Ukraine’s armed forces approaching Luhansk



Ukraine’s armed forces entered the village of Sabivka in the Slovianoserbsk raion of the Luhansk Oblast, reports Ukrainska Pravda, Sunday, July 13, citing the local publication 0642 and eye witnesses.

“At one o’clock intensive shooting began. We went down into the cellar. Within two hours Ukrainian armed vehicles appeared. There were many of them. They did not spend much time here. They just looked around for 15 minutes and drove off along the Bila river. On the bridge over the river, they apparently joined up with another unit and went in the direction of Luhansk. Right now in the Yuvileinyi raion heavy explosions and shooting can be heard,” a local resident reported.

Meanwhile, terrorists are continuing to strafe Luhansk. According to local residents, there are casualties.

“Right now in Luhansk, in the Myrnyi quarter, there are around 6 craters, a damaged school, a woman killed on the second floor, a building on fire,” Luhansk resident Yuriy Kachaniuk reported.


As previously reported, shooting started around 13:00 in Luhansk. In the residential district near the southern neighborhood, firing from “Grad” installations was taking place.

Later, witnesses reported to the news agency that a battle began on July 13, around 17:00  in the villages of Rozkishne and Heorhiivka of the Lutuhin raion of the Luhansk Oblast. According to the witnesses, a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, formerly stationed at the Luhansk airport, broke into this raion.

Translation: Anna Mostovych

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  • sandy miller

    I don’t understand what this means? Are the terrorists there? Why doesn’t the Ukrainian army know where the terrorists are don’t they have spies all over?

  • John Liberty

    The neo-Nazi’s are on the march, it’s 1941 all over.

    • On the Balcony

      It’s not 1941. The Ukrainian Army is not an instrument of neo-Nazi’s. But you are right, it’s almost “all over.” The little Di*khead has lost.

      • takeo3

        it’s not yet all over. Germany and Russia called for peacetalks between Kiev and the rebels.
        Russia made clear the last days that it will not stand looking from the sidelines for eternity. If Russia directly intervenes, your “heroes” will wet their pants and run away as fast as they can, as happened to the “courageous Georgians” in 2008 once Russia decided that enough is enough.

        • sandy miller

          Germany and Russia called for peace talks between whom…Russia and Ukraine? How can Ukraine have peace talk with Russian mercenairies or oligarchs…they’re not the representatives of Ukraine.

    • christopher witt diamant

      Neo-Nazis??? Are you on the payroll of Putin??? These are freedom-loving, oppression fighting PATRIOTS defending the UKRAINE from a Russian takeover….Putin shill…go home!!!!

      • takeo3

        These are militias send by the regime which chased away the legitimate democratically elected president of Ukraine, and now want to crush all resistence against their regime in regions that don’t recognise the new regime.

        • sandy miller

          I guess you didn’t attend Ukrainian parliment or allow others to participate in the selection of the new Ukrainian Presient after the corrupt king that you elected ran away. Get the hell off you Putin trolls I’m so sick of all of you I wanna puke.

          • takeo3

            you are sick of people who don’t agree with you.
            The parliament didn’t legally chase Yanukovich since there were not enough present according to the constitution. So they unconstitutionally deposed Yanukovich. Also, the parliament was besieged by armed militia, so an independent vote wasn’t possible.
            Besides all that, the opposition broke an agreement which has been reached under the guidance of Poland and the EU with yanukovich just one day before. Demonstrating which bunch of lying hypocrits they are.

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Sandy, this is the region of my Father’s birth. I’ve been there many times. From what I take from this dispatch, the Ukrainian forces are advancing.

  • Kruton

    It seems the officers who know how to fight are in charge and the dead weight has been cleared away.

  • Kruton

    Petro becomes more impressive each day.