Russian FSB officer defects to Ukraine, Channel 5 reports


War in the Donbas

Yuri Stets, head of Ukrainian National Guard Informational Security Administation, at a RNBO briefing on 18 July, 2014 reported of a Russian FSB officer that has defected to Ukraine, Illya Bogdanov. Stets mentioned that Bogdanov is a state inspector for control and protection of marine resources of the Russian FSB border troops, which are stationed in Vladivostok. His documents are verified and authentic.

Currently the FSB inspector is located in Kyiv. His family has been hidden to avoid retaliation from the Russian security services of Russia. According to Yuri Stets, Bogdanov’s candidature for participation in the ATO is currently under consideration.

Yuri Stets, head of Ukrainian National Guard Informational Security Administation:

A State Inspector on sea resource protection of the Russian FSB border forces has arrived to Ukraine.
His name is Ilya Bogdanov, he is an Senior Leutenant of the Federal Security Service of Russia, and he has been serving in Vladivostok. Here you can see his ID. I also have to tell you that today the FSB officer told us that discontent is growing among his colleagues on Putin’s actions on heating up the Russian-Ukrainian war. The current state of affairs has definitely had a great impact on the view of Putin’s actions even among FSB personnel.

Ilya Bogdanov, Russian FSB officer:

My name is Ilya Bogdanov, I’m a senior leutenant of the FSB of Russia. I couldn’t take it anymore sitting at home in Vladivostok and seeing all the lies of the Russian media about the situation in Ukraine. So I left everything behind and got here as a volunteer to put all my skills to stopping the civil war in Eastern Ukraine stirred up by Putin’s anti-national regime. I was well-off but I left everything behind to be a volunteer, to stand together with our fraternal Ukrainian people and really help them – with actions, not words.I’ve served in Dagestan, I’ve seen with my own eyes Putin’s regime rekindling the tension there for years. Now the civil war has spread to Slavic lands thanks to Putin’s antinational regime – I don’t know how else I could call it. I couldn’t take it anymore, because a decent person’s conscience can’t be silent when lies is being spewed 24/7 from TV, radio, the papers, the Internet… There’s no freedom of speech, you can’t even look at it from a different perspective.I’m ready to fight in the Ukrainian army as a common volunteer. Because I want this war to end, for our fraternal peoples to stop fighting – because that isn’t right. That’s why I’m here.


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  1. Avatar LorCanada says:

    Hoping more and more people will “see the light” on what is really happening.

  2. Avatar Mykola Banderachuk says:

    could this be the start of a bigger event? I hope so

  3. Avatar Cristian Muñoz says:

    This MH17 incident remind me the Korean Airlines 007 shot down by USSR in 1983. Ukrainian popular uprising reminds me the Singing Revolution that happened in Baltic States in the 1980s. Putin’s Soviet Russia have their years NUMBERED. ;D

  4. Avatar rastignac says:

    So if he is russian citizen so a foreigner can also other slavic nations apply for the ukrainian army? I would like to serve too as my country is also on ukrainian borders.

    1. Avatar MeinOhio says:

      The Donbas battalion accepts non-Ukrainians, I have heard. Get in touch with Euromaidanpress–maybe they can give you contact information for all volunteer fighting groups.

  5. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Thank God. Some people are smart enough to understand the truth about Putin. I have said over and over again he’s the most dangerous man to come along in the 21st. Century and he needs to bestopped now.