Ukrainian battalion commanders demand President to stop airing Russian TV shows glorifying Russian army and police



Article by: Peter Dutczyn

The commanders of three Ukrainian volunteer battalions have asked President Petro ‪‎Poroshenko‬ to ensure that Ukrainian TV stops broadcasting films and series glorifying the Russian army and police, the UNIAN news agency reported on 18 October.

A letter to this effect was signed by Semen Semenchenko (Donbas battalion), Yuriy Bereza (Dnipro-1 battalion) and Andriy Teteruk (Myrotvorets battalion).

Yuriy Bereza

From left to right: Andriy Teteruk, Semen Semenchenko, Yuriy Bereza

In the letter, the commanders said they were indignant at the presence of Russian “propaganda” on the air of Ukrainian channels.

“Mr President, why is it that whenever you turn on TV in the evening, you get the impression that there is no war in our country? Why are Ukrainian channels broadcasting Russian TV series in which our enemies are portrayed as heroes? Why should our mothers, children and lovers watch TV series about Russian servicemen?” the letter reads.

According to UNIAN, the commanders also invited the owners of Ukrainian TV channels to visit combat areas to ensure that they “remember what an enemy looks like.”
The agency recalled that the popular One Plus One TV channel had earlier launched an initiative to give up broadcasts of any Russian films, shows or series “propagating the activities of Russian military”.

Source: UNIAN news agency, Kyiv, in Ukrainian 12:21 18 Oct 14

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