Website PSB4UKR.ORG collects information about Putin’s terrorists

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War in the Donbas

Online volunteers supporting Ukraine against the Russian invasion have created a website [] to collect information about Putin’s terrorists.

Censor.NET reported that Heorhyi Tuka, a Ukrainian volunteer, announced the new project on his Facebook page.

He stated: “It is done! Many times I described our various projects: The Wings of People’s Support, The Wheels of People’s Support, Medicine of People’s Support, and so forth, as we take care of our soldiers by sewing and knitting clothes, transporting supplies, providing food and drink, building and teaching how to fly drones, printing media, etc.

“For a long time, we had to be silent on the implementation of this new project – this time an informational effort. What is it? Our volunteers have started to gather information about Russian terrorists and Ukrainian traitors who are fighting against the people of Ukraine.

“Our supporters have been collecting every bit of information, systematizing and forming it into a database. And now, we can finally publicly announce that the project codenamed “MYROTVORETS” [Peacemaker] has launched! From now on, interested parties (and just the curious) have an opportunity to search for “heroes” [as the Russian media refers to them].  Naturally, the database is constantly updated: someone gets added, someone (fortunately) gets removed…

“We believe this resource will be of particular interest to intelligence services, military units, border guards and… people involved in resettling the refugees.

“We are convinced that the presence of such a resource will greatly facilitate the identification of criminals! Do not overlook the Purgatory section of the site!”

Translated by: A. N.

Source: Censor.NET

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