Putin’s ideologist, chauvinist philosopher Dugin fired from work 



The ideologist of “Eurasianism” and supporter of “Novorossiya” left the Moscow University. 

The famous Russian chauvinistic philosopher Alexandr Dugin was fired from the Moscow University on June 27th, after the dean cancelled the order regarding his appointment as head of the sociology of international relations department. Dugin himself considers his firing “payment” for his support of the “Novorossiya” ideas.

The main ideologist of the so-called “Eurasianism,” which has de facto turned into Russia’s state ideology in the recent years, announced his firing from the Moscow State University on his vk.com page.

Dugin cited the dean’s words that “MSU is a place for science, not politics, and Dugin has become too involved in politics.”

The philosopher with nazi views wrote about his attitude to “Novorossiya” on his page.

“My position regarding Novorossiya: total and undisputed supper of the PRD and PRL, harsh opposition to the junta and Ukrainian nazism which is eliminating civilians; rejection of liberalism and the West, as well as the American hegemony and the consequential support of President Putin’s steps in his fight against Kyiv and Washington,” stated Dugin.

The fired professor does not intend to defend his right to the post at the university in court.

Dugin also noted that instead of him, another scandalous politician might become the head of the sociology of international relations department – Vice Speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovskiy.

Source: TVi

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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