“Winter on Fire” director given “Mirror of the Freedom Award”

Natalka Volya presents the "Mirror of the Freedom Award" to filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky  


The award ceremony event that took place on Jan 5th, at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers where the “Mirror of the Freedom Award” was given to the filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky. After the ceremony, there was a private film screening and Q&A with the director.

Natalka Volya on behalf of the e-Continent magazine presented the “Mirror of the Freedom Award” to filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky for his documentary movie “Winter on Fire” – an outstanding work of art that depicts and interprets the meaning of the recent events in Ukraine. At the same time, it inspires Americans to think about their own significance regarding what freedom really means. In a sense, the heroes of the Euromaidan in Ukraine can be seen as the “living hearts” of the American Founding Fathers, an embodiment of American values.

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“The Journal Continent is publishing the most important and leading writers, only the best of the best – the best poets, the writers, the best artists in its category. Tonight I am giving this award to Evgeny Afineevsky, the director of Winter on Fire, the outstanding piece of art, the best documentary in its category – to my opinion and the opinion of the e-Continent magazine,” said Ms.Volya while presenting the award.


The journal Continent/Kontinent was founded in 1974 by a well-known writer and dissident Vladimir Maksimov. The name for this new uncensored journal of the Russian democratic movement was suggested by A. Solzhenitsyn. During the 16 years of its publishing in Paris the magazine became one of the most prestigious and influential voices against communist ideology. At various times the editorial board included such prominent world-renowned figures as R. Conquest, A. Sacharov, E. Ionesko, J. Brodsky, etc. Works by Vasiliy Aksenov, Josef Brodsky, Olivie Cleman, Vladimir Maksimov, Robert Conquest, Ernst Neizvestny, Vittorio Strada and others were published on the pages of Continent. Continent is published four times a year publishing the most important and leading writers.

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