Russian regular army and Russia-backed terrorists torture civilians in Eastern Ukraine


War in the Donbas

MFA press release

Life of civilians in the occupied cities is becoming more and more unbearable with every day. However, any attempt to express disagreement with the actions of the Russian regular army and Russia-backed terrorists is a direct threat to people’s life or health.

According to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, locals, dissatisfied with the invasion, cannot even show their discontent because it is dangerous for their lives. Militants do not even count their victims. The number of the dead and the injured in 6 occupied towns is unknown. People are killed and buried next to their houses. There are not enough couches for the wounded in hospitals.

mfa1“The Russian regular army and Russia-backed terrorists detain civilians, torture them, humiliate, force to work as well us hold them hostage,” stated Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the NSDC information center.

In Novoazovsk, which was invaded by the Russian troops, armed men robbed all banks. Social benefits are suspended there. Occupied Luhansk has been cut off from all blessings of civilization for more than a month. In Donetsk public utilities servicemen are trying to save the city from a humanitarian catastrophe by repairing electrical grids, water and gas lines damaged during shelling by militants. In the area occupied by Russian regular army and Russia-backed terrorists 130 settlements are cut off from electricity.

At the same time electricity, water and gas supplies have been restored in the liberated cities. Besides, the social payments were resumed in 14 towns of the Luhansk region. There low-income residents have already received 38 million hryvnyas.

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  1. Avatar Amoun says:

    “According to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine” – you can stop reading.

    “Militants do not even count their victims.” ? Uuuuhh….how does the reporter know? Or maybe there are no numbers because there are no victims?

    “In Novoazovsk, which was invaded by the Russian troops” UN and OSCE confirmed there are no Russian troops or weapons.

    “armed men robbed all banks. Social benefits are suspended there.” Nothing about this in the news. Plus, the only violence such as this was witnessed by Right Sector.

    ” In Donetsk public utilities servicemen are trying to save the city from a humanitarian catastrophe by repairing electrical grids, water and gas lines damaged during shelling by militants” erm…..actually the world knows it is Poroshenko and company who is bombing the cities. There are videos of jets dropping bombs.

    ………………………..I mean are you serious? This whole article is written for someone who doesnt have any neurons firing.
    No proof, no back up to statements, nothing about all these claims EVEN in the west…

    Does anyone actually buy this cr p?

    1. Avatar Walter Salmaniw says:

      What have you been smoking? Actually OSCE has confirmed, finally the Russian invasion. And every respectable European and western nation has said the same. Time to get your blinders off an accept the truth. Shame on you. My friends in the region confirm every bit of this article.

      1. Avatar Amoun says:

        Please give me a source of where OSCE has confirmed that Russia is invading. Nothing about it on google, the opposite only, actually.

        1. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Where oh where is the truth? Putin is too cowardly and sly to admit invading Ukraine. A declaration of war on Ukraine would get him in trouble with his own people. He can achieve his ends, of DESTABILIZING UKRAINE by secretly supporting his “proxy” war, and of course he denies, denies, and denies! Ignorance is bliss, is it not?

          1. Avatar Amoun says:

            Let’s not lower our selves to such a conversation, also, that is not a way to represent Canada.
            I will remind you again, that Russia did not “invade” Ukraine. You guys are so whipped that you completely forgot who and which country started the whole fiasco and who is actually benefiting, as we speak, from this conflict.

            Try using logic.
            Which country has been instigating and nudging the conflict on? US
            Which country was controlling the uprising and instated a government? US
            What country did your president have affiliations with before? hint: starts with U..
            Who is currently benefiting from the conflict financially and politically? US
            What country is privatizing your lands, factories and is getting ready to dump nuclear waste in your backyards? Do I need to repeat my self?
            This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia. This is a war between US and Russia, and US is using you guys as proxies and cannon fodder…….but you are too brainwashed to realize it.

            I am extremely disappointed in Ukrainian people.

    2. Avatar Marko says:

      Shut your filthy mouth, a Russian fascist. Russians are uncivilized animals that need to be closed in a cage and throw away the key. They are ferocious barbarians, mentally at the level of the Middle Ages. They are genetically damaged and unable to live a civilized manner. Free and civilized world must isolate the Russians and prevent their contact with normal people. People like you are scum, Russian fascist lying scum.

      1. Avatar Amoun says:

        By the way, forgot to add:
        What I found REALLY interesting, is that any Russian that I speak to in regards to the situation, whether I agree with them or not, actually hold a discussion.
        But, so far from ALL the Ukrainians I have met and spoke to, one, MAYBE two, were ok, everyone else react the exact same way as you do. Insults, name calling, and the manner of speaking which is only suitable for someone with a mental illness. I am sure it is just a select few, or maybe a…”special” group, but so far, I am very disappointed in you guys. You sell you country, kill your people and all for hate. Good job.

        1. Avatar rifak says:

          You are a provocateur who tries to drown people with lies and fruitless arguing. Simply, you are a Kremlin troll.

          1. Avatar Amoun says:

            I am? Please tell me where I am lying? ooooorrr will you be like any other typical degenerate and just foam at your mouth and yell “lies”.
            Please, contribute something meaningful to thing discussion.

          2. Avatar Amoun says:

            Still waiting….

        2. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Putin steals Crimea and then invades east Ukraine. Good job, eh Russkies? And Putin lies about his “little green men” overtaking Crimea but then later admits it IS Russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms. Why do they hide? Are they ashamed? They should be! Cowards.

          1. Avatar Amoun says:

            OOOORRR, here in the real world:

            Crimean gov’t invited Russia to defend them from the attack that R.S was planning (BBC reported it, look it up) while the army was there, they held a referendum, over 120 observers from what, like 34 countries were overseeing the referendum, not including reporters. No “gun point” voting, no riots in the streets, no uprising. Although this has 0 weight in an argument, because I my self never consider it as viable, but anyone who I speak to either from there or who has friends or family there, say they are glad to be joined back. Questionable? Definitely, but let’s be logical, any sort of resistance from people in Crimea would be on the news 24/7. Use logic.

  2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    My friends in the east if Ukraine tell me the same as this article. I guess according to “amoun” below, they should just stop living, huh?

    1. Avatar Amoun says:

      You can reply to my post directly you know.
      And it’s very interesting. Almost every single posted here has “a friend who lives in the east”.

      And how does “stop living” have anything to do with my post?

  3. Avatar Sofia Wisdom says:

    In Spanish civil war soviet proffesional millitary took a part. Nobody acused Syalin to invaite Spain. And by the way what americans do in Irak??? Their war for democraty coused more than 600000 death of the civilians…. And by the way what ukrainians did with iwn ciuntry? One of the most corapt country in the world with oligarhs economic… Russins foult? (I don’t care that i-m wrighting with mistakes… i just care that my brain think straigt and mind will be clear from hate)