Leningrad governor attacks Finno-Ugric groups as threats to Russia’s territorial integrity

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Leningrad Governor Aleksandr Drozdenko says the Izhors, a Finno-Ugric group numbering 26,000, and the supporters of a largely Internet-based project calling for the establishment of an autonomous republic uniting Finno-Ugric and Slavic groups in the northwestern part of the Russian Federation, as threats to the territorial integrity of the country.

On the one hand, Drozdenko’s attack may be nothing more than his following the current Russian nationalist trend of the Moscow media and a way of shoring up his support not only among the ethnic Russian majority in his region but among the ethnic Russians who dominate policy making in the Kremlin.

But on the other hand, it could have a far more sinister meaning either as a signal to Estonia and Finland to end their support for Finno-Ugric groups inside the Russian Federation or even as a preparation for possible aggression of one kind or another against Estonia, its NATO membership notwithstanding.

Speaking to the Council on Inter-Ethnic Relations yesterday, the oblast governor said* that the time had come to focus attention on what he called “extremist organizations working on the territory of the region.”

“We have small groups of citizens who, even though they are not residents of Leningrad oblast, are trying to influence the minds, opinions and actions of residents,” Drozdenko said. And he singled out two Finno-Ugric ones, the Ingria group and the Shoikula organization, which is based in Vistino and Ust-Luga in the Kingisepp region.

According to the governor, these groups are engaged in activities which undermine the interests of the Russian state by casting doubt on its unity and calling for the formation of a separate Ingria state, an assertion which is quite at odds with those on the website of the group, a site that appears to have been taken down yesterday as well.

Drozdenko said that “we must speak about this lest the situation of 2004 be repeated when the first growths of fascism and chauvinism appeared in Ukraine.” He added that he viewed even that situation calmly now because “the multi-national people of Ukraine” will be able to deal with it and “everything will be in order.”

The governor has clashed with the Shoikula group representing the Izhors before because that small ethnic community has protested both within the Russian Federation and to neighboring Estonia about the threat to their survival that the untrammeled development of the Ust-Luga port poses.

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  1. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

    Everything is going according to plan.

  2. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

    Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war, but as an act of selfe-defence against a homicidial maniac.

    War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it. George Orwell

  3. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    Well put Roger. Did you have in mind the industrial military complex in The US. if so you are right on target.

    1. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

      No I didn’t. But surely George Orwell did. But he wasn’t active in these last times with war in Europé again because of another homicidial maniac comparable to A.H in evilness. He is an evildoer, wouldn’t you say?

      1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

        President Eisenhower in a talk from the oval office warned the American people against the American industrial complex in letting them control the Nation. Obama is nothing but domestic terrorist he is a muslin that hates the military Jews and Christians. Congress meaning the House should have had the balls to Impeach this bastard. They let him get away with much damage to America. Hey Bush was not big deal he comes from a family of Fascist that aided and supported the Nazis. People in America do not learn true history or important history. They learn what the progressive school system and mass media want them to know. God Bless Ukraine and America against Tyrants from the UN. Illuminati Bilderbergs Free Masons all of these and more want a New World Order. The European Union is the start the elite want us to be slaves. As for me i say come and try to take them. If you want war then let it start here and now. .

        1. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

          And here I thought that you were American Charles J. Kollman. It turns out You are just a Russian troll. I am pretty sure the Ukrainians didn’t want your Russian war Charles. Go emmidiately straight to hell without passing start!

          1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Roger what in the hell are you saying, i am an American and i support the Constitution not the progressives in the government. You see that now here in The Land of The Free and Home of the Brave since around 1945 the fucking progress liberal socialists have taken control of the school systems and news media in America. Now the soft fat lazy gullible naive that love to sit on a sofa and have the government take care of them. They have turned America into a fucking joke. I would just love to see Obama send weapons to Ukraine. Fuck Putin for his mentality is that of an old KGB.Agent. Oh yes you want the truth fuck communism and the Soviet Union. Roger is there anything you don’t fucking under stand.

          2. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

            Watch your language. I know what it is like. At least you don’t have a public service financed with your mony to make propaganda against you. I was wrong about you. I apologize.

          3. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Thank you Roger, At times some words must be used to make a point. You know and understand that there are people in the American government that look to take our liberty from us. Please let me explain something important that most Americans don’t know. The USA. is not now or has it ever been a Democracy. The Framers of the Constitution that formed the USA. and became the law of the land in 1789 were careful not to use this word, because they were smart and knew Democracy don’t work or last for a long time. The word is not use in The Declaration of Independence of July 4,1776 against the English. Hello Mr. Putin and i know you don’t like this, but The USA. is a great and special Nation and it’s one of a kind. What makes The USA. special is The Bill of Rights in The Constitution and along with them there is not need for a Democracy. The USA. is a REPRESENTATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC this is The USA’S FORM OF GOVERNMENT.
            My email address is…[email protected].
            It seems i now must go to the street and remove some snow, because it has been snowing now for 12 hours.

          4. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

            I actually agree that the US of A is a special nation, God’s chosen nation along with Israel. As long as you understand that there is no universal law that postulates that the US is blessed no matter what they do. Here in Sweden our Winter season seems to have ended and we are expecting springtime.

          5. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Yes Roger America is special, but we are no better people then say your Country. America’s freedom and liberty was granted from the Creator of all things. They are a gift and when you are given or granted a gift, it becomes a responsibility to take care of the gift. I believe the people of Israel understand this, but most in America have not gone out of their way to protect these gifts. Americans have used most of it up. Freedom is not free you most work hard every day to keep it and when you let the government have some of it, it is gone forever.

          6. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

            I’d kille for some of your freedoom.

          7. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Hello Roger, I was born June 15,1941 and i grew up on Long Island, New York in a Town called Valley Stream. So i am young and to me this is the world no crime no drugs. When you go into the street or a back yard to play, it is so different then today. You felt free you could smell freedom in the air. You did not ever think that the government was out to control you this was done in The Soviet Union not America. We were living in a dream world that would come to an end. Now people can go on the internet and find out that some people in our government were not so good and pure.I spent four years in the US. Army 1959-1963. three of these years i served in Germany. I always thought how good the west Germans had it and how good we treated them like nothing ever happened. I thought how bad the east Germans had it, and how bad they were treated by the Soviet’s. Then not to long ago it, hit me Charles the Germans were the enemy. I am not saying the Soviets were great or good, but the fact is Germany was the enemy. Then there are other things like who in America was rich or had power and supported the Nazis. Here are a few Bush family Rockefeller family Bank of New York ITT. RCA. Henry Ford
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            again i give you my email address. [email protected]

          8. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

            What about Chicago mobsters, Charles? What about the wild west?
            Don’t leave out your emejladress on sites like this. You will be spammed! If not a search motor takes care of the business then Russian agent’s will. Have you noticed how the Picture on this site moves up and down since most recently?
            Besides, I am my own man.
            Take care!

          9. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Yes she now moves up and down. All computers have a delet key and you can make a filter. In any case here we always get much spam Google is very bad, but then the US. government reads email’s also so. Yes Chicago also New york New Orleans. Don’t forget that the Black man was a slave in America. You left out the Native America this was horrific what took place with them as America moved west. Russia did the same thing moving east in Siberia. You are Swedish yes. I must be honest i don’t know about your Country. But the idea in my head is it, is a good place to live and it, is free. Now i must go to the far far market that the vendors are Amish people and sell all natural and good food things like honey butter chicken and other meats. So if Russian Agents from what the FSB. are looking and reading i have two words for you Comrade and it’s not Happy Birthday. ” Go screw yourself. ” To The
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  4. Avatar EstoniaKat says:

    “Leningrad” govenor? Did I miss a memo?

  5. Avatar puttypants says:

    Anyone who’s name ends with an enko is at least 1/2 Ukrainian whether that toad knows it or not. Anyone who’s name ends in enko’s is an ancient Ukrainian name. half traitor. OMG Russia has lost it. Way to go Estonia/Finland. Do the same thing to them as they’ve done to Ukraine and other countries with their Russian speaking protection BS as a way to expand the evil empire.

  6. Avatar Jessie Andrews says:

    So its ok for the rebels in ukraine to want separatism, but its not ok if its on russian soil. got it…