Video: Captured terrorist tells of rapes, murders, racketeering at Sloviansk checkpoint

War in the Donbas

Forces of the Ukrainian Army interrogate a captured separatist that discloses shocking details of the Kremlin-backed militants’ treatment of the local population of the Donbas region of Ukraine. In particular, the separatist tells that the separatists had been raping girls that were delivered to them at checkpoints and killing them afterwards. Civilian cars were stopped at the checkpoint, and the passengers robbed. Whoever resisted was shot.

The terrorists’ treatment of prisoners of war is no less gruesome. Social media accounts shed light on DNR soldiers torturing their POWs and committing war crimes against them.

Translated&written by Kirill Mikhailov&Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Some of these pieces if human garbage need to be car tired and tried in international human rights courts so the world can see and hear what Russia has been doing. No more appeasement.

  2. Avatar George says:

    These are the sub-human species russia dictates you should negotiate with!

    Since russia supplied these terrorists it’s time russia was recognised as a terrorist nation.

  3. Avatar jwz says:

    This is what the useful idiots of the West refer to as Putin’s “protection of the Russian people.”

  4. Avatar Lilia Horodysky Kovalenko says:

    This insanity has to STOP! Please join me on facebook for more information at to help supply his unit. Thank you and see you on FB!