Russian pro-Kremlin movement leader creates summer camp for “informational warfare”



Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of Essence of Time, a Russian leftwing political movement which professes to militate in the interests of social progress in Russia and protect the interests of Russians, has recently announced the opening of a summer camp for informational warfare in Alexandrovsk, christening it The School of Highest Meanings.  


Essence of Time members march in support of Kremlin-backed plans for the Ukrainian province of Crimea on May 15, 2014 in Moscow

In his opening speech to the future students standing with red flags bearing inscriptions of “USSR 2.0,” Kurginyan urges them to take an active stance in the war Russia has waged in Ukraine, both with rifle and word.

“Comrades! Right now when we are going through this school battles are going on in Donetsk and Luhansk, the question might come up: why do we need schools and discussions about all matters of intelligent things when the only obvious solution would be grabbing a rifle and meeting your opponent and gaining victory…”

Kurginyan stresses that the enemy, i.e. Ukrainian side, is using many lies to discredit Russia and receive foreign aid.

“They repeat these bold faced lies about not getting help when tanks can be seen out of people’s windows, they do this in order to poeticize their heroic retreat, they do this to romanticize their movement, they need this so that when they come back here they can bring back their chaos, and there’s your Maidan-2015! And we are repeating here what we said on the Krasniy marsh which scared us so much. IN MOSCOW MAIDAN WILL NOT HAPPEN! IN MOSCOW MAIDAN WILL NOT HAPPEN! Are you ready with all your strength to stand up in such a way to defend Russia so that this Maidan-2015 of which they talk so much about would not happen? Comrades! Our school begins now, yes it’s important to fight there (east Ukraine) with your rifle, assault rifle and any other option given to you by Russia. But it’s even more important here to understand what’s happening, it’s even more important here to make informational attacks against the opponent. Somebody in Moscow said that my body will collapse under the informational attacks against me. My body can hold up for 50 more years under attacks like that! It is they who will collapse under our attacks!…”

“Comrades let our school be open, we are learning how to battle and win on those fronts of the 21 century, without which all the victories of our brothers and their spilled blood would be reduced to zero. But they will not be reduced to zero? Yes or no?


Can our brothers believe that when they are warring, we here are delivering the opponent an informational, ideological, and intellectual attack. Yes or no?


Comrades, the school is open. Go to the lecture halls.”

Translated by Artem Biyun, edited by Alya Shandra

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