WWII. Now the occupier is Putin not Hitler



Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

On the eve of the anniversary of the victory over Nazism in World War II, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the U.S.-Georgian joint military exercises a provocation. In another former Soviet republic — Moldova — other joint military exercises with the United States have been taking place. Activists of the pro-Russian Socialist Party attempted to block an American military convoy at the border with Romania to prevent the display of U.S. military equipment on Victory Day. The leader of the Moldovan Communists and former president Vladimir Voronin also demanded that the authorities not permit this military display.

Thus, for Russian officials and their puppets in the post-Soviet space, truth about the war is being replaced by propagandist myths. If you listened carefully to those who are outraged by the U.S. military exhibition you would think that the United States was the enemy of the Soviet Union during World War II. The truth is quite different.

Stalin and Hitler were allies during the first part of World War II. The two dictators together invaded European countries and agreed on the division of the continent. Only after Hitler’s attack on the USSR did the country enter the war on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition. Six months later the United States joined this coalition. The U.S. assistance to the Soviet Union in the war was priceless. And this is no secret. Everyone who survived the war knows this perfectly well.

But afterward, when the Soviet Union embarked on its typical confrontation with the democratic world, propaganda replaced the truth about the war. And many in Russia and the former Soviet republics continue to feed off this propaganda even now. I would remind the Russian diplomats and the Moldovan Communists and Socialists that one of the main goals of the allies was to liberate Europe from occupation. And today it is not Hitler but Putin who is the occupier.

And if the United States is trying to help the armies of the countries whose territories are occupied by the aggressor, it is continuing the work of the soldiers of the Second World War — liberation and the protection of freedom. And those who scream from all the loudspeakers that “our grandfather fought” are continuing the work of the Nazis.

They have simply betrayed their grandfathers, who gave their lives so that the occupation of foreign lands would become history. And they have no right to hold parades in Moscow — the epicenter of aggression.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Radio Svoboda

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  1. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

    The parallels between Hitler and Putin are there to be seen.

    Hitler felt humiliated by Germany’s defeat and reparations followingWWI. Putin feels humiliated by the collapse of the USSR and Russia’s loss of superpower status.

    Hitler justified his earlier conquests as protection of German speaking peoples. Putin justifies his military aggression in the Donbas as protection of Russian speaking peoples.

    Hitler assembled a massive propaganda macine. Putin now commands a massive, mendacious propaganda and disinformation apparatus.

    Hitler turned Germany into a fascist dictatorship. Putin has turned Russia into a fascist dictatorship.