Mayor of Kremenchuk murdered, Lviv mayor’s house shelled



Saturday, July 26

Oleh Babaiev, mayor of Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast, a major industrial and transportation center of Ukraine, was shot dead around 10:00 AM on July 26, according to an active member of Euromaidan in Poltava Oblast, Ukrayinska Pravda says.

“Babaiev was shot dead in Kremenchuk half an hour ago or so. All we know is that it happened at the entrance to the building where he lived. He was killed with three shots,” the source detailed.

Later he corrected this information. Babaiev started his car and rolled to the dumpster, stopped there to drop the trash. He was shot when he was returning to the car.

“He died on the spot,” the source confirmed. The police has opened a criminal case under Article ”premeditated murder.”

Earlier, an attempt at murdering another Ukrainian mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, was made. The Lviv mayor’s house on vul.Striletska 1 was shelled with a Mukha anti-tank projectile at 23:30 on July 25. There was no one in the house, as Mr. Sadovyi had left with his family for the weekend.

According to the latest information, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service are studying the possibility of classifying these events not as attempted murder and murder, but as an act of terrorism, as Advisor to the MIA Chairman Anton Heraschenko wrote on his FB page.


Translated by Inga Kononenko&Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar Walter Salmaniw says:

    Oh my God. The long arm of the Kremlin refuses to accept Ukraine’s decision to return to European values. This cowardly act, and the attempted murder of Lviv’s mayor…a coincidence? I doubt it.

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      Not just values, it refuses to accept Ukraine is an independent country, now to the point of murdering elected officials.

      Russia has gone back to the dark ages and appoint its own boyars from east to west.

      1. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

        I bet these attacks are connected to the attack on Kharkiv’s mayor a couple of months ago.

    2. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

      What did this poor guy do any way? What, did he “Disagree” with pro-russians about Ukraine? As if this guy was a threat.

  2. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Well its time to play hardball with this Russian garbage. Time to give Putin and his mockery of a democratic government a bloody nose. How? Putin will provide the opportunity I guarantee you that.

    Putin and his government just love to insult Western values and actions don’t they. Lets consider Putin’s values for a moment. Think about what the World would be like if roles were reversed and Russia and China were leading the World as superpowers. Earth would be a prison planet.

  3. Avatar Cristian Muñoz says:

    Russian state-backed terrorism. Time for Ukraine to infiltrate some Ukrainian soldiers inside Russia in order to kill Pu… You know what I mean. ;D

  4. Avatar Kruton says:

    Murdering Bolshevik scum! Pull down those damn Lenin Statues