Russian State Duma to the Polish Foreign Ministry: let’s divide Ukraine



Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received an official letter from the State Duma of the Russian Federation with a proposal to divide Ukraine’s territory. The news comes from the Wiadomości news program on TVP1 (the Polish state broadcasting company).

Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposes that Poland insist on holding a referendum in five western Ukrainian Oblasts: Volyn, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Rivne, on the matter of accession to Poland.

Hungary and Romania received a similar ‘offer’ regarding Zakarpattya and Chernivtsi oblasts. Only the central oblasts of Ukraine were to remain within its boundaries.

The letter is ‘bizarre’

The Polish Foreign Ministry has assessed the letter as ‘bizarre’. Vladimir Zhirinovskiy will receive a courteous response without reference to the content of his letter.

This Russian politician, known for his controversial statements, has previously called for the partition of Ukraine from the rostrum of the State Duma. “Kyiv  will never agree to the federalization of Ukraine, as it is no longer able to govern anything,” he said then. Zhirinovskiy stressed that Ukraine’s attempts to build a state always ended in failure. He remarked that “Lutsk, Lviv, Ternopil are Polish lands.”

Source: „Wiadomości” TVP1

Translated by Alya Shandra, edited by James Hydzik

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