Polish TV broadcasts Moreira’s “Masks of the Revolution” on Maidan shooting anniversary

A shot from the trailer of Paul Mreira's film "Ukraine. Maasks of the Revolution" 

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On 21 February Polish channel TVN24 broadcasted the scandalous film “Ukraine. Masks of the Revolution” by Paul Moreira.

The documentary has been widely criticized for the author’s ignorance of a Russian-backed conflict in Ukraine and distorted portrayal of the tragic fire in the Odesa Trade Union building on 2 May 2014.

“Ukraine. Masks of the Revolution” was broadcasted by the “Ewa Ewart recommends: Documentary on TVN24” show. Before the film Ewa Ewart reminded of the second anniversary of the tragic events on Maidan and noted, that the proposed documentary is “controversial,” the Polish Radio reports.

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The broadcasting has sparked outrage among the Ukrainian community in Poland and Polish journalists. The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland commented on the broadcasting in an official statement.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland is disappointed by the unfriendly gesture of the Polish TV channel “TVN24” which today has shown disrespect to millions of Ukrainians by broadcasting the lying and manipulative film by Paul Moreira “Ukraine. Masks of the Revolution,” the official statement says.

“What hurts the most, is that the Polish channel timed this film with the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity.”

The Embassy demanded the channel explain “why from variety of objective films about Maidan events this particular lying creature of the Russian propaganda was chosen, which insults the memory of Heroes of the Revolution of Dignity.”

“To me, broadcasting of the film “Ukraine. Masks of the Revolution without the appropriate explanation what kind of a film that was, is a scandal. This French film is lying, it is using classical manipulation techniques for depicting Ukrainian events that correspond to the Russian narrative,” Polish journalist Michał Kacewicz commented for the Polish Radio. Kacewicz has been reporting on Ukraine for years and is currently working for Newsweek Poland.

“The majority of Polish people don’t know those events in details. Considering our sensitivity to the topic of Ukrainian nationalism, this film can strengthen the feeling of fear and threat which are allegedly coming from the new Ukraine,” Kacewicz emphasized.


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Ukrainian activists living in Poland also condemned the move of TVN24. In a statement on their Facebook page, members of Euromaidan-Warszawa reminded how much Poland supported Maidan, how many Polish journalists reported from the revolution and how many politicians were coming to Maidan to support the civil society of Ukraine despite their own political views.

“It turns out that, by broadcasting that film, the Polish television accuses its journalists, politicians, civic activists and ordinary people that were supporting Maidan in supporting the ‘neonazis’ and ‘banderowites.’ Bravo, Putin would be delighted!”


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  1. Avatar Philippe de Lara says:

    It is a shame. The Polish TV could not ignore the unanimous criticism rated by this film in France. No one, absolutely to one took side in France for this absurd propaganda movie, except well known pro Poutine fanatics. The only supporter Moreira could mobilize were until the homophobic putinian leader Abdu, who is one of the heroes of the film, and the government medias in Russia. And now a Polish Channel. One more marks of the ambiguity (to say the least of the new majority in Poland, conservative outside, but nostalgic of communist rule inside. The friends of Moreira are the same who set a forged trial against Wales, and ask for the cancelation of Jan Gross National Merit Cross, for being one of the great historians of the Shoah in Poland. A bad news for all Europe. Fortunately, Poles are still the Poles who were able to defeat Communism and to be a driving force for the freedom and friendship of Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic States.

  2. Avatar laker48 says:

    TVN24 is the last bastion of former Polish communist apparatchiks and their descendants. It’s controlled by the Luxembourg-incorporated ITI Group dominated by opponents and enemies of the present Polish government, and with a large share of German investtment capital. http://www.itiholdings.com/index.php/Home/

    Germany feels threatened by the most recent Polish paradigm changes, so it’s probable that its proxies try to capitalise on the past Ukrainian nationalists’ genocide in western Ukraine.

    It’d be also a simplification to shift the blame exclusively on the airing of that piece by the TVN24 network, as the present Ukrainian authorities are studded with apologists of the Volhynia massacre. Prominent Ukrainian quasi historian Volodymyr Viatrovych is one of the prime examples.

  3. Avatar Turtler says:

    Reality coming from the moron who couldn’t get the linguistic issue right?

    Like it or not, Eurmaidan wasn’t a putsch. If it was it probably would have been significantly less long, bloody, and destructive. Given how your like are so fond of misusing the term Fascist for anyone but actual totalitarians, let’s use Hitler. Do you want to know what his strategy for the Munich Putsch was?

    He went to a public meeting place where government officials were, used that venue to take them prisoner and use the soap box to try and get the people there ginned up (and get compliance from the officials), and then he MADE A BEELINE for the center of city to seize the Defense Ministry’s buildings. Sure it failed and it wasn’t the world’s best thought out plan, but it knew what it wanted.

    From a putsch standpoint, waiting for days while police barricade you and you get shot at is phenomenally poor planning.

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      One testimony does not make reality.

      Especially in contrast to decades old Soviet era rules of engagement that talked about killing both protesters AND their own police in order to escalate the conflict and justify crackdowns, forensic analysis of the shells tying them to the Yanukovych loyalist SBU, and photo evidence.

      None of which your link even addresses.


      Like you notably didn’t address my rebuttal of your last post, where I pointed out that Maidan did not operate as a putsch.

      Well, evidence trumps a single confession.