Video by Nemtsov and Martynyuk: Who Shot Down MH17 (As Revealed by Pro-Kremlin Sources)?

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9 August 2014 – As Russian media continues to spew propaganda putting the blame for the MH17 tragedy on Ukraine, dissenting voices within Russia still can be heard. In this video Russian opposition activists Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk dissect various pro-Kremlin media reports and show how they reveal the real culprits behind the deaths of almost 300 innocent civilians.

This is not their first contribution to the anti-propaganda effort. In July Nemtsov and Martynyuk produced a short film “The Warmonger,” collecting proof of Putin’s direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. Nemtsov, who had served a vice-prime minister and a governor in the 90’s, has been an outspoken critic of Putin’s policies, preparing, publishing and distributing reports on the regime’s corruption, Putin’s lavish lifestyle and, most recently, theft and embezzling rampant within Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics construction projects.

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  • garyoptica

    .Trained Russian SAM buk 2 operators don’t accidentally shoot
    airliners down, its impossible as the amount of intelligence and training to do
    this would allow the simple knowledge and skill of all Anti aircraft munitions
    experts to identify a jet in the air using widely available civil aircraft
    tracking software which is always used to identify targets other wise any of
    the millions of civilian aircraft flying over any nations territory every year
    would come under interception and attack.

    “Identifying civilian aircraft is everyday technical knowledge for all of the military of all nations.”

    Another fact is that Putin needed a game changer to highlight globally and in Russia the rebels cause in Ukraine and to further display them with actors at the mh 17 site as an out
    of control force within eastern Ukraine to create the illusion of a dangerous conflict that involves forces not under his control and affecting Russian civilians lives and this will be further enhanced with the large aid convoy that he is sending against the wishes of the
    west and Ukraine’s government that give him a political entrance into the
    region instead of a less effective covert military manipulation by a number of
    co related perceived actions that could range from hidden bombs in the trucks
    detonating inside UA land space to create a false attack, a planned attack by a
    rebel ambush, to allow Russian armed escorts or any manner of implied Russian
    risk elements into Ukraine’s war zone that enable Putin to gain support for a
    military response at home against the backdrop of a “designed”
    besieged cites scenario with Russian captive civilian populations and Russian
    state media applying its usual Propaganda support for Putin and Dumas ten year
    regime in the corrupt remnant of the USSR, the fed Russia.

  • garyoptica

    ..If Putin had failed to convince duma in 1999 that he had a winning plan to bomb russia to hold it together he would of got a small job somewhere else in Russia as a demolitions expert that would covertly blow up his own lunch boxes to get free state meal tickets.

  • Czech Friend

    Mr Nemtsov just got a multiple award from the thug Putler himself.

  • Jackie Bugdale

    Video not available?