not condemn Russia’s actions, it doesn’t even bother to mention Russia. One might well conclude that perhaps it is Lukashenka’s Belarus now shelling Avdiivka.

    One can go too far in drawing conclusions from all this, of course, but my guess is that this may well signify what might become the general Team Trump approach to the matter: That is, keep up the standard line in the international arena in the broadest terms at least, without delving much into specifics, but not make much of any effort to get involved in any substantive way with what is actually going on. Trump himself in fact articulated just this view during the campaign: It’s the Europeans’ problem, it’s on their doorstep, let them deal with it.

    That means that Europe, as ill-prepared as it might be, now has to do just that. Andreas Umland has often made the point that Russia is highly dependent economically speaking on Europe, which gives the latter much more leverage than it has been willing to use—or even threaten to use—thus far

    Although any actions along these lines by Europe will no doubt cause the Kremlin to start its saber-rattling, one presumes that NATO will remain in the picture to a sufficient enough degree (I believe Trump realizes he lacks sufficient power at this point to tamper very much with NATO) so as to guarantee that Mr. Putin and Co. do not attempt any serious hostilities against Europe in retaliation.

    (Support Ukrainian Culture: MusicOfUkraine.com)

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      That is true about the initial State Department message, but in fairness the statements by Ms Haley some days later made clear that Russian aggression was to blame.

      As President Poroshenko made clear last week, Ukraine doesn’t need the US or EU or anyone else to come to come to Ukraine to fight – the Ukrainian Army can defeat the Russian army on its own. But it does need the West to stay united, to maintain sanctions against the Russian elite (until Russia gets out of Donbass and Crimea) and continue sending training teams and at the very least non-lethal aid to the Ukrainian military.

      From that perspective, Ambassador Haley’s remarks may have been late, but they were very welcome.

    2. Avatar Forewarned says:

      Perhaps it should explained as I see it here in America. Trump likes Putin but if he abandoned Ukraine, there would be major backlash. Do not underestimate the power of the establishment and military industrial complex. The mindset is more traditional and anti-Russian (the commies) so their resistence to Trump on this quite high for any sign of small amount in let up from Trump. McCain is perhaps the embodiment of this way of thinking.

  3. Avatar Alex George says:

    If one wants an example of why Russia cannot overcome the spirit of the Ukrainian people, watch this remarkable footage from inside the hearse carrying the body of Vitalii Shamrai to burial in his hometown near Cherkasy, central Ukraine: http://en.censor.net.ua/video_news/426391/hundreds_of_people_kneeled_before_fallen_soldier_vitalii_shamrai_in_monastyryshche_video

    Mile after mile, hundreds of people kneel before the hearse to honour someone who died to defend them and all Ukraine.

  4. Avatar Brent says:

    This shows what “Russian protection” is truly all about. Terrorism. Murder. Lying.

  5. Avatar Forewarned says:

    This article elucidated quite a bit about the conflict. It seems to demonstrate the fundamental principles that guided the Red Army to victory against the National Socialists are still guiding them today. Albeit on a much smaller scale over a longer period of time.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      But with the same result: if objectives are achieved, only at an enormous cost. By 1945 Stalin was experiencing severe manpower problems. The exchange rate was defnitely NOT is his favour. In 1940, the population of the USSR was about twice that of the Reich. But the overall exchange rate was well over 3:1 in the Reich’s favour. In short, Stalin’s hordes would eventually have been bled to death long before Adolf’s were.
      We see the same in the Donbas: the Donetsk airport, for instance, was only seized after many months of heavy fighting and at severe total cost to the Kolorads. And note that in 2014, the Ukrainian army did not have the benefit of NATO training yet and was still poorly equipped. Now, both training and equipment are much improved-and it shows. The motivation was there from the start.

  6. Avatar туфтуф says:

    Breaking: Givi, the legendary commander of the Somali batallion was murdered on 8th Feb in his office in Donetsk. A large explosion, most probably a terrorist act, was the cause of his death. The Republic authorities claim they know who did it and say they will soon catch the suspected terrorists. His death is likely to demoralise DPR fighters, but not the members of GRU, who take death of their comrades lightly. This might help Ukraine regain control over the territories who did not accept the coup d etat in 2014. The Minsk is dead.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      There are some confusing tweets and blog posts coming out of the Donbass – one suggested it was a “suicide” attack – whatever that means. But at least two reckon he was shot with a Shmel

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Yasu, Yorge, ti kanes? (Greek for Hi zGeorge, whats up?) Lemme share a secret with u. The site l m a gonna give u now, despite being proruski, NEVER gives wrong info. It was set up by a retired intel officer, some say. 100% true.


        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          Are you seriously suggesting that the SBU has become so powerful that it can now roam in the so-called LNR and DNR at will, assassinating the leaders left, right and centre, and all this without even ONE agent being caught despite the occupied territory swarming with FSB, GRU and other Dwarfstanian security and intelligence services???? If so that exposes the Dwarfstanian security services as hopelessly incompetent. Also, it would mean that the population gives support to such SBU agents- meaning that despite all the Dwarfstanian propaganda, there is little real popular support for either LNR or DNR.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Sure. U dnt know intel agencies. Russia informed Kiev today that should it not stop the terror campaign against Ukrainians of donbass, it will send assassins to take out persons responsible, mentioning Avakov and Turchinov by names. My openly pro russsian friend from Rada is openly against such “terror campaign”, quoting him/her verbatim. Cnt mention the name for security reasons.

          2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            The only ones conducting a terror campaign against Ukrainians in the Donbas are Pedo Putolini and his Kolorad thugs. The latter are being eliminated by the FSB for various reasons. Soon there will no longer be any “leaders” of the so-called LNR and DNR left, and nobody will be willing to fill the vacancies and be blown up in turn.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Russia plans to up the terror campaign should ukropoliticians not stop terrorising the ppl of Donbass. Getting a little more personal, Russia is. In my opinion, it shld raise the question with a ukrainian court. But my opinion matters little, if at all.

          4. Avatar Alex George says:

            Russia already plans to up the terror campaign as much as it can, regardless of what Ukraine does.

            The only problem is that Russia is not very good at terror campaigns any more. Its operatives keep getting arrested, and they often cry when thy are caught .

            In fact, really the only thing that Moscow seems good at blowing up these days are its own people, such as Givi. Although there are rumours that members of Givi’s own Somali battalion fragged him because he ran away and left them in the lurch .

          5. Avatar Brent says:

            I know your latest “friend”… His name is


          6. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

            Give him a Ruski food card!


          7. Avatar туфтуф says:

            My latest friend is another Dejan. He works for Russia in Belgrade.

          8. Avatar Alex George says:

            Funny, a few days ago you claimed your friend was Dejan Beric, who is wanted in Belgrade and now living in Donbass. He has also made grandiose claims about taking part in operations, yet there is no proof of this. His only talent appears to be taking selfies and posting them on Facebook. ;o)

          9. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Dejan beric is my friend, but my LATEST friend is another or 1 more Dejan. Its a very common Serbian name.

          10. Avatar Alex George says:

            LOL Yes you have lots of imaginary friends….

          11. Avatar Alex George says:

            Ha ha, Russia informed nothing of the sort. As usual you make wild claims to know people, and you don’t.

            You are just an old windbag.

          12. Avatar MichaelA says:

            ha ha well put
            either way the trolls lose on this one

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          It’s a Russian site. OF COURSE IT’S LIES AND PROPAGANDA!!!!

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Its normal for a country at war. Remember WMD’s of Mr Hussein? They even made toy models to present them as proof at UN. We all fell for it. Lol

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            Saddam Hussein did have WMDs. He used chemical weapons on his own people, chemical weapons supplied by the Kremlin

            Nothing new, ho-hum

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I know. Those wmds were sold to him by Maggie thru Matrix. By the time of nato invasion, they were out of date. My CIA friend Susan Lindauer warned the US gvt there were no wmds, which landed her into prison. CIA is often sidelined.

          4. Avatar Alex George says:

            Ha ha, you have no friends in the CIA, Russia, Crimea or anywhere else. Old windbag…

            No, the chemical WMDs that Saddam used on his own people came for the USSR, as did the training on how to use them against civilians.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            U r ranting here while l m teaching u the basics of the Greek language. I find ur behaviour unacceptable. Lolz

          6. Avatar Alex George says:

            You haven’t taught any greek, and as usual you don’t know anyone and have no sources. Old windbag. Lolz

        3. Avatar Alex George says:

          You don’t know any greek and you have no sourses – just trying to find websites that anyone else can find . Old windbag.

      2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        Let’s hope Givi wasn’t the only thug blown up but also his staff!

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Two of them apparently, three charred corpses found in the office.

    2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Splice the mainbrace! Yet another thug dead, killed by those supposed “allies” the FSB.
      The remaining “leaders” of the so-called LNR and DNR may well be considering their options now: surrender to the Ukrainian government and stay alive in exchange for spilling the beans about Dwarfstan’s extensive involvement in the Donbas, or be blown up by the FSB. If I were Pushilin, Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky and Co, I’d rather be alive behind bars in Lviv than blown up by the FSB as Pavlov-Motorola, Bednov-Batman, Tolstykh-Givi and others were.

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        But will Givis death help ukroland regain the lost territories? For all his bravery and valour, i think he was not that important. The “invisible” people are the important ones.

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          Yes, it will. Every single dead Kolorad- whether a local thug, Dwarfstanian mercenary of Dwarfstanian regular soldier- helps weaken Dwarfstan and loosen its hold on the occupied Donbas and Crimea.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            But 4 every dead kolorad 5 more are cummin…

          2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            And those 5 will be killed as well.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Cummon, dnt be a bum. Its spelled Bunstead.

          4. Avatar Alex George says:

            No, they aren’t. Now it has to be Russian army. Putin has tried to avoid using them, since he is going down the same path as Nicholas II. But he has no choice.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            St Nicholas ll….

          6. Avatar Alex George says:

            Yes, the man who lost the Russian empire…

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          “Givi” is NOT IMPORTANT ANYMORE!!!! Just like “Motorola”, Mozgovai and all the other Russo Nazzi terrorists the FSB liquidated….

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            If it was done by Russian intelligence, they had a very good reason to do so. Politically motivated assassinations abroad, for example. How strange: on the day Givi was blown up, Russia informs Ukraine and US that it will send assassins after the politicians responsible for terror in Donbass, naming Avakov and Turchinov. So far, only 2 named. But am sure the list is much longer.

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            Exxcept Russia said nothing of the sort, and all its attempts lately to arrange assassinations have failed. The FSB is just hopeless.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            It did say. Ll try to find the url.

          4. Avatar Alex George says:

            Yes you always are…. ;o)

      2. Avatar туфтуф says:

        Might be true. Typical KGB. My wife’s father worked for Kontora and on the day of retirement he died of “heart attack”. Although at the time, acc to the law, everyone who dies under 60 y of age had to have a post mortem performed, she was kindly ASKED by her father’s colleagues if she WISHED that post mortem be done. She kindly refused the post mortem. At the time, she was a good girl.

    3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Minsk was dead from the start as the dwarf never stuck to the agreements. He tore up both Minsk I and Misnk II even before they were signed.

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        True. Who the duck is Kuchma to sign a binding intl agreement? Russia was playing for time, upping stakes.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Pity it hasn’t been able to up the stakes, and couldn’t use the time.

          But you are right. Russia had no choice but to seek a deal at Minsk – its forces had been shot to pieces and would have collapsed otherwise.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Every truce is good. Less ppl dying.

    4. Avatar Brent says:

      Hey doofus, it was the FSB that liquidated “Givi”. Just like “Motorola”, Mozgovai and all the other Russian Nazzi terrorists….Putin is either trying to cut back on the future war pensions of his fighters or eliminate witnesses against him at The Hague.

      Only idiots like you would believe Ukraine snuck into a well guarded DPR office and managed to plant explosives in it. You’re such a gullible little sheeple!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5d11f5c7e3927cc6e55fd260f4e05bb7ca23984f9982551b99f2248af48ad3f.jpg

      1. Avatar туфтуф says:

        They want to send assassins after ukrainian politicians responsible for the genocide in Donbass.

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          “They” should be sending assassins after Pedo Putolini, then.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            By they l meant P and the Kontora.

        2. Avatar Alex George says:

          No they don;t, and they know the FSB could never manage it anyway.

          Their last attempt on a minor Ukrainian politician failed and the team was captured. Same for their attempt in Montenegro.

          1. Avatar туфтуф says:

            U might be right. They have stopped saying such nonsense after the new truce. Or ukros chickened out? Diff to judge.

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            they never said anything, and they know they couldn’t do it even if they tried, because all their latest attempts have failed.

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Yorge, ehume ena diamerizma stin Elada…

          4. Avatar Alex George says:

            Now, now, don;t try to change the subject. What I wrote was that they never said anything, and they know they couldn’t do it even if they tried, because all their latest attempts have failed.

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Trying to teach u Greek desperately. Knowing lingos increases intelligence.

          6. Avatar Alex George says:

            Which is why you aren’t intelligent – you have clealry never learned Greek, and you admit that you just use google translate.

            What I wrote was that they never said anything, and they know they couldn’t do it even if they tried, because all their latest attempts have failed.

  7. Avatar Kruton says:

    Build a wall!!!!

  8. Avatar veth says:

    Givi took the elevator to hell as well…..hahahaha

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Since hell is supposedly below us, the rubbish chute is more appropriate in every way……..

      1. Avatar veth says:

        I don’t know, somehow the elevators in Donbass don’t work properly…………….

  9. Avatar Murf says:

    Congratulations to the brave Soldiers of the 72nd!
    You have once again demonstrated the superiority of the Ukrainian fighting man.
    And the moral bankruptcy on the Russians. When they can’t met you face to face they tried to batter their way through. To no avail.
    I can’t tell you how proud I am that the training of the American Soldiers played a part in this success. But no amount of training can make mice into men. You always had the warriors hart, we just help you harness it.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      training by many foreign teams – US definitely, but also British, Canadian, Lithuanian and others.

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        I only brought up the US because they trained this specific unit.
        The more contact with Western Militaries Ukraine has the faster they will be rid of the out dated Soviet doctrine.
        It was fine with massive armies in 42 againest the German Army but the situation has changed dramatically.
        In WWII the frontline of Donbas would have been covered by several armies (several million men)not just a reinforced Corp(about 100k)
        The current fighting stresses small unit leadership and individual initiative.

  10. Avatar Mazepa says:

    We killed 43 mockal swine during this operation. As usual, their ‘army’ consists of drunks and pedophiles hiding behind the skirts of women and children as they shoot their artillery.
    The only good mockal is a dead mockal.
    Smert mockalyam.