Russia may be kicked out of WTO — Polish minister



Russian sanctions against the EU and other countries violate the rules of the World Trade Organization and could provide the reason for Russia’s expulsion, the Polish Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki said in a interview with Gazeta Wyborcza, reports Ukrainska Pravda, August 8.

“Russia does not respect international agreements when it believes there is a threat to its interests. A week ago we did a lot of work designed to resolve the situation with the banning of Polish fruit and vegetables, which violated the WTO agreements. We did not expect that Russia would move further. The ban on all exports from the EU — this is a large-scale violation,” he said.

According to Sawicki, Russia can be punished for these export bans.

“These massive violations by Russia are sufficiently large to threaten it with expulsion from the WTO,” he said.

In his view, expulsion would become possible if EU complaints are followed by deliberate steps. “I can assure you that for Russia this is not a matter of such indifference,” he said.

As previously reported, on August 6, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin banned the import of products and raw materials from countries participating in the sanctions against the RF (for its aggression against Ukraine).

The list of banned products includes all milk products, fruit and vegetable products, and fish. Meat, meat products, and cereals are on the list of partially restricted products. Alcoholic beverages are absent from the first list (of completely banned products).

Sanctions against the Russian Federation have been imposed by all EU countries, USA, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Russia has announced that it is also prepared to introduce “protective measures” in automotive production, aircraft manufacturing, and shipbuilding.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

Source: Pravda

Photo:  Marcin Obara / Polska Agencja Prasowa)

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  1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Oh god, now valdy the invader will have to invade Poland because Poland is attacking putin’s corrupt cesspool called ‘russia’…..

    1. Avatar Adam Rytwiński says:

      Don’t worry, they won’t attack us (I’m from Poland), Russia is still to weak to do so 🙂
      Regards Milton 🙂

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Poland is one of the few nato countries that seem to be connected to reality.
        And Poland has quite the professional military.
        One thing I’ve never understood is why a country with a history like Poland doesn’t have a Second Amendment like the USA does. The problem now that Poland is part of the UE the socialist/communists running the EU may not allow firearms ownership in their ‘member’ countries anyway.

  2. Avatar LorCanada says:

    Putin = Time to get rid of the bad apple – toss it out! – that spoils the whole lot in the barrel. He never will be missed.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    Finally someone in Europe is waking up….well, actually the Polish and Baltic countries have always been awake to Russia’s aggression because they fully understand and have lived under Russian oppression.

    It has amazed me that it has taken so long for someone in Europe to bring up Russia’s unfair trade practices. They use gas as an economic weapon in their dealing with all European countries and those countries that ‘look the other way’ when it comes to Russia’s aggression to other countries (Germany, France, Belarus) get much better deals on Russian gas than those that are willing to stand up to Russia (Ukraine, Poland, Baltic countries). Even Russia’s trading partners in its farcical Eurasion Union have had to endure Russia changing the rules but have to ‘live with it’ as there is no right of appeal in their treaty with Russia and Russia does not respect any rules or agreement.

    The sanctions against European food is just the latest example, especially the recent ban on Dutch flowers because Holland is pushing for an inquiry by the United Nationsm and this is especially egregious and should not go unpunished. Not all European countries are willing to trade human lives in order to ‘continue doing business’ with Russia, and particularly Germany and France should be ashamed of their appeasement efforts, as well as their attempts to have the invaded Ukraine accept Russia’s aggression and theft of its territory.

    If Russia does not want to abide by the rules of any organization it belongs to, it should not squeal like a little baby when it is removed from that organization. If it wants to play by its own rules, it can go play by itself and should not expect to be treated like a civilized country.