Doping scandal may cost Moscow the 2018 World Cup, analysts say

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If as a result of the large-scale doping scandal, the International Olympic Committee votes to prevent Russian athletes from taking part in the Rio Games, then FIFA, the international football association which is obligated to follow IOC decisions, would likely strip Russia of its right to host the 2018 World Cup, two Moscow analysts say.

That would constitute a major public relations disaster for Vladimir Putin who has made the hosting of this competition the most important follow-on event to the 2014 Sochi Olympiad, and it would also eliminate one of the major channels through which he has corruptly purchased the support of key Russian elites.

Consequently, the IOC decision, which a drumbeat of recent events suggests will go against Moscow, could cast a far larger shadow than many now think and have serious repercussions in Russian politics, repercussions far larger if as yet less attended to than a ban on Russian athletes at the upcoming Olympiad.

Writing on the “Profile” portal, Dmitry Dedashin and Viktor Khrushchev argue that “the doping scandal which broke out last fall … has gone to a new level,” one in which Russia may become the first country in history to be stripped of the right to send all its athletes to an Olympiad.

That prospect has become possible since it now appears, on the basis of statements by Vitaly Stepanov and Georgy Rodchenkov, two former Russian officials in a position to know, that the Russian sports authorities and Russian government engaged in mass deceptions about the use of drugs by its athletes at the Sochi Games, according to IOC President Thomas Bach.

Moscow’s reaction to this has been to denounce the reporting in the Western media as an anti-Russian “spectacle” and “invention.” But that has not stopped WADA expanding its investigation and the FBI getting involved as well, steps that are likely to keep this issue in the public eye and raise more questions about Russian behavior.


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  • Dagwood Bumstead

    Good show! And the sooner the better!

  • W8post

    “Doping scandal may cost Moscow the 2018 World Cup…”MAY??? SHOULD!!!

    • Robert

      Will, W8post, it will. Watch what happens. Truth always wins.

      Watch the Russian Sochi medals be stripped…

      There won’t be a need to boycott the 2018 World Cup. It won’t be held in Russia. We can all go peacefully and enjoy without the corrupt Mafia State Russia being present, without the racism and WITH the abundant joy, peace, harmony and love that seems so foreign … and Soul Foreign to Russia.

      The real question is what is the best alternative site to host/hold the event? I’m certain there are already good people working on this.

      Watch what happens … Truth always and all ways wins…

  • Dirk Smith

    In order to retain any type of credibility, both IOC and FIFA need to kick out the lying and cheating mongol-muscovites. Failure to act upon this blatant act by the Tambov mafia would basically eliminate the Olympics and World Cup from importance.

    • Mick Servian

      Nah. Dragging politics into sports so you can cause ” a public relations disaster” will do that.
      But you don’t care. What’s ruining sports to millions of kids compared to hurting Russians. Right?