Two young Ukrainians invent Smart Travel Cup


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Source: Hromadske
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Two young men from Lviv, Anton Skrypnyk and Roman Savchenko, have invented a Smart Travel Cup that can analyze any liquid. The Cup measures the level of salt, pH, nitrates, and the temperature relationship of these elements.


The founders of H2OMetr startup state that the Travel Cup contains a tool to disinfect any liquid.


An ultraviolet lamps mounted in the lid purifies the water in the cup. The inventors started off with an ordinary thermos. The bottom part of the Cup was made from the thermos lid into which they mounted a special microchip that analyzes the water through a very weak current.

Roman: “Today, we can enter the market with this product. The only thing that’s preventing us from getting it out to the general public is that it’s practically impossible to calculate the cost of this prototype because all the elements of our Cup are made by hand.”

H2OMetr presented its invention at IT-Arena Hi-Tech Expo.

The inventors are looking at approximately $50-80 US per Cup. The H2OMetr team plans to raise funds on Kickstarter, mainly to promote their invention and confirm they are moving in the right direction.

Roman and Anton have invested their own money in the project. Anton quit his job at ELEKS to devote all his time to the startup, while Roman has taken over the management of the company.



Source: Hromadske
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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