How it all happened

Euromaidan. Occupation of Crimea. Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine.

Euromaidan. Occupation of Crimea. Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine. 

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Article by: Borislaw Bilash II, Physics Teacher, Pascack Valley High School

Confused about events in Ukraine? We don’t blame you. The protests started when then-President Yanukovych declined to sign the Association Agreement with the EU at the end of November 2013 and escalated into a de-facto revolution that left a hundred dead. Immediately after, Russia started a stealthy annexation of Crimea and takeover of South-Eastern Ukraine. The latter, being unsuccessful, has led to a frozen conflict in Donbas with which Russia hopes to continue to destabilize Ukraine. Physics teacher Borislaw Bilash guides us through the chronicle of newest Ukrainian history.

For great tips and ideas to teaching about events in Ukraine from Euromaidan onward, see his primer for teachers, a guide for educators teaching about events in Ukraine.

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  • Tim Allen

    This is an extraordinarily balanced and fact-based description of what has happened in Ukraine. I can’t find any exaggerations or untruths in it … such a contrast to the Russian’s spin machines

    Thank you!