German intelligence: Putin’s war in Ukraine has already claimed 50,000 dead

A destroyed tank in the Donbas, Ukraine

A destroyed tank in the Donbas, Ukraine 

War in the Donbas

German intelligence services estimate that 50,000 people have died in the war in Ukraine so far, a figure almost ten times larger than that offered by Ukrainian or other sources, according to a report in today’s “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.”

According to the German paper, earlier figures provided by the United Nations and the Ukrainian government have understated the size of the losses and are not trustworthy. It says that its sources in German intelligence point to the fact that after major battles, each side says it lost fewer than ten fatalities when in fact there were dozens killed on both sides.

The most recent Ukrainian government statements suggest that 5,400 civilians and 1,200 military personnel have died, while the United Nations gives as the total for both civilians and military personnel at 5,400.

…Some in the West are prepared to sacrifice Ukraine in the name of ending the bloodshed – far more lives will be lost because the West will have failed to live up not only to its responsibilities as undertaken in the Budapest Memorandum but also to the principles on which the international system has rested.

One death from Putin’s actions in Ukraine is too many. 5,400 or 6,600 are horrific. But the figure of 50,000, if it only approximates the real losses, leaves one at a loss for words and forces one to ask: how many more people will have to die in Putin’s war in Ukraine before Western countries call things by their right names and respond appropriately?

What has happened is an invasion. What is taking place is a war. And consequently what must happen is that the aggressor must be expelled by international pressure if possible but by military means if there is no other way. Those who have died so far and those who remain alive deserve no less than that.

It is a mark of progress that Western leaders want to end the bloodshed, that they see such violence as completely unacceptable in Europe. But it is a mark of how far the West has to go that in its rush to end the fighting, it may be willing to lend legitimacy to Putin’s aggression rather than defend the victim of his actions.

If that happens – and there are all too many signs that some in the West are prepared to sacrifice Ukraine in the name of ending the bloodshed – far more lives will be lost because the West will have failed to live up not only to its responsibilities as undertaken in the Budapest Memorandum but also to the principles on which the international system has rested.

And consequently, Western leaders would do well to focus on the enormous human losses the Kremlin leader is responsible for and also on the fact, highlighted by Yuliya Latynina yesterday, that “Russian peacekeepers unlike UN ones are a guarantee that the conflict will remain unresolved.”

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    If this is information that German Intel has, they should be taking this to the United Nations to try to get them to convince Russia to allow U.N. peacekeepers into Donbas. If Merkl knows about this, and she is still refusing to provide Ukraine with weapons to defend themselves, then she is complicit in allowing Russia to keep murdering Ukrainians.

    1. Avatar On the Balcony says:

      Brent: For over three years civil war has raged in Syria. Over 190,000 people have been killed, many more wounded; 3 million are in refugee camps outside Syria’s borders; 6.5 million have been internally displaced. The majority of refugees are children. RUSSIA CONTINUES TO PROVIDE THE BRUTAL GOVERNMENT OF SYRIA WITH ARMS AND HAS VETOED EVERY UN EFFORT TO STOP THE CARNAGE. Syria is the only Mediterranean country that hosts the Russian Navy. DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT PUTIN ALLOW THE UN TO “INTERFERE” WITH ITS “INTERESTS” IN UKRAINE?

    2. Avatar StumpedNoMore2 says:

      Cyprus already sold their base to the Russian today. It is all economically base and not on moral or ethical grounds. Orban and Tsipras are blackmailing the EU to give them more money or else they will go to the Russian sphere of influence. It is politically motivated as they want to stay in office for as long as possible. This is a sad day for Europe as a whole because “some” have chosen to side with Russia due to economical reasons instead of ethical reasons.

      That’s why the will or Europe is not as strong or are willing to impose additional sanctions on Russia. Poland and the Baltic States have stated they support Ukrainian. They did it not for economical reasons but because it was the right thing to do.

      You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it. -Malcolm X


  2. Avatar jamesmace says:

    Ukraine can not hide losses since the families have easy internet access to disclose deaths.

    Only Russia is capable of hiding significant losses.

  3. Avatar W8post says:

    Why do you think ‘these’ are for….????

  4. Avatar Kruton says:

    Casualty statistics are classified info.

  5. Avatar Lilianna Juhasz says:

    Maybe they are also counting all the dead Russian soldiers that Russia did not send to Ukraine and the Russian backed terrorists.

  6. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    This i herd in the Russian news media the statement made by Germany. Question. The Russian Soldiers that are in the Ukraine are they forced there or volunteer. In any case there seems to be many Russian Mothers and Wife’s asking the question where are their love ones, because many now are not herd from and the Russian trucks with 200 marked on them seems now to be many. What a bitch being a Russian Soldier and having to go to The Ukraine to kill other Slaves and get killed your self, because Putin now has become a total ass-hole. He in the long run has painted him self into a corner and will be crushed by those of his inner circle.

  7. Avatar Rods says:

    Official figures from what I have seen are about 5,400 poor innocent civilians, 1,400 brave Ukrainian troops and an estimate of about 5,000 Russian rabble made up of drunken terrorists and mercenaries and raw conscript troops. So far Putler’s ego and this war has cost about 12,000 deaths.

    50,000 deaths? I don’t know as it is in the interests of all sides to minimise the casualty figures, but what we do know from Syria and Chechnya is that Putin does not care how many people he kills. To him his life is of infinite value and importance, those useful to his regime of small value and everybody elses in the world are worth nothing.

    The sooner Putler falls the better for humanity.

    Glory to Ukraine.

  8. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    I think we need to stop calling this Putins war and trying to get Russia to admit that they are in Ukraine. To what end do we seek this admission? That they will then have to somehow begin following international laws and treaties to which they are signatory, but have been violating blatantly on things that they have admitted? Are we really that naive?

    Who cares who is doing the killing in Ukraine. We need to arm Ukraine in defending and securing its borders against the unidentified lawbreakers who are there now, and enable her to blow up all the armor that appears to be pouring through a hole in the space time continuum right near the Russian border. Russia can’t claim that this is an attack on them, because they are not there, and wouldn’t have any right to be inside another sovereign nation without official invitation anyway.

    All this focus on the identity of the terrorists saps attention from what matters, which is what they are actually doing, that Ukraine has an obligation to her people to uphold the law and protect them, and that she needs outside help to do it. It’s as if the “who” of these people determines whether they are unlawful and must be terminated with extreme prejudice, as murderers. But it doesn’t matter who they are.

    Russia is not there. Fine. Let’s help Ukraine destroy the unidentified terrorists who are there.

    We need to get our heads out of our asses over this thing and start focusing on reality- children are being blown apart, live are being destroyed. The time for talk has passed.

  9. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    Brent, The UN. is a joke! It is nothing but a front for The New World Order. The NWO. is nothing but the Illuminati those of wealth and power. They want to control the whole world and make slaves of us all. I guess Gen. Patton was right when he made the statement to rearm the Germans and have them fight the Russians. He said fight them now and if not America will only fight them latter. The people of Russia are good people, but still there are many in the Government like Putin with a mentality of The KGB. and Soviet Union. When these people are purged you will see a different Russia.