Moldovans rally for unity with Romania and against pro-Moscow president

Moldova-Romania unity rally in Moldovan capital Chisinau on March 25, 2018 (Image:

Moldova-Romania unity rally in Moldovan capital Chisinau on March 25, 2018 (Image: 

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Last Sunday’s demonstrations in Belarus on the centenary of the Belarus Peoples Republic attracted more attention, but a 7,000-person demonstration in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau against that country’s pro-Moscow president Igor Dodon and for the unification of Moldova and Romania may be more significant.

The meeting occurred on another centenary, that of the unification of Bessarabia with Romania in 1918. The organizers styled the event as “a Grand National Assembly,” and it featured sympathetic Moldovan and Romanian politicians.

Former Romanian President Traian Băsescu led some 2000 people from Romania to take part in the demonstration.

Participants signed a symbolic declaration about unity with Romania and held up both Romanian and Moldovan flags while shouting denunciations of Moldovan President Dodon. He took to Facebook to call on the police to prevent the escalation of this demonstration. According to reports, some 21 people were arrested despite the meeting being completely peaceful.

The meeting follows and builds on the declaration of more than 130 Moldovan municipalities calling for unity with Romania. They represent “almost 20 percent” of all municipalities in the country, according to pro-unification leaders.

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  • zorbatheturk

    Dodon is a dodo.

  • Alex George

    It seems that President Dodon is having the opposite effect to what he intended.

  • Buddy Rugger

    May the angels of timeliness and good planning bless you! ; )

  • Ihor Dawydiak

    Both Igor Dodon and Vladimir Putin are not only byproducts of the former Soviet nomenclature that has defined them but rodents of this sort have been unable to cast off the shackles of their past and have therefore retained their antiquated support of Soviet imperialism and Great Russian chauvinism. However, there remains a glimmer of hope for Moldova as that country, unlike Russia, has retained its relatively new democratic institutions. As such, Dodon and company may soon be destined to the same fate as the dodo bird. Ultimate extinction.

    • Count Scratchula

      It’s beyond belief that such an utter turd can get into power. One who promises nothing other than further division of the Romanian people and further selling out to a foreign aggressor that is an international pariah.

  • Count Scratchula

    Igor Dodon is really beyond belief.

    Moldova should not exist as an independent nation and its very existence is due to Russian aggression, lies and manipulation of facts and history. “Moldovans” ARE
    Romanians, there is no question about that and if we have an independent Moldova, then it should also include the western parts of the historical province. AND you may as well have independence for Transyvalnia and Wallachia, and pretend that they’re all different
    people. But easier just to have them all under the nation state of Romania. The existence of a “Moldovan” state makes no sense at all.

    Romanian unification is long, long overdue. “Independence” has left it as the poorest country in Europe. It seemed that things were moving in the right direction, but then this contaminated little maggot manages to be elected and just seeks to cause further division and friction. The sad thing is that the other candidate Maia Sandu was very elegant, articlate and clearly well educated. This unkempt mess of a man is all dishevelled
    looking and looks 20 years older than he really is, is woefully uncharismatic and clearly not well educated about history and facts of the area. The only reasons this fool could get elected is because of implanted ethnic Russians and the poor, old and educated in rural areas who don’t know any better.

    From geographical and economic standpoint, EU integration makes far more sense than the ridiculous Putin customs union fantasy. Does this turd even realise where Moldova is situation? Has he looked at a map? Moldova is hundreds of KM from Russia and is surrounded by countries that hate Putin’s guts, with its main neighbour being the country that it should be part of, Romania, which also happens to be an EU member. It’s an absolute no brainer that it should have a trade deal with the EU. What good would it be joining a trade bloc where the nearest member is hundreds of KM away? Where would that take the country? Economic and political isolation, that’s where. Costs of commodities would soar and living standards would further deteriorate.

    The people of Moldova have been separated from their blood brothers by a foreign aggressor. It’s beyond belief that this turd wishes to further separate them and seek closer ties with the foreign aggressor who has brought them nothing but misery. Not just any foreign aggressor, but one that has become an international pariah that oppresses its own people, has already violated the sovereignty of other nations and has brutally murdered dozens of opposition politicians and journalists.

    It’s unreal that in the 21st century, someone like this manages to get into power. His vision for the country is so outrageously stupid that you’d think he must suffer from some developmental issues. It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

    I hope he is ousted before he has time to do significant damage, but I fear
    there will probably be a repeat of Maidan in Ukraine and Putin will
    exploit it to further divide the people and foment unrest