World’s reaction to Volnovakha restrained and contradictory




The world has condemned the shelling of a passenger bus near Volnovakha but is in no hurry to put the blame on terrorists.

President Poroshenko’s appeal to declare DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations has so far generated a positive response only from European conservatives, who submitted it for review by the European Parliament. The proposal is being discussed in Strasbourg and will be voted on Thursday, January 15.

The attack on a passenger bus in Volnovakha was a terrorist act, as was the attack in Paris last week. The Ukrainian president, the government, and many Ukrainians are trying the convince the world of that fact in social networks. The slogan “Je suis Volnovakha” (I am Volnovakha) is spreading online as an analogy to the slogan “I am Charlie” that took the entire world by storm in recent days. But the world’s reaction is contradictory. Some state — as did Shaun Walker, the Moscow correspondent for the British newspaper The Guardian — that the two mass murders have much in common and the world must rise up against terror. Others disagree, as did his colleague Stéphane Siohan  at the French newspaper Le Figaro. Ukraine is at war, they say, and even if the attack is regrettable, it remains an episode of war.

Both international media and institutions are responding to the attack with similar restraint. They condemn the attack on the bus but they do not call it a terrorist act. They simply speak of the “alarming deterioration of the situation.” The UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General in separate statements have condemned the shelling of the passenger bus and have called for investigations into the attack and for the punishment of the guilty. A similar statement was issued by the minister of foreign affairs of Serbia, which is now chairing the OSCE. A decisive response came from the United States.  Although it did not call the shelling a terrorist act, the State Department did place the blame for the worsened situation on the separatists supported by Russia. NATO also indirectly blamed Moscow and the pro-Russian militants for the tragedy, stressing that Russia should have taken care of restoring peace a long time ago.

Angela Merkel admitted during a meeting with the NATO Secretary General that the European Union strongly supports a diplomatic resolution of the conflict  even though the process has been stalled.  She added that the long-awaited meeting of presidents in Astana has been postponed indefinitely. Possibly the decision in the European Parliament on January 15 will have some influence on the meeting, since members will be voting on resolutions pertaining to EU foreign policy. One resolution, prepared by European conservatives, calls for recognizing the DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations and for calling Russia a sponsor of terrorism.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Channel 5

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  • Brent

    So what exactly is the threshold that Russia and its sponsored proxies have to cross before the EU and U.S. will acknowledge their illegal war against Ukraine and/or their terrorist activiities?

    • rgb

      Agree with your question. EU and US wait while Putin strategically places his army around the world. Is there any sense to this madness?

      • Flexicoke

        Refusal to face reality.

    • disqus_aJpixObjG7

      The threshold would be the clear UNCONDITIONAL MILITARY defeat of “russia” by Ukraine.

      Then all the appeasers will all shout in chorus that, “of course russia and its proxies were terrorists!”

      During world war II a majority of the allied peoples supported the idea of coming to an agreement and a negotiated peace with Hitler.

      Only the STALWART FEW insisted on the unconditional surrender of Hitler/Germany and carrying the war to that final conclusion.

      Today it is the same. only the STALWART FEW – of character, of courage, proclaim the TRUTH, because that requires balls.

      The rest, such as represented by most Western media, are for appeasement to & compromise with “russia” viz, BBC, Reuters, AP, Telegraph, Newsweek, Time etc etc and all the government representatives they speak for.

      When “russia” is unequivocally defeated, then and ONLY THEN, will these fellow travellers proclaim themselves a part of the winning side AFTER THE FACT and will trumpet out that of course, they understood ALL ALONG that putin and his proxies were terrorists.

      Only those with character will fight for victory, the spineless rest will waffle & wait to join the winning side after the fact.

  • Terence Patrick Mac Dougall

    It is perfectly clear that Putin is directly sponsoring terrorism
    in eastern Ukraine. He is also slowly implanting absolutism in Russia

  • Michel Cloarec

    All my sympaty and empaty for the disaster in Ukraine !
    If a madman is threatening you, you must absolutly try to negociate !
    It is not cowardice ! it is cleverness ! Especially if that madman which is responsible for this mess is absolutly convinced that a nuclear war can be won !
    Admiral Putin was humiliated in Brisbane ! Lavrov was humiliated in Paris on Sunday!
    Then when they arrived back home, they pushed the “button” of war !
    So diplomacy is necessary ! To call them terrorists or not does not make a big difference ! It is the sanctions and resolutions which are the most important !