Russia issued ultimatum to Ukraine — Kuchma




The events that followed the signing of the Minsk agreement in the beginning of February demonstrate that Russia has, in fact, issued an ultimatum to Ukraine, Ukraine’s second president, Leonid Kuchma, said in an interview with the newspaper Holos Ukrainy, the official voice of Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s Parliament), February 25.

“The president of Russia behaved as if there had been no agreements in Minsk. We were actually given an ultimatum. Either we accept  his conditions and stop any resistance or we cease to exist as an independent state. He made it clear that no losses or expenses would deter him from achieving his goal, and his goal is crystal clear now. This is an ultimatum not only to us but to the entire Western world,” Kuchma said. “I pray to God that I am mistaken in my assessment.”

However, Kuchma insisted that Ukraine’s place, geographically and historically, is in a united Europe.

“Our people simply prefer European values. We like the European way of life. We’re sorry that our path to Europe is so long, torturous and painful,” he said.

Additionally,  Kuchma said he is glad “that (Ukrainians) do not have an anti-Western, anti-American psychosis” and that they do not idealize or romanticize everything that is foreign.

“We do not have national delusions. We can proudly say that we are a mentally stable people. The way we conduct our lives is not guided by fairy tales or myths but by facts, reality, common sense. We do not claim to be better than others or to have some special rights or demands. Ukrainians are prudent, normal people — in other words modern Europeans. At the present time this is our main asset,” he said.

Leonid Kuchma is Ukraine’s representative at the so-called Tripartite Contact Group, which consists of representatives from Ukraine,  Russia and the OSCE who are attempting to facilitate a diplomatic resolution to the war in the Donbas.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Lvivska Hazeta

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  • puttypants

    Good for Kuchma. He’s absolutely right. What Putin has done to Ukraine is criminal and he should face an international court for this. The proceedings need to start. He is a maniac and needs to be stopped now before he can do anymore damage. USA,UK,Europe ACT NOW. You’ve been sitting on your hands too long.

    • Silencionomore

      UK is the only one who has now acted. Late, yes, but Ukraine is about to get seriously stronger and the russians won’t be able to deal with it. merkel fainted over this and hollande is still glued to his shell. Poland have followed the UK.

      • rooscow

        You overlook the concrete moves through the United Arab Emirates fully funded by the USA. Remember, still water runs deep.

        • Silencionomore

          Not everything printed in newspapers tells the whole story. Silence is golden, and russia is about to find out, painfully. Some of us know exactly what is going on. As for the UAE, lets not allow the US to get carried away with taking full credit when they are only a small part play.

          • rooscow

            In no way am I attempting to overstate anything, only highlighting that a more appropriate contribution has started, and that it is a beginning of the Western awakening.

  • Dirk Smith

    Gangsters like the botox dwarf only understand the punch to the mouth, but here we sit again sitting on our hands avoiding the bully again. Somebody please open a history book once in awhile.

    • Jens A

      Yes and no. You can find states where yes is right. But Merkel no longer believes a single word from Putin, but she is a pacifist. An admirable stand, but not very helpful. However, she did say, that GERMANY will not give arms to Ukraine, meaning, that she well knew that other nations will. The UK has helped you now, so has Poland and I am sure more will come. Yesterday the EU published the plan for one single energy marked, that over some years will ruin Russia.

      But yes, I can only agree with you, that Ukraine needs instant assistance right away. It doesn’t help to win in the long run, if you died in the short one.

  • Milton Devonair

    “or we cease to exist as an independent state.”
    Or you can be a gulag state, property of the apes of russia, like Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Crimea….

    Or just keep killing the russian apes until they finally leave you humans alone and allow you to live and be free.

    • DejaVu

      The problem is Poroshenko and the West who do not acknowledge there is a real war going on and would much rather speak about political and diplomatic solutions than military ones. Oh how the West has fallen to repeat the events leading up to World War II and now World War III.

      • Milton Devonair

        If the west admitted that russia is at war with Ukraine, they’d be forced to either intervene as the treaty said or admit their word, their promise is worth little more than a bowl of dog sh*t.
        So not acting is the only thing they think they can do. Disgusting that humans have to rely on such critters…..but that’s yet another example of how the UN should be disbanded, ignore the eu’s anti-weapons/firearms regulations and citizens of their countries should arm themselves. And their leaders should encourage it.

        • DejaVu

          They think that appeasement will lead to peace but history has shown that appeasement has led to the worst conflicts. Rather than looking long-term they only look at the short-term goal of profit and money and don’t realize that Russia sooner or later will make their move and appeasement will cause World War III. Coming soon to a town near you: World War III

          • Milton Devonair

            Yup. There will be a freezing or spreading of ‘ethnic conflicts’ in europe before WWIII happens though, so I’ll be watching it on TV.
            The socialists/liberal/progressive europeans are so busy being ‘correct’ in thought, they missed a chance to not be so energy dependent upon despots and do what france did, build a lot of nuclear power.
            But they did and don’t like coal, so they have to cower at the feet of a russian dictator, hoping he’ll take other countries and just leave them alone….

          • DejaVu

            The reality is that the conflicts we have seen up to this point including Ukraine are merely stepping stones to World War III. China and America are destined for war along with Europe and Russia. The world will be engulfed in conflict as a result of the West’s short-sighted negligence and appeasement.

            At this point you need to have a plan and be ready for SHTF at any moment. The crossroads have been passed a long-time and the point of no-return has also been crossed. Cold War 2.0 to Hot War 2.0 aka WW3.

          • Milton Devonair

            Well, as an American, I’ll tell you the ONLY people aware of anything outside of themselves and/or obama are conservatives.
            There are some real basement dwellers here (everything is some wild, intricate conspiracy), but they are a fringe of the fringe.

            Conservatives see a lot of bad in the world outside of the US…but also within the US. We see our country being destroyed from within by a liberal/progressive/socialist. He won’t let German Christians come to the US because they want to homeschool their children, but will legalize 34 million illegals and not enforce our border from narco terrorists.
            We see crime and violence of the illegals and gangs in our cities and suburbs, but nothing is done by ‘our’ government but attempts at disarming us law abiding Americans.

            Trouble will indeed break out in europe. It almost always does and is about due to again.
            I think china will wait things out, then deal with their own problems as a result of the financial issues that will come from severe problems in europe…and america.

            And there will be a lot of problems in america. But as stated, I think this is somewhat designed, though the full repercussions of it not fully appreciated. We can’t pay our bills now and our leftist clown obama keeps increasing our costs and destroying our means of producing wealth.

            History is cyclic.

          • DejaVu
          • Milton Devonair

            The people of the east, the kazaks and others look more asian than the northern slav putin does.
            I get a kick out of russians saying the Caucasus are russia. Different features, different religion, different language, different culture, etc.

            Definitely interesting times ahead.

          • James from Dallas

            They may say that but who are they sending to fight on the front lines in Ukraine. Get the nonregs, the Russian draftees, to fight the war in Ukraine and die. This gives more room to expand control of land and resources.

          • James from Dallas

            I would like to discuss this in detail at some point. Much of this war stuff with Russia and China is not just over control of energy resources but new Asia trade routes. The game is moving fast. Check out Russian waterway canals linking the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. Check out the BTK railway. Check out new high speed rail to across China to move goods to Europe. Money, power, greed is the name of the games. Russia wants the warm water ports of Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine and Mariupol, Ukraine. The are the first major ports to Europe coming from the Russian proposed canals, the Eurasia Canal and the Volga-Don Canal. Iran has talked about a canal from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, but I do not ever think it will become a reality. Water shortages are increasing in the Middle East and Africa. Wars are more prevalent. Killing minorities off is the name of the game to control the resources in the Middle East. The worst country for water shortages per capita is Yemen. Something like 17 of 19 aquifers were bled dry, and likely can never be recovered due to mismanagement and overuse or drought. Migration of people to Europe I believe is directly proportional to the lack of water and food available. Killing people in Ukraine does make room for more Russians in a country that happens to be the breadbasket of Europe. I hear that Ukraine in many places has 30 feet thick of top soil. Other countries are running up against soil erosion problems where soil to grow food could disappear. This includes parts of the USA. Energy, food and water are the three critical components for world survival. It is all part of the game now.

          • James from Dallas

            Good show their lad. I really liked reading this.

          • Milton Devonair

            Doesn’t it seem strange that algore’s internet is sometimes the only place we can find reality in things?

            The internet can be a great place to be exposed to things and people that we otherwise wouldn’t have. 😀

  • George A. Wojtowycz

    We can no longer be prisoners of the Political Left on the matter of Ukraine!

    • Milton Devonair

      I’ve been bashing the liberal/progressives since, well the Vietnam war where they sold out that country to communism and came of age.
      They are the enablers and the cheerleaders of evil.

      • DejaVu

        Yes just remember the illusion of free choice is summed up here:

        • Milton Devonair

          The US form of government isn’t all that great, but compared to the rest of the world, it’s the best there is. That’s also why so many people around the world park their cash/assets here. Just think at the cash russia or china could have in their countries if just they weren’t well, russia or china.

          But in the US, the liberal/progressive prezzie is going all out at removing all traces of individual rights and making us just bots in some bureaucratic social democracy in europe.