Je suis Ukraine. I fight terror



On January 11, 3.7 million people took to the streets of cities of France, marching against the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine that took the lives of 17 people. 40 international leaders took place in the Unity March, expressing their condolences to the people of France. British Prime Minister David Cameron predicted Europe would face the threat of extremism “for many years to come,” while his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi pledged that the continent “will win the challenge against terrorism.” US president Obama didn’t attend, but the White House announced it is organising a February 18 summit on how to fight “violent extremism around the world.”

One day earlier, a little over 2 500 kilometers away, in the East Ukrainian village of Kryakivka, a 14-year-old girl, her 50 year-old mother and 64-year-old grandmother were killed by BM-21 Grad rockets from illegal militant formations backed by Russian forces.


The so-called “separatist forces” were shelling the village from 3 to 6 AM. “So-called” because it’s impossible to establish which one of the Russian-sponsored and reinforced militant formations were at work, and whether this was the Russian army. Police officers that arrived at the scene found the bodies of the girl and grandmother in the yard, and the mother in house. The whole family is killed.

While the police officers were examining the scene, the separatist militants opened fire at the Ukrainian police, attempting to prevent an investigation. They had a tank in the distance, but volunteer defense battalions called Kyiv and Aidar rebuffed the forces and allowed the police to conduct the investigation and collect the bodies.

The separatist militants were firing at territory under Ukrainian control, violating a ceasefire regime announced on September 5. The got the Grad from a huge military base in Rostov from where Russia sends troops and weapons into Ukraine. These kinds of attacks happen every day: the militants fire on Ukrainian positions from the charred and abused piece of land that Putin is attempting to carve out of Ukraine, Ukrainian troops either fire back or not, depending on the orders. Almost each day, servicemen are killed. Civilians are killed, too. At least 4 200 of them, according to a December 15 UN report. The total losses of civilians and Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are around 11 500.

While the rally in France was taking place, the capital of Donbas, Donetsk, was under fire so severe that the locals remembered worse shellings only during the summer in times of full-fledged battles. In the last few days, the Russian-backed forces have become much more active, and there’s no surprise: the 11th “humanitarian convoy” from Russia had entered Ukraine on January 8. Like all the other convoys, it was unchecked by Ukrainian authorities and the IRCR. Like all the other convoys, it brought reinforcements and weapons to the separatists and Russian troops. But Russian weapons have no problem crossing the border without any convoys: Ukraine’s national security and defense council counted that 104 such “convoys” crossed the Ukrainian border in November 2014 alone.

While rallies in France gather media attention, Putin pumps even more ammo and troops into Ukraine, escalating a conflict that he himself caused. With the recent release of the Correct!v investigation with their interviews with Donbas locals, there remains no doubt that MH17 was shot down by the Russian army with a Russian Buk that were sent in by the Russian president into Ukraine to destabilize the country, taking the lives of 298 international passengers. Each day, Ukrainian volunteers and servicemen fight terror on European soil. Every day, the hospitals intake new wounded soldiers whose lives are forever changed. Every day, family members grieve the deaths of their loved ones killed in attacks by Russian forces and Russian volunteers that come to fight for Putin’s make-believe land of “Novorossiya.”


Unity Rally in Paris on January 11. Source: Yuriy Belimenko’s fb

Ukraine grieves for the victims of Charlie Hebdo. Ukrainian flags were of no little abundance at the Unity March in France. But there is also a question is in the air: are Europeans ready to say #JeSuisDonbas and #JeSuisUkraine to get rid of terrorism on the continent?



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  1. Avatar Mirko says:

    may i suggest: Je suis l’Ukraine! Your Je suis Donbass is much too easily confused with Je suis Dumbass. And I sure hope you haven’t forgotten Krym so soon.

  2. Avatar caotama says:

    What happened in the Odessa Trades Union building?

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      What happened? FACTS:

      Violent murderous criminal RUSSIAN Titushki ,who were sent into Ukraine from Russia on putin’s orders, attacked innocent UKRAINIAN students and young people WITH CROWBARS causing skull fractures and severe brain damage.

      As they were pursued these violent russian delinquent invaders of Ukrane ran into the TU building…

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        You forgot to blame the ghost of Stepan Bandera, Nadia Savchenko, Victoria Nuland’s cookies, the CIA, President Obama, Tevia and all the other cast members from Fiddler On The Roof, and all the centuries of the World just not giving Russia the respect it feels it deserves.

        Why don’t you slither back into whatever orifice birthed you?

        1. Avatar Guest says:

          Well, I would guess that was assumed, Bandera was a nazi, Nuland is an american gangster that installed the lunatic and mental midget PM Yats that thinks comparing Germans with the third reich makes for good PR..And apparently it was USSR that invaded Nazi Germany? Lol.. Ukrainian nazists are almost as uneducated as americans.. Obama is just a puppet, and CIA is a burden on humanity that overthrows democracies ever other day.. The overthrow of the Ukrainiabn democracy and installment of nazists and oligarchs as USA puppets is nothing special.

          “The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name ‘Operation Boot’) and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project)”

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            Well genius, wasn’t your precious Soviet government and Stalin that were actually the ALLIES of Nazi Germany at the start of World War II? If you had any sense of historical accuracy, Bandera was a resident of Poland prior to World War II breaking out, yet all you stupid katsaps fear him 57 years after the KGB assassinated him….

            It’s funny to hear you complain about Americans. Don’t you realize your rubble is currently worth $.017? It’s not even worth 2 pennies…and Russians are supposed to be smart!?!?!?!?

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “Bandera was a nazi”
            commrade cyka, must you lie all the time? You russians should remember that we humans aren’t russians, so we aren’t fooled by neo-soviet putin-ganda.

            Are you getting any checks from putin or his kgb mob from their wealth from Crimea they stole? Or are you just being their ‘useful idiot’ for free?

          3. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair
            “…wealth from Crimea they stole…”
            What wealth.
            Crimea whilst illegally under Ukranian control was a bankrupt Autonomous Republic.

          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            god you russian apes are so ignorant. No wonder you primates choose to remain unpaid, drunken slaves of apes and baboons.
            Crimea’s gas resources and two Ukrainian shipbuilding facilities, one of which your little ape putin said will be used to build the tankers to get “his” arctic oil.
            Too bad you’re too ignorant to know you’re being used like cheap toilet paper by putin and his kgb.

          5. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair

            “…Crimea’s gas resources and two Ukrainian shipbuilding facilities,…”

            You love writing fantasy, have you thought about writing Hollywood B movie scripts, the ones that lose money LoL :)))

            Both Crimea’s assets you mention lawfully belong to Russia.

            The autonomous Republic of Crimea has never lawfully been part of Ukraine.

            Crimea became a part of the Russian Empire in 1783.

            In 1921 the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed as part of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic .

            The Crimean ASSR was abolished in 1954 and was unlawfully gifted to the Ukrainian SSR by Nikita Khrushchev.

            The Crimean Sovereignty Referendum was held in 1991, Voters were asked whether they wanted to re-establish the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which had been abolished in 1954.

            The proposal was approved by 94% of voters.

            Following the referendum, the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union passed the law

            “On Restoration of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic” on 12 February 1991. By this law it became independent of Ukraine.

          6. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            sorry russian rapist, but you apes don’t have any claim to Crimea as even during peter the great, it wasn’t part of your apeland.
            I do agree though that Crimea should be muslim Tatars, but it is more Ukrainian than russian.
            Even the children there can’t be forced to sing your degenerate rapist russian anthem and prefer to sing their own…..
            Did you russians shoot the children and rape the girls for this offense like ya’ll normally do?
            “Ялта. Дети спели гимн Украины вместо российского.”

          7. Avatar Ice_Inc says:

            Milton Devonair
            “…sorry russian…”
            Your fantasy opinions start from a position of weakness, rest of your words are nonsense.

        2. Avatar Dorothy says:

          Why don’t you shut up and go get your mom’s new boyfriend a beer while he works on giving you a playmate?

      2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Time to increase the vodka allotment to drunken bums so they can wear these pieces of toilet paper.

          1. Avatar Guest says:

            Let me guess, some innocent donbas citizens that disagreed with local rightsector nazists? I know you nazists like to show those picture of innocent people suffering as if it was trophes.

          2. Avatar Brent says:

            No, just another drunk Russian troll after he got is extra bottle of vodka for regurgitating Russian propaganda. The sad part is he is only 27… katsaps age prematurely!!!

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            27? Wow, in the miserable life of a moskal mosquito, he’s going to middle aged.

          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Выродок shouldn’t you be cleaning putin’s toilets?

          5. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            That guess troll, should receive NOBEL PRIZE ! Anything free left ? of stupidity: already taken
            of ignorance .already taken
            Are troll spray available in bigger sizes ? Will be needed !

          6. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            He shines putin’s toilets with glee, singing of the glory days of soviet russia.

        1. Avatar Guest says:

          What an argument, you keep on trolling, I am sure you will find someone who cares eventually.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    Vous etes un cretin. Vous etes un troll Russe.

    1. Avatar Guest says:

      Big suprise, the comment was censored, the truth has no place in USA run Ukraine.

  4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Ви не може співіснувати з людьми, які хочуть тебе вбити

  5. Avatar Guest says:


  6. Avatar Slitzh says:

    Lots of censorship here, I guess the Ukrainian media does not like freedom of speech..

    1. Avatar DaphneO says:

      When you tell lies you have to censor truth. And they are lying. Poroshenko is sending Ukrainians in to destroy Donbass and kill as many of the “subhumans” (his words) as possible.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Your mom is coming back home from her work. She’s bringing another drunken russian boyfriend home with her, so get off her computer.

  7. Avatar Guest says:

    Je suis Ukraine, Je suis terrorism.

  8. Avatar Guest says:

    It is pretty cynical for the pro-USA terrorists forces to label others for “terrorists” when it is they that uses starvation, terror and nazi battalions against the civilians of donbas.. All the people of Donbas want is for the pro-USA terrorists to stop bombing them and leave the alone.

  9. Avatar Guest says:

    “Novorossiya-War on Civilians #5 – ‘Can You Do Something To Get Them to Stop Shelling Us?'”

  10. Avatar Valera Sceptical says:

    What a pathetic article! Kiev regime – filled with Nazis followers – lecturing eastern Ukrainians on terrorism? The very Azov thugs that kill and rape eastern Ukrainians because they refuse to live under western Ukrainian Bandera ideology! Sick hypocrisy!

  11. Avatar Dean Venture says:

    Is that the best you can do? You’re a terrible troll. Do you guys have some troll generator that spits out these random attacks, or is this your own work?

  12. Avatar canuke says:

    I agree with Dean. You are despicable. Read the article….actually read the article. This Ukrainian village (which I know well….I have been there many times) was attacked by the goon terrorists. Now there are another 3 innocent civilians dead, and while the Ukrainian police try to investigate and remove the bodies, they are again attacked by the terrorists. Sick, and what is even worse are your useless comments.

  13. Avatar Peter Mondaca says: