‪Ukraine‬ authorities: 10 killed as bus, school shelled by pro-‪Russia‬ forces in Donetsk


War in the Donbas

Ten people were killed and nine wounded when pro-‪‎Russian‬ militants shelled a school and a minibus in Donetsk.

The UNIAN news agency reported at 12:39 Kyiv time pro-Kyiv Donetsk regional state administration that the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic terrorist organization (DNR) fired a multiple-launch rocket system at School No 57 on Yasnopolyanska Street, 5 in the Kyivskyi district of ‪‎Donetsk‬.

The shell exploded five metres away from the building. Up to 240 people were present at that moment, including 70 children and 28 teachers. Four people were killed, eight were wounded, seven of them were hospitalized. No children were hurt. The windows on the first and second floors were damaged by shrapnel.

Apart from that, at approximately 10:00 “DNR” militants shelled a bus of the #17 route. As a result, 6 people died and one was wounded. It is clear from the landing of the shell that it came not from the direction of the airport under control of Ukrainian forces, but from the center of the city, which was used in previous days by “DNR” militants for setting up shelling positions.

Photo: Ostrov

Source: UNIAN

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    They knew that schools started today ! Another proof that they are not human. Russia is supplying weapons to criminal rats ! Extermination is only solution !

  2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Incompetent drunken monkeys; nothing more. No wonder the Ukrainian military was rolling these drunks back to russia.

  3. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    I was in the American Army. This is just poor marksmanship. To do what they did you have to make one or more errors, something even a basic artilleryman knows not to do.

    These separatists are not under fire and they still can’t identify and plot a target correctly. Maybe they fired accidently from a lack of safety. Who knows. No excuses.

  4. Avatar Brent says:

    Congratulations Putin. Add 10 more innocent citizens to the 298 on MH17 and the thousands throughout Donbass that your hired scum have killed. No matter how much a soulless bag of feces like Putin prays and grovels to Patriarch Kirill there should be an eternity burning in Hell for Putler alongside his mentor and brother in arms, Milosevic.