Kharkiv says good bye to largest Lenin statue in Ukraine



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On September 28, the largest Lenin monument in Ukraine located in Kharkiv, the predominantly Russian-speaking industrial Eastern Ukrainian city, saw its last day as a group of patriotic youth continued to celebrate a pro-Ukrainian rally at Europe’s largest square, ploscha Svobody, by toppling the Lenin monument that had been standing there since 1963. Nationalists inscribed “Glory to Ukraine” on the pedestal with a rotary hammer. While the rally was taking place, Kharkiv governor Ihor Baluta signed an order to dismantle the Lenin statue. It was toppled close to 10:30 PM on September 28.

The statue marks number 390 in wikipedia’s list of “Raining Lenins,” starting from November 2013. The dismantling of Kyiv’s Lenin statue on December 8, 2013, sparked a wave of massive Lenin demolitions in Central Ukraine, which received a second breath after the announcements of the first deaths of Maidan protesters in Kyiv. In toppling the statues,  protesters state that they “remove symbols of totalitarianism from their settlements and open the way to a renewed Ukraine.” The police, for their part, do not open criminal proceedings on the fact of hooliganism.


Map of toppled Lenin statues since November 2013, as of September 28.Ленінопад

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  • Murf

    And another one bites the dust.
    What do you call a melted down Lenin statue?
    A good days work.

  • Walter Salmaniw

    How many more to go?

    • Milton Devonair

      Every single one of them! 😀

      russia gave birth to the bolshevik disease that is worse than ebola

  • Brent

    They should save all of the raw material from these and any other Soviet imposed monuments in the building the proposed wall with Russia. Maybe even live the head intact, to make it stare out at Russia; nice and symbolic!!!

    • Michel Cloarec

      That was a good idea !

  • Jacks Channel

    good job.

  • Michel Cloarec

    It was time that happened, but what to do with the metal, it can´t be of high quality !
    So only trash bin is possible ! ha ! ha !

    • Kruton

      Make bullets!

  • Kruton

    The wax dummy in Red Square must burn!,

  • disqus60

    The faster Ukraine can seperate from its past, the sooner it can begin developing its own identity and future without its overseer’s influence and control.
    Way to go my friends in Kharkiv! Onward and Upward, Ukraine!

    I would suggest replacing all the Lenin statues with one of Putin in a dress, holding a bird perch over his head for all the birds to sit on (among other bodily functions).