Inauguration of memorial to Belarusians who died on Maidan and in ATO zone  

Photo courtesy of Vitaliy Baev, FB

Photo courtesy of Vitaliy Baev, FB 

Belarus, Ukraine, War in the Donbas


The memorial represents a cross in the colours of the national flag of Belarus.

The memorial site was inaugurated on Biloruska Street in Kyiv on March 28.

The memorial is a sculpture in the shape of a cross with the colours of the national flag of Belarus; the centre of the cross bears the historic coat of arms of Belarus – Pahonia (charging knight).

The memorial is dedicated to Mikhail Zhyznevsky, who was killed by a sniper bullet on Hrushevskoho Street on January 22, 2014 and Oles Cherkashyn and Vitaly Tilizhenko, volunteers in the tactical Belarus unit, who fought in Donetsk Oblast and perished in the battle of Starohnativka in August 2015.

Vichnaya Pamiat! Eternal Memory!


Photos courtesy of Alexey Alexios Lapiridi, FB

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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  • Randolph Carter

    All of these monuments, regardless of whether they are in Ukraine, Belarus or Canada serve to remind us of those who gave their all so that their families, their cities or villages, and their country remain free. They are true heroes and will not be forgotten. Vichnaya Pamiat!