Non-diplomacy: Milan talks yield no results 



Article by: Denys Zakiyanov

The meetings between European leaders and Putin demonstrated the dead-end situation in the solution of Ukraine’s crisis

The European leaders have softened their rhetoric, and the Russian side is threatening with possible disruptions in gas supplies this winter. This is how information agencies describe the ASEM summit that was held on October 16-17, offering the theory that the Ukrainian conflict will be ‘frozen.’ 

At the ASEM summit Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was presented with the opportunity to talk with Vladimir Putin about the ways to solve the conflict in Donbas with the support of European leaders at a round table. There were great hopes for the summit, as the first people in the European Union, as well as the heads of Germany, France, Britain were supposed to incline the Russian President towards compromise during personal meetings.

However, Europe was lenient this time. Even the hawk of Western diplomacy David Cameron abstained from traditional threats to impose new sanctions. In his meeting with Vladimir Putin, he limited himself to a warning that Europe may not take off the sanctions that had been imposed already should the Kremlin not take real steps towards solving the Ukrainian conflict.

On the first day of the summit the Russian President held a two-hour-long meeting behind closed doors with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel which, according to the official release, “focused on the issues of gas supplies to Europe.” Vladimir Putin discussed the Ukrainian conflict on Friday during a 90-minute-long work breakfast with Petro Poroshenko in the presence of Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Holland, as well as the chairmen of the EU Commission and the EU council Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy.

At the summit the Russian President exuded benevolence, smiled to the reporters, shook hands with Petro Poroshenko and claimed that his meetings with the European leaders had been “good” and “positive.”

However, at the same time his press secretary Dmitry Peskov, according to Reuters, “poured cold water on the hopes to reach any kind of breakthrough” in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Vladimir Putin’s official representatives stated that “the meetings are really difficult, full of misunderstandings and contradictions,” and noted “the unwillingness of some participants of the official breakfast in Milan to understand the real state of affairs in the Ukrainian southeast.”

“An increasing number of analysts say Vladimir Putin’s endgame is to seize as much territory as possible and then freeze the conflict paralyzing Ukraine,” writes The Telegraph.

Angela Merkel also stated that “no movement” occurred after the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The Chancellor of Germany accused Russia of using the separatists in Donbas with the goal to prevent Ukraine’s integration into Europe.

The Russian President vehemently denies such accusations. ”Vladimir Putin said very clearly that he doesn’t want a frozen conflict, he doesn’t want a divided Ukraine,” Dailymail cites David Cameron.

The Russian President also presented the ‘gas threats’ to Europe in the shape of denial, emphasizing that Russia is not creating any kind of crisis in the European Union. According to Vladimir Putin, Europe risks not receiving the 15% of gas which come there from Russia through Ukrainian territory. “If we see that our Ukrainian partners-as in 2008- start siphoning off our gas from the export pipeline system in an unauthorized manner then we will also – like in 2008- be gradually reducing supplies by the amount that has been stolen,” Vladimir Putin told reporters on a visit to Belgrade.


Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: Forbes UA

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  1. Avatar Espinassons says:

    As usual, our politicians haven’t been able to appear as strong and united, and the kremlin gang keeps killing and destroying… We look like idiots… It’s incredible !

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    And putin threat with nuclear weapons or gas shortage. Because he will do that exactly when it will be the coolest time of the winter. More sanctions are the only ways, because it hurts his fortune and his colleagues fortunes. If he says NO it means Yes and if he says Yes it means NO. Impossible to believe in his statements. We know that he wants to destabilize Ukrainia. All those mines are too important and he knows he will need the coal.

    1. Avatar NWOD says:

      Interesting thing about these sanctions, why doesn’t Ukraine start? Ukraine is still trading with Russia, and now even wants to buy gas from Russia. Why not impose sanctions and stop gas purchases – it is making Russia richer!

      And why is Porky’s chocolate factory in Russia still operating? Why doesn’t he sanction Russia and deprive them of these sweets?

      I thnk if you look at the situation objectively, it is clear that the enemy of the Ukrainian people since independence has been not Russia, which has helped Ukraine tremendously, but the oligarchs, who have robbed it blind and treated its people like serfs. Nevertheless, the oligarchs continue to rule/enslave/brainwash the people – while the oligarchs get rich in partnership with Russia, the people die in a stupid civil war. Soon you will have people dieing of exposure, starvation.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    The meetings in Minsk & Milan are a waste of time. Your dealing with a programmed-KGB thug who is already two moves ahead of these EU politicians. The EU and Russia live in two different worlds. These meetings only give the KGB jackal some type of legitimacy to actual diplomacy and civilized thinking. He only understands intimidation, corruption, and terror.

    1. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

      I agree.

    2. Avatar Coca says:

      couldn’t agree more

  4. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    I sometimes wonder what these people talk about. I personally would have a document supported discussion about World history in Eastern Europe to set Putin strait.

    And then I would ask Putin if it was okay if I decided to protect the German speakers in Kaliningrad via separatism and force of arms if I thought they needed it. Idiot.

    1. Avatar NWOD says:

      You are forgetting that the crisis was caused by the Western-sponsored violent coup that overthrew a democratically elected government, in violation of the country’s constitution. The people of Donbass did not accept this coup government, nor where they under any obligation to do that.

      It is true that Europe has a lot of borders that have changed over time. The point one has to consider is that a violent coup forced by a few thousand radical malcontents is not the solution. I am sure if a few thousands had a coup in Paris, EU would not be so quck to recognize their legitimacy, and wisely so, as such an act is profoundly destabilizing. But that, after all, was the point.

      I would also point out that, despite protestations of “corruption” against Yanukovych, the EU was more than happy to sign the EU Association Agreement with him. And no doubt if he had invited in NATO, they would have happily come. But because in the end he decided the Association Agreement and the associated IMF package would devastate Ukraine, he took a better deal with Russia. As a result, EU decided to overthrow him, violently.