“Tanks do not need visas” says Russian vice PM, but that’s nothing new

Russian deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin inspecting a Russian tank 


Article by: Alya Shandra

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin recently made world headlines, claiming that Russian tanks do not need visas. As UNIAN reports, he dropped this line when questioned about the effect of sanctions and visa bans introduced on Russian officials by Western countries as a response to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and participation in the war in Ukraine’s Donbas. Rogozin, himself being blacklisted from entering Norway and the EU, turned up unannounced in Norway and even managed to open a new Russian drifting ice station on 18 April 2015, to a rather weak response of the country to its borders being violated.

But this is nothing new. Warmongering statements and threats to invade Western countries, or deliver a nuclear strike, are a regular topic for Russian politicians and media outlets. Russian tanks have been shown to invade Berlin, Warsaw, and Russian planes have delivered airstrikes to London; a Russian PR campaign has mass-produced Tshirts with the slogan “Topol [an intercontinental ballistic missile] is not afraid of sanctions,” and radical politician Vladimir Zhirinovskiy called to “burn Paris, bomb Germany so that no German citizen is left alive” from the rostrum of the Russian Duma. However, now coming from a high-placed government official, such a statement points to how mainstream the narrative of invading other countries is becoming in Russia.

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    My God are the Europeans totally castrated by Putin?

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      History is indeed repeating itself. They continue to give this lying jackal credibility.

    2. Avatar Preston Wigginton says:

      No the Europeans have been castrated by multiculturalism and liberalism. Putin just needs to sit and wait for Europe and America to self destruct.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Russia will need to wait a long time. I suspect the U.S. And Europe will be around well pass when Russia and it’s empire has gone kaput.

      2. Avatar rgb says:

        Then Putin should sit with his military equipment and men in their own country.

      3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        Multiculturalism is the strength of EU , as opposite to totalitarism in RF.
        Liberalism is still a part of democracy, as opposite to dictatorship in RF.
        Without EU , RF would still be begging IMF loans to swimm out of the sovjet era.
        Innevitably in a democracy, reforms and ameliorations are necessary. It is a process which needs to put brains together to keep peace.

      4. Avatar Turtler says:

        Your own lies prove you wrong.

        If Putin just had to sit and wait for Europe and America to do that, WHY THE FLYING FUCK HAS HE NEVER CONSIDERED ACTUALLY DOING THAT?

        Instead he has focused on trying to bring it about directly, and forcibly annexing as much territory as he can back under the bear. As well as drumming up these ludicrous propaganda claims (which largely focus on the idea of the war).

        I am not a big fan of multiculturalism, but I suspect the brighter heads in the Kremlin realize something their idiot tools don’t. That they don’t have the time for that.

  2. Avatar On the Balcony says:

    Listening to the jackals howling in Russia does not send chills down my spine anymore. It merely makes me want to buy more ammunition.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      interesting I too think that Kremlin’s terror tactics is losing its impact.

  3. Avatar steve34609 says:

    Now isn’t that special? The Russians have a death wish and they think the West doesn’t have the will to retaliate if nukes enter the picture? Noooo. Just a bluff. They don’t want to see Moscow under a cloak of ashes. WE are the hunters…not the hunted. be strong and vigilant for when the time comes we will pound him into the dirt and the enemy’s entrails will mix with livestock dung and the smell of their rotting corpses will reach the heavens. Revenge is nigh.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      they are so stupid that maybe the had believed their own propaganda hype.

      LOL Ruskies, you have it coming if you so wish.

  4. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Moscow and its kremlin bedpan of putin´s lover are living in the 15th centuries . The only thing they have is their love of killing and threats. No one is impressed anymore !
    My little chihuahua always bark more than my neighbour´s sheepdog !