Babylon’13 film ‘Heaven’s Hundred’ with English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian subtitles

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We are proud to announce that Euromaidan Press is continuing subtitling Babylon’13 films in different languages, and that ‘Heaven’s Hundred’ can now be viewed with English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian subtitles (please make sure to turn them on in the captions function). We will continue to subtitle the best films of Euromaidan and invite all that wish to participate.

English: Translated by Svitlana Gusak, edited by Robin Rohrback
French version: Erwan Bouvet
Italian: EuromaidanPR Italian team
Russian: Translated by Svitlana Gusak, edited by Mariana Golubushkina

Heroes do not die!

With the very same words Ukraine had been following her sons and daughters to the grave. Those, who died for their country and people. The best have left us again. Those, for whom such words as ‘truth’, ‘dignity’, ‘freedom’ and ‘Ukraine’ were not just the simple words, but the true meaning of their lives.

The history of Ukraine has seen many tragic periods, when the freedom, and even the very existence of the Ukrainian people had been at stake. However, at times like that, Ukraine’s best sons and daughters had been always protecting their land, country, and the fellow citizens.

It has been this way in the Middle Ages, in the times of Kozaks and days of struggles for independence in 1917-1921, during the WWII, and in the early 1990s.

Now the time has come again. The time of making a choice between the freedom and slavery, the bright future and the dark past, justice and tyranny.

Ukrainians, Jews, Russians and Armenians, Georgians and Belarusians have been standing side-by-side at Maidan. The Ukrainian land and a strong wish to live in a free country have united them all.


First, they demanded the right to choose. Later, they had to demand the right to live. Even though the snipers’ bullets make a powerful argument, yet no bullets, grenades, or outrageous cruelty were able to defeat these people. They have died but not surrendered…

Thus, another sotnia [lit. ‘hundred’, or Kozak military unit] has appeared at Maidan. It is the Heaven’s Hundred, the most important, the most powerful of sotnias for Ukraine. Each of its members has paid the ultimate price for their beliefs, sacrificing their life. For us it is a sacred duty to properly honor the Heroes, in order to remember who died and for what purpose. It must be a reminder to all of us that we must not betray them.

Earlier, the Kyiv City State Administration announced the beginning of a contest to create a Memorial to the Heaven’s Hundred. 

Watch the whole Babylon’13 series about Maidan with English subtitles here: “The winter that changed us.” Remembering why Ukraine is having early parliamentary elections


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