Do you think you know Ukraine? Take this quiz and find out




On the night of November 21, 2013, several hundreds of protesters gathered on in Kyiv, demanding closer European integration. In a few weeks, it grew into a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine that ultimately led to regime change. These events, following annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas inspired by Russia, have put Ukraine at the centre of world’s attention. However, Ukraine still remains largely unknown to the European public; besides, there are many stereotypes created by Russia’s massive propaganda. The aim of this short quiz developed by the Institute of World Policy is to uncover some unexpected facts about Ukraine.

Since you’re here – we have a favor to ask. Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is ongoing, but major news agencies have gone away. But we’re here to stay, and will keep on providing quality, independent, open-access information on Ukrainian reforms, Russia’s hybrid war, human rights violations, political prisoners, Ukrainian history, and more. We are a non-profit, don’t have any political sponsors, and never will. If you like what you see, please help keep us online with a donation!


  • Philippe de Lara

    Too easy, I got 100% without effort, although I am a beginner. Knowledge of Ukraine should be more challenging!

  • Randolph Carter

    Crap – missed the one about Antonov aircraft and Ukrainian magazines. Thought perhaps the dwarf’s crackdown on Ukrainian in Crimea was more widespread, and never heard of Antonov aircraft (hangs head in shame). And I worked for Lockheed too!

  • Dirk Smith

    Missed two as well. Missed the nickname and the Jewish center location. Another reason I’m re-visiting next spring! :)

  • Randolph Carter

    Dirk, would you mind if I ask where in Ukraine you’re going? I have a girlfriend in Lugansk and would give just about anything to see her!

  • Gryzelda Wrr, D.O.P.*

    Missed the one about Jewish museum :)

  • Robert

    Hmm… I missed the last one. I didn’t realize 90% of magazines in Ukraine are published in Russian!(?) Wonder why this is? I too will be traveling to Ukraine when the weather breaks in the spring. Any hints on the best way to learn Ukrainian language? …

    • W8post

      Find an Ukrainian girlfriend that does not speak (or doesn’t want to speak) Russian…
      -and start at home to learn the alphabet, ESPECIALLY the ‘written’ letters!-

  • Milan Balahura



    100% Not too shabby for a damn Yankee!

  • Rascalndear

    It’s not “the granary of Europe”!! What’s that, a bad translation? It’s “the breadbasket of Europe.” The answer to the first question is NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

  • Rascalndear

    #3 should say Pivdenmash, not Yuzhmash.