You are Charlie? Well, I am Donbas!

Left - I am Charlie Hebdo / Right - Boum! Bang! Donbas 

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Article by: Kateryna Zhemchuzhnykova

All day I watched Sky News live broadcast on French Special Forces freeing the hostages from the kosher store and storming the publishing house where the Charlie Hebdo suspects had taken refuge. Some hostages were killed; the two suspects and their “colleague” hiding in the store were shot during the police operation.

I always seem to have mixed feelings in such situations. On the one hand, all those suspected terrorists will no longer be able to kill innocent bystanders. On the other hand, are the lives of four hostages worth the price of eliminating potential terrorist threats? Moreover, is killing anyone – hostages or suspected terrorists – justified in any way? Who has the right to decide between life and death, and who does not? But, anyway, it lasted three days. That’s all.

And what about the media? We seldom heard the term “suspected terrorists”. They were more clearly marked as “terrorists”… without a trial. Professional and ethical standards? And the constant heated reference to ethnic religious Muslims… (by the way, according to the French census, they number 8% of the French population, but people believe they make up 30%) .. all trained by al-Qaeda … a kosher store… all the stores have closed in the Jewish Quarter… “Kadyrivtsi” loyal to Putin…

The question is – where does “freedom of speech” end and insult begin (be it religious, political or any other)? Well, in a way, if a politician has a mistress, but publicly stands up for family values, then we must talk about it as this public figure is lying to his voters. When you have a New Year’s interview in the office of a high-ranking official and you accidentally see a document on the table about risks of explosion at a nuclear power plant, you must also report it as it constitutes a threat to many people. But, what about anticlerical caricatures?

Then, when we look at what’s been happening here in our own country throughout the past year, we can also see a lot of ambiguity… I understand that our emotions take over, but just the same. ..

Poroshenko has made such eloquent statements against this somber background:

– ATO will not last long!

– We will all celebrate Independence Day at home!

– I am Charlie!

Seeing that all this could have been stopped in April or May if anyone had really decided TO DO something and listen to our Ukrainian patriots in the Donbas, if anyone had listened to all our dead heroes, to Ilovaisk and to others… But, today it’s so “trendy” to say that “I am Charlie”. Some media figures have even organized flash mobs. But, for some reason or other, no one says – “I am Donbas!”


This is such a complicated matter… extremely complicated…


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Den

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  1. Avatar Pavel Stebl says:

    The four hostages had been killed by the jihadist in the Kosher shop, not by the police. The actually did a very good job saving human lives.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      The french tried, but they were terrible from what I saw. The only thing they had going for them was they had more people with more guns than the muslim terrorists did.

      Great example of why the USA needs to get out of europe and let them start to stand up on their own hind legs. We should remove our troops/money from a lot of them and support more ‘conservative’ countries that are up and coming, countries in the eastern/southeastern europe like Poland, Ukraine, Maldova, Romania, Bulgaria.

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    To make sure that the informations you have are correct I want to point out !
    That those 4 persons were killed by this terrorist (well known as a terrorist by the police, earlier charged for this kind of crimes) when he went in the shop ! OK ? He then had several persons as hostages, inclusive 6 months old baby, + one child 3 years (around 6-8hours) The police went in and nobody was hurt. But 4 policemen wounded ! OK ? It is easy to report wrong infos ! That we have seen enough with the trolls army !
    Donbas is in the heart of many , many , many people in this world !
    I myself read 7 newspapers everydays and I am an “insider ” or “panelist”
    I have all the french channels on sat tv !
    Everydays there are news or reportages about the WAR in Donbas. I have never seen in the last 12 months any report with negative tendencies against Ukraine !
    So if there is a country on Ukraine side, it is France, even if they can be some negative standpoints because of fears !
    Mr President Petro Poroshenko will be in Paris tomorrow Sunday ! Along with other heads of states which will walk among 1000 of frenchs and musulmans!
    I am CHARLIE because free press is freedom, equality, brotherhood !
    You have yourself the chance to expose your wiews on Euromaidan ! Be happy that you can do in Ukraine.
    Have faith ( you had been waiting 2 or 3 days more , this post would have been my 1000 th on Euromaidanpress.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Hopefully the liberal/progressive dominated governments of the west will stop blaming the victims of terrorism and blame the aggressors, the attackers….like let’s say russia for instance.

      Yet another example of Ukrainians needing to accept that they first and foremost should start arming themselves and training to fight for their country. You need to depend upon yourselves first.

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        In a stupid way , what happened in France will serve the goals of Ukraine ! Hypocrisy , I know ! but ?

    2. Avatar Murf says:

      Hart felt condolences, Michel, to your countrymen.
      That looked like a total nightmare.
      Best regards for the US.

  3. Avatar Dey Jose says:

    #Я Донбас.

  4. Avatar Gunnar Nordtømme says:

    The two first terrorists from Charlieoffice lost their identitycard and a shoe ! The french police knew who they were ! There was no need to call them “suspected terrorists” and one of them were convicted for terrorism before !
    The 4 victims at the coshershop was shot by the terrorist before the policeaction.

    If Ukraina have had armed forces like France(including nuclear weapons) we would still have Krim and the insurgents have been crossed now.
    If Ukraina have had police like France, no one would have been shot at Maidan.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      You got it right !
      A pity that they did not surrender !

  5. Avatar Rene A. Sosa says:

    The illustration is a misnomer for Je Suis Charlie. No one is saying that Ukrainian lives are worth less. The two events are different. If you were to compare Donbas to the recent events in Paris then you must also allow equating Donbas to Syria, Palestine or the16,000 children who die each day around the world from man related causes. Donbas would be a drop of blood. If you actually are unable to differentiate free speech as in the case of Charlie Hebdo from insults, then you live in myopia. The Western leaders and the people who rose to honor Charlie Hebdo cartoonists (and the others who died) are not readers of the publication but are people who are standing up for a way of life. I was recently teaching in Ukraine. I tried to be respectful of their way of doing things and accepted many things and behaved accordingly as illogical as they may seem to a New Yorker. I was living in a different culture with different values. It would be wrong to impose myself. People are conservative, and very religious. I noted that wit or self deprecating humor was not part of their worldview.

    The pen is a powerful tool. Ukrainians have the great potential to draft their future and build a society that is part of the world community. Do not forget that the events of Maidan were broadcast all over the world. The New York times had live video coverage and live streaming from various sources. All nations have heroes. Their children’s fortunes and destiny rest on their blood, for they so much loved their country. . .