Putin’s FSB speech paves road for more repressions and crackdowns in Russia

A Putin graffiti in front of Perm's Gazprom office. (Image courtesy of starcom68.livejournal.com)

A Putin graffiti in front of Perm's Gazprom office. (Image courtesy of starcom68.livejournal.com) 


Article by: Nina Jobe

Highlights from Putin’s speech to the Federal Security Service board meeting on 26 March 2014:

I would like to begin by saying that, as you all know, the past year was not an easy one…. We witnessed growing tensions in the Middle East and a number of other areas of the world, while a state coup provoked civil war in Ukraine.

Putin then highlights the fact that refugees from Ukraine are flooding into Russia, though he is unclear on numbers:

We have already received and continue receiving thousands, even hundreds of thousands of refugees and are doing all we can to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

He brings this up again later, saying:

The Russian-Ukrainian border requires our special attention, of course. The situation there is complicated: thousands of people are trying to escape from the extended armed conflict in southeast Ukraine and are crossing over to Russian territory, sometimes even without their basic documents.

It is important to continue ensuring the unhindered passage of refugees and movement of vehicles with humanitarian cargo. At the same time, we need to reveal those who voluntarily took part in punitive actions against peaceful residents, who are trying to cover their tracks or are planning crimes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Putin then continues the rhetoric of Russia as a fortress besieged by outside forces:

However, it is obvious that nobody has ever managed to intimidate this country or put pressure on it, and nobody ever will. We have always had and always will have a proper response to all internal and external threats to national security.

He highlights international terrorism:

You are also aware of the fact that citizens of Russia and other CIS states are being trained at the so-called hot-spots, including within groups of the Islamic State on the territory of Syria and other countries. Later they may be used against us, against Russia and its neighbours.

It is therefore vitally important to take additional measures to destroy the terrorists’ international ties and resource bases and block their entry to and exit from Russia. They should not be able to move between regions or penetrate the new regions of the Russian Federation – Crimea and Sevastopol.

He also warns of potential attacks at “international events” in Russia this year, including the Victory Day celebrations on 9 May.

The other thing that stood out was Putin’s warning on the so-called opposition movement in Russia.

Western special services continue their attempts at using public, non-governmental and politicised organisations to pursue their own objectives, primarily to discredit the authorities and destabilise the internal situation in Russia. They are already planning their actions for the upcoming election campaigns of 2016-2018.

He later noted:

…it is pointless entering into a discussion with those who are operating on orders from the outside in the interests of some other country rather than their own.

Therefore, we will continue paying attention to non-governmental organisations that have foreign funding sources; we will compare their stated goals with their actual activities and terminate any violations.

Putin also highlighted the problem of extremism and other crimes on the internet in Russia:

We must continue efforts to rid the Russian cyberspace of illegal, criminal materials, more actively use modern technologies for this purpose and take part in creating an international information security system.

Putin’s speech was a good indicator of what the authorities will be focusing on in the next year.  Here are some things to watch for based on what Putin said yesterday:

1. A further crackdown on NGOs operating in Russia using the “foreign agents” law.

2. More arrests and court cases against Russia’s opposition politicians.

3. Further tightening on the Internet in Russia, and charges of extremism for bloggers etc.

4. More accusations of treason and espionage against Ukrainian citizens and/or ethnic Ukrainians living in Russia.

5.  Arrests of Crimean Tatars for “extremism”, and/or for plotting terror attacks ahead of the “international events” this summer.

Source: Nina Jobe’s blog

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  • Michel Cloarec

    He is still suffering from his time in Dresden, and the all world must suffer with him.
    Arrogances of that man is above all critics.

    • puttypants

      As long as the western world doesn’t get together and start being on the offensive instead of constantly letting him take the stage with his lies and then you constantly have to be on the defensive so you’re always trying to catch up to his propaganda. He who lies first also gets the last word.

      • Michel Cloarec

        In my free time I hunt hoars and foxes. They are cunning, but I kill them !

  • Michel Cloarec

    The poor russians people support him. They will suffer. But how do you the danes, the finns and the swedes feel today ?

    • Jens A

      Well, to be honest, I am not sure my fellow Danish countrymen are aware of the real danger. We are more busy being happy that unemployment is down, growth up again, export better then ever etc. and don’t want to think about possible difficulties. I am sorry to say that. But I am also happy to say, that some of our most important politicians are very aware of the danger, not least our foreign minister, who are among the hardliners of Europe against Putin and in favor of Ukraine. Note, that I say against Putin and not against Russia.

      • Michel Cloarec

        Agree, but I am not far from you , try to find Västervik !

  • Brent

    Anyone out there still doubt the rest of the civilized World needs to stop trying to negotiate and appease this thuggish mafia regime and that we need to disconnect from them, wall them off and stop giving them the benefits of being part of the civilized World?

    This diminutive little bag of shiite invades his neighbors. starts wars, and blames others. He claims to be ‘protecting rights of Russian citizens’, but disrespects and tramples on the rights of all other citizens. Russia itself is the one training terrorists and sending them to Ukraine and likely soon to its other neighbors. Until we start treating this regime as a terrorist country, they will not understand that we are no longer going to put up with their lack of respect for other nations and freedom and liberty of other people.

    All of the appeasers throughout Europe need to make their decision now as to whether they want to start learning Russian and living in a Russian controlled world of oppression and a lack of the freedoms we take for granted, and which our ancestors fought for, or if we want to deal with these thugs now.

    • Michel Cloarec

      Hello Brent ! You and I have we met often on Euromaidan press.
      I am as much upset as you are , only to think that one man can hold the destiny of an all continent makes me sick. I have 2 sons in age to be at war, I have 2 sons in law in age to be at war . Only the delivery of vehicles from USA, and the russians go onto little Denmark, little Sweden, little Finlande which has been suffering so much of those bandits in Kremlin. The Minsk 1 and 2 is not the dream , I know. But what do we have ? I know that they are still building up some sort of evil maneuvers. I have friends in Ukraine even in Russia . But try to have faith ! I know you are in Ukraine ! But I am optimistic that maybe there is a chance. I am convinced that economical sanctions will work . Don´t forget that only 9 countries (if one can call that countries) have accepted annexation of Crimea . So there is a world who does not agree with putin.
      If there was a war against russia, it will never end and it will start with the destruction of the No Nato countries .and then Finlande again, then Sweden, then Ukraine .
      I am an ex military man from France . I am a product of the cold war time when I had a dirty job . (guess what is under the wings, and the target)

      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        Michel, t’en fait pas…The TRUTH can be trampled down but it will always RISE UP again.
        The tramplers have always wound up on the trash heap of history and putin too will soon enough be buried there.

      • Jens A

        I sympathize with your point of view, but I am afraid that only sanctions are not enough. At least not the ones now. Block our airspace completely. Deny the oligarchs access to their toys such as football clubs, penthouse apartments in London, Paris and Nice etc. Half all staff on Russian embassies. It must be drastic response to drastic crimes comited by Putin. He is a criminal and he should be addressed and treated as such. He may have a guard on fine horses and many other symbols of power and honor, but underneath all that sugar coating, there is a little man who is a plain thug. For decent people, a thug is a nothing.

        • Michel Cloarec

          I agree 100% with you. I am also disapointed, because I also believe that more can be done. But putin will not back out without being forced from within russia. So sanctions should be more severe. I would close macdonald restaurants, Ikea
          Renault factory like Ford, Opel,WW . That would be hard on russian infrastructures and economy. 1991 could be again.
          Russians didn´t take to the streets to demand his return when he was away ! The 2 Mistral are still in French port.
          Frigate Lafayette is in Odessa. Nato is in blacksea.
          (photo of ambulances on way to Ukraine) money gathered by french students.
          The mess France went in to defend Poland , though not prepared for war , can´t be again .
          Do you wonder why putin doesn´t have any comment on Netherland ? It is possible to make him afraid in some ways That is a mistake I have been waiting to see him do.
          If someone attack Poland I am polack.If someone attack Ukraine I am ukrainian .

    • disqus_aJpixObjG7

      putin the little punk blames his victims and accuses them of
      his very own actions. Those who approve- the appeasers are THICKLY spread,
      SMEARED, all over the entire West- just a quick look at any online media
      comments section shows how thickly- even with russki trolls excluded.

      It has always been the VERY SAME situation, throughout
      history- recently since before during and even after ww2 :

      Countless Westerners were lenin/stalin/castro/polpot worshipers and their
      children and grandchildren still are today- they inherited this congenital
      demonic sickness – for them their Mecca, Ka’aba and black stone are still today,
      as then, any murderous trash sitting in the Kremlin.

      Ergo putin good, West bad.

      This trip switch is permanently set in their souls and
      thousands of them are active in the Western media and governments. Mere FACTS
      cannot break through this. As Christ said, even seeing with one’s own eyes the
      dead raised back to life will not make someone a believer.

      Just as 1933-45 & up to today, countless people in the
      West sympathised with and

      supported Hitler, doubting the truth, holding to him as a
      hero fighting injustice. The very same mindset blames the West for putin’s
      crimes and unfortunately INFLUENCES Western FOREIGN POLICY.

      AS AGAINST putin and all his murderous rapist minions. They are putin’s ACTIVE

      They know VERY WELL that it is putin’s artillery firing on
      Ukrainian civilians but they constantly report the very opposite.

      They KNOW VERY WELL that there are no nazis in Ukraine but
      they REPEAT THEIR SPIRITUAL DOGMA eagerly swallowed from putin.

      These are “journalists” “reporters” “commentators” all
      liberal “professors” government ministers and secretaries…

      We all know them very well since four generations: Moscow
      good West bad. Did we expect the fifth generation to be different? The
      Frankfurt School is still very much alive well and active…

      They HATE UKRAINE. It is ANATHEMA to them- Why? Because
      UKRAINE IS ANATHEMA to the kremlin.

  • puttypants

    Poroshenko should have made that kind of a speech instead. Putin acts like it’s Russia being attacked instead of Russia attacking Ukraine. Poroshenko has got to start saying more about the threats to Ukraine instead of admitting problems all the time.

  • Olga Dora Garbar

    A leer este articulo me pone los pelos de punta, como pueden creerle a Putín las barbaridades de mentiras que les dice a su Pueblo.- Cada vez me doy cuenta que él es diablo del siglo xxi.- Que Dios proteja a Rusia de PUTINA!!!!