Russian Army’s First Orders in Occupied Ukrainian Lands: Speak Only Russian. Or Else.

Nazi Propaganda poster from World War II, calling "citizens" to turn in suspicious persons. Just like Russian posters of today. 

War in the Donbas

Upon occupying Ukrainian town of  Novoazovsk in Donbas Oblast Russian troops wasted no time and distributed printed instructions among the populace. According to RNBO’s spokesperson Andriy Lysenko, these materials instruct the locals how they should behave from now on.

Here is what your life should look like if you happened to be in “liberated” territory:

1. Under no circumstances you should obstruct the free movement of Russian troops (vehicles and staff).

2. Show your friendly intent to Russian troops. Show them how happy you are to see them.  Remember, they are here to liberate you from terrorists serving in illegal Ukrainian army.

3. In liberated territory, communicate in Russian only, so that Russian peacekeepers would not misunderstand your intentions.

4. Prepare the lists of persons serving in Ukrainian army, participants of Maidan, activists of civil rights groups and leaders of ethnic minority groups and give these lists to the FSB (modern Russian KGB) during the peacekeeping operations.

5. Be ready to vacate your appartments and other living quarters to provide living space for the Russian Army members.

6. Follow the curfew and inform local military police of Russian Federation about those, who break the curfew.

7. Citizens helping to locate and capture Ukrainian terrorists will be allowed extra rations and privileges.

8. Believe: the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation guarantees your safety. No one will be shot for nothing.

Remember: peacekeeping forces of Russian Federation act in accordance with Geneva convention of 1949.

Behave yourself, and you won't be shot for nothing. KGB's honest word.

Behave yourself, and you won’t be shot for nothing. KGB’s honest word.


translated by Anna Palagina

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  1. Avatar Okha says:

    Liberation time!

    1. Avatar Guest says:

      may i know how you managed to paste the image into your disqus comment?

    2. Avatar Okha says:

      Sure, just click this picture icon below in the “comment”-window and upload your image.

  2. Avatar Danny Smith says:

    with friends like this who needs an enemy

    1. Avatar Anna Palagina says:

      I especially like the line about reporting the members of ethnic minorities. So cute and all blushy: antisemitism? what antisemitism?

  3. Avatar ENo says:

    Anna. can it be confirmed that these instructions are 100 % genuine? I can’t believe that even the current leaders of Russia are so stupid that they let their forces to distribute something as thoughtless as this. This notice states unambiguously at least five times that there are Russian troops in Novoazovsk. Russians are masters in the art of propaganda. They can not be this incautious. Even though I personally object totally what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, I smell a rat now. This notice must be a fake.

    Although in every conflict the first casualty in the truth, I hope that the Ukrainians would not have to resort to lies. The Russians are already lying more than enough.

    1. Avatar Anna Palagina says:

      The source of this info is an official spokesman of RNBO ( President’s Council for National Security and Defense), so I am pretty sure that it is genuine. And it is not “thoughtless”, not in the eyes of occupants. In fact, some of this stuff mimics the german nazi “instructions” that Germans were issuing in occupied territories in WW-2, especially about reporting partisans, ethnic minorities etc. It seems unthinkable to normal people, but in the eye of sociopaths it is OK, I guess.

      1. Avatar ENo says:

        Thank you, Anna, for your reply. Indeed, this looks just like the leaflets the occupying forces issued during the WWII. Even the old fashioned looking font they have used, looks just like from the era of the WWII…

        So, if this is really genuine, the Russians operating in the Novoazovsk region are incredibly stupid. They in fact confess in this notice openly that there are Russian troops in that particular area.

        1. Avatar Anna Palagina says:

          I would not be perseverating over apparent stupidity of Russian leadership and their propaganda. Until recently I was a member of several russian-speaking communities in the Livejournal – feminist, anarchist and childfree community. So, basically, members over there were (or should have been) very anti-putin and anti-system and I never dreamed that after 1 week of propaganda half of the people in there will suddenly start about “hunta”, believe in crucified boys and start raving about banderivtsi. And yet! So, this propaganda and materials WORK for Russians, even russians who consider themselves anti-systemic. They may seem idiotic to US people, but they work for Russians, and this is what the propaganda is after. This is also why it is so lame outside of russia, just check out Churkin’s activities in UNO. Would not you say that his “diplomacy” is incredibly dumb?

          1. Avatar ENo says:

            Churkin is… well Churkin. That’s all I can say about him.

            If Russians have been distributing these notices in Novoazovsk, the Ukrainian authorities should immediately take some of them to the U.N. Security Council or the U.N. General Assembly as an evidence confirming that there are Russian troops on the Ukrainian soil. Of course that would not lead to anything concrete because of the stupid veto right of the Big Powers but at least it would be interesting to see what kind of excuses Churkin would tell this time.

          2. Avatar sandy miller says:

            Anna…you’re so right. When I see how american media prints everything Putin says or does and for the most part ignores Poroshenko and what the Ukrainians are saying…every story in American media is nuanced pro-Russian. No matter how many crazy things Russia says and does the media prints it.

    2. Avatar sandy miller says:

      ENo…and you don’t think the lies Russia has been telling aren’t already crazy? They haven’t been incautious at all. They’ve been blantantly lying and invading Ukraine and laughing at the weakness of USA and Europe. Putin thinks he can say or do anything he pleases and he’ll get away with it because everyone is either afraid of WW3 and Europe their oil andinvestments and some even believe thve his crazy making. Europe and America has turned a blind eye to everything he has done. Germany has said just give up eastern Ukraine to our friend Putty. Germany and France are the worst. I hope everyone boycotts their products especially german made cars.

  4. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Russian nonsense.

  5. Avatar Flo says:

    I’m sorry I think it is a fake, Russians would not print that there are ruSSian troops in Novoazovsk. Their official propaganda line is to say there are only Ukrainians in their ranks.
    It would seem more important to me to let the world know that there have been ruSSian airstrikes in Ukraine today. Airstrikes ! In Schastia, near Luhansk.

    1. Avatar Guest says:

      it is not a fake. it is true. i enclose an original one in the russian language and letters.

    2. Avatar Pro Ukrajina says:

      original leaflet in russian can be found on google. it is true, not fake.

  6. Avatar sandy miller says:

    OMG. Can the Ukrainain army please come and wipe them out???

  7. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Our knives are becoming dull from all of the mockal monkey throats that we have happily sliced open! We have plenty of weapons and ammo….but we need more knife sharpeners. The mockal swine screams during the slicing process and it dulls our blades.
    Smert mockalyam!

  8. Avatar Pro Ukrajina says:

    russian dangerous shits.

  9. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    Sounds a lot like fascism.

  10. Avatar LorCanada says:

    I found it quite ironic, the phrase, “No one will be shot for nothing.” I’m sure the Russians can always find an excuse for their murderous ways. I feel so sorry for the people who must spend the rest of their lives under such a police state, it’s worse than death to those who love freedom.

  11. Avatar Nick L says:

    Am I really supposed to believe that the officials of the Russian Federation misspelled the very words “Russian Federation” in the title of the original Russian version of this document? And that they made some other mistakes in Russian? Sorry, but that’s too much to ask, even if one forgets about the fake-looking things like “No one will be shot for nothing” or the fact that Russia denies having its troops there, so this would undermine their whole argument.