Ethnic Russians now a minority in Moscow, consultant to Russian force structures says

Population of City of Moscow by Nationality (5-2015)


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Fewer than one in three residents of Moscow consist of ethnic Russians, according to a consultant to one of the Russian force structures cited by this past week. That figure is at odds with those of Rosstat, but its appearance has major consequences for Russians, non-Russians and the Kremlin.

For Russians, always distrustful of official census figures, it is certain to be viewed as an indication that their country is becoming ever less Russian; for non-Russians, it will be viewed as showing just the reverse; and for the Russian regime, this figure represents a challenge to Vladimir Putin’s increasingly Russian nationalist policies.

Because does not provide any background on the consultant who provided these figures or on how they were derived and because the portal is not an entirely disinterested party given its support for non-Russians and especially Muslims, it is impossible to know how accurate these figures are.

At the same time, however, there have been frequent indications that the official Rosstat numbers are inaccurate both because of the ways in which the information is gathered – many non-Russians in Moscow avoid enumeration – and processed – officials boost the number of ethnic Russians by folding in other groups into that category or by outright falsification.

Consequently, while these figures should be treated with caution, they may be useful as a corrective to some official claims; and they are beyond doubt important because of the ways in which they are going to drive the thinking of all the groups involved both in Moscow itself and in the Russian Federation more generally.

According to this source, of the 10,969,000, people in Moscow, ethnic Russians form 31 percent, Ukrainians eight percent, and Belarusians three percent, thus giving the Slavs as a group 42 percent of the total, still less than half of a city that many view as archetypically Russian.

Of nationalities from within the Russian Federation, Tatars, Bashkirs, and Chuvash, three nations from the Middle Volga, form 10 percent of the Russian capital’s population, this source says. (It notes there are more Tatars in Moscow than in Kazan.) Chechens, Daghestanis and Ingush form four percent; Tsygane (Roma) form three percent; and Jews form two percent.

Azerbaijanis form 14 percent of the total, and Armenians five percent. Georgians form three percent. Central Asians – Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, and Kyrgyz – form five percent. And Asians from outside the former Soviet space – Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese – constitute five percent of the total. All other nationalities make up the remaining four percent.

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  • canuke

    Ivan, I understand your consternation. However, it is pertinent in that Putin and his cronies are extremely xenophobic. The same cannot be said for Canada, that you refer to. Statistics are not kept of the ethnicity of Canadians in government, for example, as they are all Canadians. On the other hand, I would suggest that Putin is very interested in the ethnicity of his countrymen, just as Stalin, and his successors, with the persecution that befell many non-Russians in the Soviet Union, and then in Russia. Therefore, I did find it interesting to read this article, which does caution the reader about the validity of the source. I did not find it at all offensive or a reflection of euromaidanpress.

    • Brent

      You Russians sure hate facts, statistics and demographic breakdowns…..I wish for the sake of 6100+ dead Ukrainians you had been so upset when Putin declared he had to send troops to Ukraine to protect “Russian speakers”: That’s what should really be getting your panties in a knot. So many dead people NO MATTER WHAT THE ETHNICITY because of Putin’s war.

    • Brent

      Even more ironic is that Ivan is getting upset at Euromaidenpress for republishing an article from a Russian source…in the words of Spock, “fascinating, Jim”….but then again, Russians might have hated him too….

    • canuke

      To be honest, I sure don’t get why you refer to Canada and it’s government. Nothing in the article relates to Canada, nor to any government, but rather the ethnic origins of Moscow residents. Putin and his hero, Stalin I mention as they are relevant in both of them being xenophobic pro-Russian chauvinists. I suspect that Putin would like nothing better then extinguish any non-Russian characteristic of his citizenry, and replace it with a more uniform Russian one.

  • Brent

    Maybe you should be upset with who is the actual source for this article?!?!?

    it’s always everyone else’s fault, but never a Russian’s…..

    • Jens A

      Top priority in Russian politics: “Who is to blame?!”

  • Dirk Smith

    Once a mongol, always a mongol.

    • Львів’янин (Leopolitan)

      You do realize that the indigenous Siberian peoples are victims of Russian systematic racism and oppression- they are Russia’s Native Americans. We cannot scream about slanted-eyed, flat-nosed invaders in Ukraine when these people have been brainwashed, Russia is their oppressor and they do not realize. If the Yakuts wake up, then Russia has a major problem. These are not Russians- calling them such only benefits Russia as it erases their cultures, languages, and civilizations.

  • The truth

    If this info is correct , and the figures accurate (correct) . ! Then putin will have a lot to explain about his ethnic russians ! I wonder if there is the same study about St Petersburgh ?

  • Kruton

    Surrender Bolshevik savages or be obliterated!Glory to Right Sector!!

  • Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates

    I am deeply concerned about the situation of Russian minority in Moscw. We should consider sending a humanitarian convoy:)

  • Nowhere Girl

    Still, the question remains: who is an ethnic Russian? Nationality and ethnicity are primarily a matter of cultural self-identification. Apart from some tribes in faraway corners of our planet, who have almost no contact with the outside world, we are all “mongrels” (and it’s great!). Russians from distant parts of Russia identify as Russians because centuries ago Russia had gained these areas. Without a national empire there is no possibility of a single ethic group stretching that far.

    • Jens A

      You should explain that to Putin. He does not understand it.

    • le_duc_du_four

      If you think the only thing that makes Chinese and Russians different is “culture” then you are delusional. It is race that makes us different. Race is a combination of genetics and ancestry. Ethnicity is race combined with culture. A black-African who moves to Russia and assimilates still isn’t an ethnic-Russian and will never be, because he doesn’t share their genetics and ancestry. And if you think genetics is just a “social-construct” then maybe you should do more research into haplogroups.

  • Jens A

    Well, according to the phone company “Telmore”, Russia is not part of Europe. Neither part of “World 1”, but they are part of “World 2” where countries like Togo are. To make a call in Russia with a foreign phone costs about 15 dollars a minute. Ukraine on the other hand, is part of Europe and phone calls there costs less than a dollar a minute on a foreign phone. One more reason not to visit the thieves in Moscow. But a good reason to visit Kyiv in a country who wants to be part of civilization.

  • Michel Cloarec

    11 million moscovites , 3,3 million russians from where ? all those 79 republics of the RF must also have representatives in Moscow .

  • toioioio
    • Michel Cloarec

      If Ukrainians represent next to 3% of the total number of asylum applicants to the EU, Russia is following closely, being the next in line with 2% of the total

  • Michel Cloarec

    That explains Putin huge need to find ethnic russians , little everywhere around !

  • Avery Ecklein

    NYC, London, and Moscow have in common. They are made up of titular ethnic group as minoritiy in their cities. NYC has 35% non-Hispanic whites, London has 45% White British, and Moscow has 31% ethnic Russians. As you expect in large international city, you will find many ethnicities and titular ethnic group made up minorities in that cities.