Ex-terrorist leader: “Referendum in Crimea was a farce”



Article by: Jaroslav Jay

Igor Girkin, ex-minister of defense of the so-called Donetsk Republic, who fled Donetsk in August of 2014, when Ukrainian forces began their suppression of terrorist forces, has now become a peculiar kind of self-whistle blower. Recently, sitting in a studio of  the “Polit-Ring” debate TV show featured by something called NeuroMirTV, Girkin has openly described some of the schemes which were implemented during the illegal referendum in Crimea in the spring of 2014, which was later used as the excuse by Russia for the annexation of the peninsula. As his opponent is passionately describing how Crimean outfits of the Ukrainian army and the police were, in his opinion, in all ways supporting of “people’s desire to reunite with Russia”, Girking quietly laughs, and retorts:

“Have you actually been to Crimea during the referendum? Well, I have. I have been there since February the 21th. What you are describing here is absolute rubbish. There were no policemen who supported our side at that time. The only law-enforcement subdivision that has joined our ranks back then was the Berkut. The rest of the law-enforcement agencies remained under control of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal, and kept carrying out the MIA’s orders. Yes, sometimes they were sabotaging these orders, but all in all they were under Ukrainian control. I haven’t seen any support from official governmental representatives in Simferopol. Our troops had to force the deputies into the Oblast Council hall so that these representatives would vote in favor of our initiatives. I know this because I have been at the time commandeering one of such militant teams and I’ve seen it all from the inside. We had absolutely no support from the people, not to mention the army. The Ukrainian army units remained loyal to Kyiv as they were. Furthermore, most of the army remained that way. The only thing that made what we have accomplished in Crimea possible was the presence of Russian army.” (Fragment of video in Russian):

Girkin’s militant façade is pretty much gone today, as if the ex-terrorist is trying to distance himself from responsibility for his crimes. His Cossack style wavy hair has become neatly trimmed; his camouflage is now replaced with cozy Mr. Rogers cardigan. Though outspoken about the atrocities he caused, of which he seems to be nevertheless proud, an ex-rebel prefers to maintain somewhat neutral towards the war today, though bitter about, as he puts it, the lack of Russian support in the East of Ukraine. Whether this is his way of agitating for further Russian invasion or simply a covert lie to avoid awkward questions about his rushed departure from Donetsk in the end of August 2014 is hard to tell. What is undeniable though is that Girking is not too keen about returning to his “rebellion” activities in Ukraine. Perhaps it is time for his comrades to follow their leader’s example. After all, he is still alive and in one piece.

Source: SobiNewsCom

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    Sounds like “Strelkov” is distancing himself from Putin’s terrorists. He should be offered a reward to defect and spill all that he knows.

    1. Avatar Frank Fileccia says:

      Maybe, but I don’t think anyone is interested in giving him amnesty. He has too much blood on his hands

    2. Avatar W8post says:

      Careful, Putin may ‘reward’ him first….

      1. Avatar W8post says:

        …and send some little green men!

        1. Avatar Azazello Blasphemikov says:

          yeah, Pollonium is too expensive, so they will take a bullet.

  2. Avatar Azazello Blasphemikov says:

    Lose lips sink ships!
    Strelkov and his comrades luckily are ill persons. they cannot keep their mouth shut. So one day we will hear from the russian BUK-soldiers that they shot MH17.
    Those ill psychopathes want to tell the whole world about their “heroic action”.
    They are dilletants and amateurs! And they will be punished soon.

  3. Avatar Wiiking says:

    Olga Olga…have you forgotten to take your pills? Its people like you and Putin that make russians today are looked at like they have some kind of desease. No one likes you and no one wants anything to do with you. Just dig a hole and dissapear..

    1. Avatar figvam says:

      Wiiking, is that what you do just before you make your “smart” comments?

  4. Avatar Corny Scopius says:

    Girkin has stated things like this since last autumn and it is quite sensational. But I am wondering why this is happening. He seems not a bit concerned about drawing Putins wrath on himself for openly contradicting the official versions of things going on. Other voices have been silenced by murder in the years of Putins reign, among journalists and dissidents. So I calculate there is some sort of plan behind the curtain and Girkin is telling this in accordance with his superiors. Just don’t ask me for what. Maybe posing as “freedom of speech” example? As Putin knows we know he is lying anyway.

    1. Avatar richaelmivero says:

      You’re on the right track! Check my post above.

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      It’s my impression that Girkin is chaffing at the fact that Putin did not support him during the east Ukraine invasion and rather left him out on a limb and that was when the rebels became separatists instead of just pro-Russians. Well, so much for the precious Russian speakers that Pootie was supposed to protect and save from the big bad Nazis, or was it Fascists?
      I do know that Putin is more of a fascist when it comes to labels.

      1. Avatar Corny Scopius says:

        I don’t see why the “rebels became separatists instead of just pro-Russians”. The road map has never changed: first a bogus rebellion, then a bogus referendum, a potemkin’like people’s republic as in-between-state, maybe another joke of rightwing-observer-backed referendum for delivering what was ordered – and finally the real thing: annexation to Russia. Nothing else is the aim. The road might just turn out to be more winding towards it. And what actually the locals think about it doesn’t count at all, one of the things Girkin disclosed was the local support did not exceed 1000 fighters for Putin’s imperial plans of reunification, probably most of them being adventurers and mercenaries.

        1. Avatar W8post says:

          “The road map has never changed” > However, the people using this road, THEY changed. Mostly their colour, GREEN!

    3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      GOOD COP-BAD COP Playground

  5. Avatar richaelmivero says:

    Some of you say he is trying to distance himself. Others are saying Putin is going to go after him. Neither is the case. He and Putin are both intelligence agents and everything they do and say is calculated for its propaganda and psychological effects.
    By admitting all the previous Kremlin propaganda lies while the Kremlin continues with new outrageous lies, he is trying to demoralize, frustrate, and induce learned helplessness in the Ukrainians.

    1. Avatar John Sheehy  says:

      I think you are correct, it is to further frustrate and demoralise. Russia will not give back Crimea and will take more land in Ukraine. Who is going to stop them or punish them? He is served in Serbia and Crimea, so he is a trusted and quite senior officer I’m guessing.

  6. Avatar Count Scratchula says:

    What a joke!

  7. Avatar Count Scratchula says:

    What a ridiculous troll post.

  8. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Really? None of the ones I know agree with you, and they all live in Donbas; or lived in Donbas until they had to take their families to safety from being robbed and killed on the street by the gun-toting “defenders.” I suspect you get your “facts” from Russian television. I’ve watched it in Moscow myself. Compelling stuff, what with all the dramatic dirge music, slow motion clips and pictures stolen from movies and other conflicts during the last 15 years, but represented as Ukraine “today.” Very persuasive if you don’t get out much.

    But there are those of us who do, and we’ll keep calling you on your endless lies. Why don’t you pop over to the corner and hang around for a few minutes? One of your Russian police officers will be along to rob you or shake you down for rubles in some fashion in short order. Lord knows his supply of rubles is almost as lacking as yours, and his favorite place to get more is stealing it from those he is supposed to serve and protect. It’s your system, which you defend tooth and nail- don’t you love it?

  9. Avatar W8post says:

    Are they still happy?

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      Where are the Tartars now????

    2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      I have very close family friends forced to live there by the war in Donbas. They are nearly starving due to the 50% inflation. Their daughter was sick with scarlet fever and she nearly died due to the lack of medicines. Crimea is such a joy to live in now that Russia took over and made it all better!

      1. Avatar W8post says:

        You might ask people living of tourism, as well…including ‘health sanatoria’, souvenir sellers, tourist guides, night clubs – bars – restaurants, money changers, and even WINE buyers…

  10. Avatar LorCanada says:

    ambience — You are overlooking the fine points. The Crimean Tatars (14% of the population) boycotted the referendum; the Ukrainians had no representation for their wish to remain with Ukraine and not be required to take Russian citizenship. See also this info:

    Crimea annexed:

    See this explanation by a Ukrainian parliamentarian in March 2014:

    [Mustafa Dzhemilev says]:
    Giving Crimea up to Russia, he said, would be a violation of 1994’s Budapest Agreement in which Russia and Western powers guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

    “It would be a great tragedy for all Crimean people – not only for Crimean Tatars but also for ethnic Ukrainians and tens of thousands of ethnic Russians – who do not accept the Russian citizenship.”

    Russia says over 95% of Crimeans voted in favor of joining Russia in a referendum held among the presence of Russian troops, but Dzhemilev said it was hardly a representative vote.

    “The official authorities claim that officially 82% of Crimean population voted; but in fact we do have evidence that only 32.4% of Crimean people voted.”

    He said it was based on data that was “quite accurate.”

    Tatars, who he said represent 14% of the Crimean population, boycotted the vote; Dzhemilev said only 0.5% of Tatars voted.

    Dzhemilev had a chance to plead his case in a conversation with the Russian president himself, Vladimir Putin, before Crimea held its referendum.

    “We had half an hour talk.”

    “I told Mister Putin that we do not accept this planned, forthcoming referendum, because it’s an absurd referendum under an occupational regime, and this regime contradicts some elementary, basic norms.”

    The future of any particular Ukrainian territory cannot be decided locally, he said, without agreement of the rest of the country.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      “The official authorities claim that officially 82% of Crimean population voted”; Of course ‘they’ voted – ‘With a little bit of help of their ‘friends’…(the ballot-boxes were already pregnant before they got impregnated…)

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        For such an educated nation, I’m always surprised at how bad these Russian trolls are at math. 123% of Sevastopol citizens voted in the referendum…too funny!



        1. Avatar Murf says:

          That’s simple to explain Brent, the extra 23% were “vacationers” Or got lost. Maybe they volunteer to vote?

  11. Avatar Brent says:

    Here we go again with a brand new ‘troll’ posting….

    1) If people all over Ukraine were against “Poroshenko” why did he have a first ballot election win with the majority of Ukrainian’s voting for him? Why did Putin recognize him as the elected President of Ukraine and why is Putin negotiating with him and not Yanukovych?

    2) “Russian military only in Crimea, no blood spilled there”.
    Wrong. At least 3 ethnic Ukrainians have been murdered and many Tatars have disappeared or turned up dead. As well, some Ukrainians who did not want Crimea to be annexed have been taken to Russia illegally for show trials
    AS OF MARCH 20th:
    >S.V. Kakurin
    >”Stanislav Karachevsky”
    >Mark Ivanyuk
    >Reshat Ametov

    So please don’t lie and pretend there have been no victims of Russia’s illegal invasion of Crimea. These are just the ones we know about. Without Russia’s clampdown and control of the media, how many more do we not know about? I won’t even get into the Russian threats to ethnically cleanse the Tatars from Crimea….for the 2nd time. You believe that is fair and just treatment? Open your eyes, Olga.

    3) “Bandera Ukraine”

    >Stepan Bandera was assassinated by the KGB over 50 years ago. Why do you still live in fear of him? He was an ethnic Ukrainian from Western Ukraine, SEEKING the return of Ukraine FROM POLISH RULE. Not Soviet. Not Russian. POLISH rule. He was imprisoned by the Nazi’s from 1941 through 1944 and yet you Russians lose sleep over him. Really strange.

    >You have a much stronger neo-Nazi presence in Russia than Ukraine ever had. Neo-Nazi’s are allowed to openly parade and rally in Russia. Here’s some photos for you. The 3rd one is Alexander Dugin. Meeting with KKK leader David Duke. The 4th is of Pavel Gubarov, self proclaimed “Governor of Donetsk” who is also a neo-Nazi. The last one is Alexei Milchakov, from St Petersburg and currently leading the






  12. Avatar Brent says:

    Since we’re posting results, here’s the results of Putin’s own Human Rights Council, posted right after the election and quickly taken down…Russia seems to have a problem with posting things, or making claims, and then removing them, don’t they ‘comrade’?


    Curious why the majority of Crimeans would have voted to secede from USSR back in 1991, if so many now allegedly want to rejoin Russia? Also curious why so many Crimeans would now support a criminal like Sergei Aksyonov, when “Goblin” only received 4% of the vote in 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary elections when he ran for the Russian Unity party? That’s an unbelievable remarkable turn around in popularity!!!

  13. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    CHARLIE HEDBO , (you know what it is I suppose )
    did this drawing some time after this fake referedum.
    It tells how it was !

  14. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The refereum was a farce ! so says Girkin, so believe your pal .
    Freely was impossible !

  15. Avatar Mark Williams says:

    Ignore the hype – its nothing more than another ruSSki smoke screen and Girkin / Strelkov is still very much on the great leader’s payroll – 110% certain!!!

  16. Avatar Richard Hoover says:


  17. Avatar Peter Mondaca says:



    Ucrania se encuentra al borde de la rendición, según
    declaró el comandante del regimiento Azov, que forma parte de la Guardia
    Nacional de Ucrania, el diputado Andréi Biletsky, citado por el portal
    Ucrania: El comandante del batallón Azov cree que el país se dirige a la capitulación

    “Donetsk y Lugansk están listos para el diálogo, pero no para un ultimátum de Kiev”

    Se reúne en Minsk el grupo de contacto para debatir la crisis ucraniana

    “Todo va encaminado a una derrota militar de nuestro país y una posterior firma de unas condiciones de capitulación de una u otra forma”, dijo Biletsky,
    que presupone que se reconocerán las Repúblicas Populares de Donetsk y
    Lugansk como repúblicas independientes dentro de sus correspondientes

    Según el comandante del Azov, el Ejército ucraniano se “desmoraliza”
    con las negociaciones y la ayuda occidental que, en realidad, no
    existirá. “Podemos acordar una nueva tregua, esperar durante 2 o 3
    meses, y luego seremos golpeados con nuevas pérdidas estratégicas,
    derrotas y pérdida de territorio. En ningún caso se debe negociar en un
    momento en que hemos recibido varias derrotas en las zonas norte y de
    Donetsk porque esas negociaciones serían una capitulación”.

  18. Avatar Lilianna Juhasz says:

    Russia’s version of Snowden? Or Payback to Putler for removing him from his participation in the ultimate re-enactment.