An American raised $1 million for a military hospital in Dnipropetrovsk

Photo: Jenny Martin: Our heart is with you

Photo: Jenny Martin: Our heart is with you (Screenshot from the Channel 5 interview) 


Photo: Jeannie Slater Martin: Our heart is with you (Screenshot from the Channel 5 interview).
American volunteer Jeannie Slater Martin from Texas raised $1 million for the needs of the military hospital in Dnipropetrovsk, said Channel 5.

Martin started her fundraising effort in the United States to purchase necessary medical equipment after having visited the hospital in August last year.

“We have a saying: ‘Freedom is not free.’ We paid a high price for our freedom, you pay for yours” – said Martin.

Medical consumables, ultrasound machines and X-ray equipment for operating theaters worth $500 thousand have already been purchased and delivered to Dnipropetrovsk. The second batch of aid is being prepared to shipment to Ukraine.

Additionally, readers of the Polish publication Gazeta Wyborcza collected nearly $200 thousand for Donbas refugees.

Translated by: A. N.


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  1. Avatar canuke says:

    Well done! Amazing what an individual can accomplish when it is necessary . Slava Ukrayini!

  2. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

    thank you

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Good Job.
    Liberal/progressives have been trying to destroy all that is American and America for five centuries, but they can’t kill off everyones love of freedom and helping others become free.
    There are still some Freedom Loving Americans.
    f*ck obama.


    1. Avatar Alex Stepanyk says:

      You are an IDIOT. If not for the Obama administration’s support for the Maidan, as well as covert aid, it is possible that Yanukovich might still be there. And at this moment Obama is wanting to send weapons, but the Germans, as usual, are stabbing us in the back. I thank Obama for two things: getting me the health insurance that YOUR PARTY tried to deny WORKING AMERICANS like myself, and for supporting the Maidan and the new Ukrainian government. I only wish he had sent us weapons SOONER. But if we prevail and finally have a Free Ukraine, one day Barack Obama will be recognized for his crucial support and encouragement. Unlike your pal George Bush who stood by and DID NOTHING while the Georgians were CRUSHED.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        lol. If passing out donuts and blankets is your idea of support, you are truly a world class moron.
        But I’ll just take it as either you’re a unbalanced lunatic, a russian troll, or a liberal/progressive s*cking the toes of your little boy barackie obola.

        Quoting you from vice news,
        “The Ukrainian people have been betrayed by our American government, which has not given them the weapons to defend themselves.”

        russians, liberal/progressives….both lie so much they can no longer tell what is real and what is not.

        You do realize that the both houses of congress were ruled over by democrats, no?
        And they had spent the last two years trashing the US military and our UN intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, no?
        And Pres. Bush only had a few month left in office, right? But as soon as lil barackie and hillarity clintoon got into office, they cancelled the missile sheild in their “reset” button buffoonery with russia, no?

        You are an embarassment to the US, just like you clueless little boy prezzie.

  4. Avatar Jeannie Martin says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I had the honor of being the face of a project that involved MANY people and organizations. New Life Church Kyiv, Razom For Ukraine, United Help Ukraine, Voice of America, Gateway Church Southalke TX, Eastern European Missions, Vitaliy Dubal and Pasha Fedorenko (my partners) and many individuals made it all happen. I thank God for the opportunity to be a small part. We raised over $20,000 for the first load which had a value of about $500,000. The next two containers are in preparation.

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      Thank for the kindness to the Ukrainian people and the honor you have brought to the US.