Outdoor advertising with Nazi salutes and Putin spotted in occupied Crimea

Outdoor advertising with a Nazi salute and swastika in Dzhankoi, occupied Crimea 


Article by: Alya Shandra

A huge outdoor advertisement with elements of Nazi symbols is on display in the city of Dzhankoi in occupied Crimea. Shadows of hands in Nazi salutes and what appears to be a swastika but is actually a runic cross can be seen next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chairwoman of the Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko who are standing amidst Russian citizens.


The incident was reported in the facebook post of a pro-Putin activist Maks Ovsiannikov, who has found out that the huge poster on display on the wall of a local children’s after-school education facility called Pioneers Palace was agreed upon with the local administration. The texts read “They need great perturbations. We need a strong Russia!”, which is a quote of Pyotr Stolypin, a monarchist politician whose tenure was marked by efforts to counter revolutionary groups, and “We are the power!”

Maks Ovsiannikov has already filed a complaint.


A cross on a runic stone from Sweden

According to Goblet d’Alviella in his book The Migration of Symbols, published in 1894, this symbol is the result of a merger of the gammadion, more commonly known as a swastika, with a Latin Cross in Scandinavian countries.

Under Russia’s current legislature, displaying Nazi symbols are forbidden, including symbols used by the Nazi Party and the Fascist Party of Italy, such as the swastika, fascia, and greeting gestures.



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