Madeleine Albright and Russia’s “useful idiots”

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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The former secretary of state Madeleine Albright has become the focus of Russian propaganda. Well-known hysterics are discussing her villainy. Cartoonists are depicting her in the tradition of the Soviet “portraits” of foreign enemies during the Cold War.

And of course all of them — those who write and those who draw — never tire of repeating that Albright who has been “on the “dustbin of history” and would have remained unnoticed by all if not for the fact that she had offended “Great Russia” and the country’s insane leader Vladimir Putin in an interview with the Austrian Die Presse.

When Albright called Russia “Bangladesh with missiles” she reminded the Russian propagandists of the good old nickname for the Soviet Union. The Communists state was called “Upper Volta with rockets” in the civilized world. And, incidentally, it was not far from the truth.

Already a few years later, when the West reached the same conclusion, the USSR did not have long to exist (?) I do not doubt that Putin’s Russia will follow its malevolent predecessor. But in Russia they took offense at Albright not only for the “Bangladesh with missiles” and an accurate psychological characterization of Putin, whom the experienced diplomat called a “truly evil man.”

What was most important was that Albright had judged the behavior of a certain portion of the Western establishment.

“I’m really sick of the fact that people are always trying to find excuses for Russia. Russia is a country that provokes and then feels offended,” Albright told the Austrian journalists.

She gave a tough and accurate description of the politics of those who are ready to abandon Ukraine to fend for itself in the conflict with the “offended” aggressor.

Those who look for justifications for Moscow’s actions in Russia’s difficult history and the eternally victimized “Russian soul” which is usually searched for with the help of money stolen from the Russians themselves. Those who are ready to sell international law for the superfluous tank of oil.

There are plenty of such people among Western politicians, diplomats, and journalists. They are the main enemies of those values upon which the civilized world is based. They are the enemies — not Putin.

Because Putin is not hiding anything. He sends armies. He allows them to kill, torture, rape, steal. And these people pretend not to notice anything. Because they are afraid. Because they want money. Because they are the “useful idiots” of the new Fuhrer. The parents of many of them behaved in exactly the same way in the 1930s.


They preferred not to notice. They were afraid. They made excuses. Or they admired the “spirituality” — whether Nazi or Bolshevik. And then they wondered where the German tanks in Paris or Amsterdam came from or the Soviet ones in Riga and Tallinn.

It is important to understand how it happened! Perhaps we have not fully understood? Or have not grasped the Aryan soul? And then the Russian soul is a complete mystery. If not for Hitler’s idiotic attack on his ally Stalin, if not for the US entry into the war, Europe would have lost to the Reich and the flags with the swastikas could still be waving over European capitals.

But, as we can see, there have been no conclusions drawn from this inevitable defeat, and we have continued to be confronted with stupidity and betrayal until the present time. This is something that Madeleine Albright was not afraid to say. And something that we, too, must not forget.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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