Did Russians come in contact with Paris attack terrorists in Serbia?

Joint Russian-Serbian delegation in the refugee camp near Preševo. Photo by Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (Source: Russia Today) 

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San Francisco-Kyiv, April 27.  A few days ago one of America’s leading newspapers «The Washington Post» published a long article tracing the path of the terrorists who organized the bombings in Paris last November. It describes in detail how the four militants infiltrated Europe, which customs they had passed and which countries they had entered on their utlimate journey to the capital of France.

The author concludes that the most vulnerable point in the European system of collective security is Greece. This was the country that allowed a million refugees from the Middle East to pass into Europe without rigorous scrutiny. In particular, there were two Iraqi militants with fake passports who were not arrested, but simply expelled from Greece, after which they then went quickly to Serbia and registered in a refugee camp in Preševo on 7 October. In November, they joined the other participants in the terrorist attacks in Paris.

It’s very interesting that just two months before these events, Russian propaganda TV channel “Russia Today” pubished a report entitled “Russia helps Serbia cope with migrant crisis by aiding refugee camps.”  The delegation included Serbian Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin, the country’s gendarmerie commandant, Goran Dragović, Russian ambassador or Serbia, Aleksandr Chepurin, and Victor Safyanov, head of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in the city of Niš.

The first person to notice thia strange coincidence was an American of Bosnian origin, Davor Devcic. “The Russians were allowed to roam quite freely around Preševo where many photographs were taken just two months before the Paris attacks,” Davor said in an interview with New Region. According to the American, “Given other evidence of possible ties between Russia and ISIL, we should be paying attention to these facts too.”

Translated by: Paula Chertok

Source: New Region

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