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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Why Russia and the “Islamic State” are not really enemies but rivals

The Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu, during his recent visit to Kyiv, called Russia a “terrorist organization.” These are his exact words. He did not compare Russia to a terrorist organization but called it a terrorist organization. He put Russia on a par with the “Islamic State” and other terrorists.

This is something that the West stubbornly refuses to notice. In no way does the Russian state differ from the “Islamic State.” Both groups hold civilians as hostages and control them through shameless propaganda and social handouts. Both groups attempt to expand their spheres of influence by force. Both groups are convinced that the entire world is against them and is trying to take possession of their resources. Both groups are ready to destroy civilians if this helps them achieve their goals. Both groups are obsessed with imperialist global ambitions — the “Islamic State” dreams of the “World Caliphate”; the Russian state of the “Russian World.” Both groups are trying to revive medieval clericalism: the “Islamic State” the Koranic one, the Russian state the Orthodox one of the imperial era.

Meanwhile, the “Islamic State” is prohibited in Russia, and the Russian Federation is one of the main enemies of the “Islamic State.” This is what always happens between real competitors.

The only thing that really differentiates the “Islamic State” from the Russian state is the presence of nuclear weapons in the latter — therefore, the ability to destroy humanity any day that a bad mood strikes the main Russian terrorist.

Bu if the West continues to flirt with the terrorists from the Russian state, nuclear weapons will inevitably turn up in the “Islamic State” as well.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Turtler

    I am NO friend of Putin or the Russian government, but this is another weak article.

    Firstly: Does anybody notice the irony in uncritically taking the words of a Turkish Islamist government official calling someone else a terrorist organization on par with the Islamic State? Erdogan’s Turkey has continued the long, dismal tradition of Turkish governments refusing to acknowledge their use of state terrorism and plain old terrorism to genocidal effect against the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, and Chaldeans during the late 19th and early 20th century. And his government is probably THE greatest external ally the Islamic State has.

    So this is like two kettles accusing each other of being black. Especially given this second point.

    Secondly: No, Russia is not an Orthodox Caliphate. Caliphates- like other theocracies- are effectiely the imposition of religious law as the dominant ideology of the state. But Putin’s Russia *doesn’t impose any laws*, let alone religious ones. It does not share power with the Orthodox Church or use it to impose one vision of it on nonconformists like the Tsars and even Soviets did, because Putin can’t be asked to CARE that much.

    He is happy to use Kyrill and his ilk for PR, don’t get me wrong, or as levers to destabilize independent states and bring them closer into the Moscovite fold. But if that constitutes theocracy it is a PROFOUNDLY weak definition indeed.

    And it’s ESPECIALLY ironic compared to Erdogan’s government- which Davutoglu serves- given that it is explicitly Islamist in ideology, has been trying to destroy the weak secularism in the Turkish constitution and law, has been trying to aggressively promote state Sharia even when it isn’t politically popular, and IS working with the Islamic State. It is in effect far more of a Caliphate than Putin’s ever has been.

    Lest people think I’m some Kremlin troll, I can point you to plenty of posts on this very website to the contrary. And I will have it be known that I went out to defend the Turkish story regarding the shootdown of the Russian fighter (largely because I found their story more believable; while the Russian story required everybody but themselves to be lying the Turkish government story required them to be acting like thugs defending their turf, like they have for decades and decades and decades).

    But that doesn’t mean I have to applaud like a trained seal for stuff like this. To those of you who think Putin’s regime- though equally evil and monstrous- is theocracy, please study what actual theocracy is.

    And don’t keep churning this stuff out.

  • Greg

    great article and very true words. Russia is a terrorist state in all ways. They need to be flagged as such in the UN. Russia violates the UK Charter and many other International laws with their invasions. Death, destruction, kidnapping, torture, pillaging is the order of the day for these guys.

  • George Knight

    The Russian Federation is a neoliberal project. The state is privatized and run as an enterprise. The Russian state is only an empty shell which is used by the rulers in the Kremlin. The prevailing logic is purely that of capital and self-preservation, not of a state. An appropriate response to handle with -and counter- the Russian Federation is therefore to speak to a company, not to a state.