Youth bands increasingly terrorizing Russian regions

Teenage criminal prisoners in Russia (Image:

Teenage criminal prisoners in Russia (Image: 

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Despite the Putin regime’s massive police presence – Russia now has more police per capita than any other country in the world – youth gangs are killing, raping and attacking representatives of the authorities across the country, unfazed by any threat of arrest or imprisonment.

Many of those involved identify themselves or are identified in the media as “AUE,” an abbreviation for the Russian expression, “the arrested way of life is united” or simply “jailbirds.” They appeared first in orphanages and then in children’s prisons but are spreading to the streets.

Teenage gangsters in Russia (Image:

Teenage gang members (Image:

These groups, observers say, are formed by young criminals who are attracted by their romantic view of crime and who see themselves as musketeers or Robin Hoods who are standing up to the authorities in the name of group solidarity. In the past, Russian young people were interested in goths and emos; now, one commentator says, “their idols have become prison personalities.”

The term AUE arose seven years ago and has been found in at least 18 regions of the Russian Federation, most far from Moscow, according to an investigation conducted by Novaya gazeta. In many cases, the authorities seem powerless against groups totally unafraid of arrest or fighting with the police.

Teenagers in Chelyabinsk attacking police cars while shouting “AUE!” (Ah-Oo-Yeh)

Both ordinary Russians in these regions and some human rights activists and politicians are horrified by the failure of the authorities to take action. They are calling for the suppression of Internet videos that the groups use to promote themselves and recruit new members and also for tough actions against these gangs.

In June, a Duma committee held a hearing about AUE. Interior ministry (MVD) officials sought to minimize the problem, but representatives of the magistracy argued that the MVD doesn’t appear to understand what is going on.

Igor Kommissarov, the vice president of the Russian magistracy, suggested that the interior ministry people were living in “a parallel world,” one that doesn’t reflect realities on the ground. “I don’t know where you work, but you absolutely can’t imagine the situation which is developing” in this regard.

Teenage gangsters attending a court session in Russia (Image:

Teenage criminals attending a court session (Image:

Russian criminologists are divided as to why the AUE groups have emerged. Some see them as a continuation of the criminal subculture of the 1950s and 1960s, while others suggest there is “a 20-year cycle” of criminal activity, and Russia is simply living through a high point of that curve just now.

But increasingly, Russian officials are falling back on their usual argument to explain negative developments in their country. They point out that “youth crime is widespread in many countries” and that “analogues to AUE now exist in Latin America and the US,” as well as in EU member states.


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  1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

    Just another venue of ‘Russian’ culture?
    Orphanages and children’s prisons, “jailbirds” of the Great Russian Empire?
    At least in most other societies they work on educating children for a better future.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      Russia has no future, why should they care?

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Neo Na zi scum. White trash. Typical Putinoids.

  3. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    All of this and yet both the Kremlin and the ROC continuously claim that their society is virtuous and that the West is decadent. What a bunch of rubbish.

  4. Avatar Scradje says:

    These are the same type of scum that are being sent to Donbas to murder Ukrainians.

    1. Avatar Mephisto says:

      cannon fodder

  5. Avatar Mephisto says:

    fish rots from the head down and if the president himself is a boss of a crime syndicate….

  6. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    The authorities don’t really care about these gangs because they have far more “important” things to do: crack down on any criticism of the “Great and Glorious” dwarf, his crooked cronies and his self-destructing policies.
    The gangs are merely another indication of an approaching Time of Troubles for Dwarfstan. Kyiv should step up the work on making the border with Dwarfstan secure. Something like the old Zonengrenze between the DDR and BRD with watchtowers at regular intervals and masses of barbed wire etc etc will be imperative to keep the scum out.

  7. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Just another sign that russia is dying. The birth rate is
    falling, the mortality rate is rising, drug and alcohol use is on the rise, the
    youth see no future in Russia, putin has destroyed that. Well done dictator putin,
    you have destroyed your own country, there is no need for any foreign country
    to conquer Russia as Russia is already brain dead. If russia was such a great
    country, then why do putin’s children and lavrov’s children live in the west,
    why don’t they stay in russia and live there?