The History of the Ukrainian National Flag (Infographics)

The History of the Ukrainian Flag (Infographic: @Visuals_UA on Twitter)

The History of the Ukrainian Flag (Infographic: @Visuals_UA on Twitter) 

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Article by: @Visuals_UA on Twitter

The blue and yellow colors for the first time were documented in the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410 on the banners of the troops of Lviv and Peremyshl Voivodeship.

  • 1410 — Flag of Lviv land in the Battle of Tanneberg described by Polish chronicler Jan Długosz
  • 1649-1764 — Flag of arms of the Cossack Hetmanate (Zaporizhian Host)
  • 1848 — During the Spring of the Nations a blue and yellow banner was adopted by the Main Ruthenian Council as a national flag
  • 1917-1920 — Flag of Ukrainian People’s Republic
  • 1939 — Flag of Carpatho-Ukraine
  • 1991 — The blue and yellow flag was provisionally adopted by Verkhovna Rada for official ceremonies
  • 1992 — The blue and yellow flag was officially adopted as the National Flag of the Ukrainian state
  • 1996 — The State Flag of Ukraine defined by the Constitution of Ukraine as a “banner of two equally-sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow colour”
  • 2003 — Ukraine celebrates the first Day of the National Flag established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine as August 23.



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Source: The history of the Ukrainian flag [infographics]

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