The article “Putin H**lo” becomes the most popular on Wikipedia



The material dedicated to the popular meme “Putin H**lo” became the most read article in Ukrainian Wikipedia in June 2014.

This is based on the information from an NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine”.

The top three articles are : the article on the Russian President (read by 111,008 users); the publication on the football world championship 2014 (102,839 views); the article about the newly elected President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (71,692 views). The article called “Ukraine” (47,172 views) comes fourth followed by the article about the Russian social netwok (42,723 views).

The overall amount of articles in the Ukrainian Wikipedia has reached 511,567 as of 1 July 2014, thus, ranking 16th worldwide.

It was the fans of the Kharkiv football club “Metalist” who initially came up with the “Putin H**lo” song. Later on, it was to be heard at various public events. Presently, there are also numerous cover versions of this song.

Source: “Ukrayinska Pravda. Zhyttia”

Translated by: Svitlana Gusak

Edited by: Antonina Kumka

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